5 Content Marketing Tips for Growth Hacking

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Content Marketing for Growth Hacking

Growth hacking has been described as one of the leanest ways to grow as a start-up, and it has absolutely changed the way that we do business. It emphasizes more on the growth of the actual business than making money. Content marketing is very similar in that respect, as it’s goal is to build and curate a customer base without interruption.

When you apply both for your business, there’s the potential for decent rewards. What’s interesting is that many of these tips are pretty simple to implement, though you will have to use a fair amount of creativity.

Connect and Adapt

It’s important for you to always be in tune with the people that you could be selling to. People interested in your niche would love some of your ideas on the subject. Facebook and Google+ are great for this, specifically when you have a pretty in-depth thought on the statement. Maybe you’ve been to a convention? Have you seen an amazing example of a concept you’ve been thinking about? All of these have to be potential ideas and content that can be passed along to your prospective client base.

The same can be said about Twitter, but it’s even better here. You actually don’t have to write out the whole thought – you’ve only got 140 characters. For some people, that’s a pretty good thing. In the event that it does provide any traction, you have the ability to go from there and expand upon it. Who knows, it may even become an article series down the line. As a content marketer, this kind of raw data can be invaluable. In truth, that’s what a lot of this is about. The better you are at knowing what the customer wants, the quicker you’ll stop having to throw things at the wall.

Aggregate Feedback

In every facet of marketing, feedback is everything. If you’ve worked hard on something, you’re going to need to send things off to people who have opinions that you trust. Chances are, you have some friends that you can show a particular product – whether it’s video, case study, or anything else that can bolster growth. There are many plugins and websites to help you with this.

Without feedback, you won’t know whether or not the average person is going to particularly like it. if there’s anything that’s worth changing, it may be something to consider. That’s doubly the case if it becomes a theme.

However, one of the better things about this process is that you can share it on the fly, too. You can use social media to explore concepts without deploying. You can even take this information and test the effectiveness against the people that you’ve privately given the deployment to. That data will allow you to make an informed decision. If it’s wholly favorable, you can move to the next phase.

If the response is indifferent or negative, you can go back to the tool shed. Be sure that your confidants give you as comprehensive of a review as possible. If needed, let them sit on it for a while.

Just Good Stuff

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Okay, it’s easy to say “just make good content” when giving advice. In growth hacking, it’s all about explosive growth over a short period of time. Since that’s the case, you’re going to have to make something viral. There’s absolutely no way whether you’ll know something will be viral until it is, so you couldn’t possibly come up with a home run out of sheer will.

That said, you can always create content that follows a certain formula, of sorts. More often than not, “viral” content falls into a couple of different categories – thought-provoking, practical or positive in its message. All of the content that you produce should be able to hit these talking points. If it doesn’t, it’s in your best interest to go back to refine until you better achieve those results. While it does sound simplistic, this is generally the only way to go about it. It’s times like this where you have to start using that creativity and the understanding of what your customer base wants.

Be Vocal and Post Loud

Basically, you need to be where you know you need to be. It’s important that you’re always trying to get your name out there if your content marketing goals are going to be successful. Let’s say that you’re someone who knows everything about HP computers. You should be in the forums or anywhere else on the Internet that talks a lot about HP, computers and laptops. If you’re there, you’re able to talk to proponents and their concerns, questions and possible ways to correct issues in the community. As a producer and marketer of content, this can be another goldmine.

When you’re doing your own posting – whether it’s social media, forums or the like – be sure that it’s loud. If you’re posting anything on social media, the goal is to post things when people will actually be more inclined to read them. Usually, the time in which you decide to post depends on your demographic or goals. However, it’s usually best to stick between the early morning while people are getting ready for work or when they’re returning from work. On the weekend, it’s a good idea to post before 5 PM.

As stated, this also depends on your market.

Create Something Substantial

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Make no mistake about it – it’s important to go big while keeping costs negligible in growth hacking. There are many ways for you to accomplish this; it also takes a fair amount of data to do so. Provided that you have a pretty decent base of people who are interested in your niche, you’ll want to make something that reflects their interest and states how your product can solve a problem that they may be having. The medium may not necessarily be as important as you may initially think, but it does have to be comprehensive and reflect upon your particular talents.

For example, if you’re confident in your ability to lead a webinar, that’s a route that you can take. If you feel as if a book may be something a bit more up your alley – try that. The same can be said about case studies. While they may not be as enticing as some of the myriad options available, they still definitely have their place. There aren’t many better things than a possible customer seeing your product in action.

Depending on your particular product or niche, you may even have to dig deeper and come up with presentation materials. The goal is to know what your potential customer base wants before you start production. However, there’s always the chance of creating several and packaging them different ways.

Growth hacking in content marketing is really a perfect marriage. It doesn’t even stray too far away from the general tenants of marketing, it just is hedged on curating a client base other than making money quickly. If implemented correctly, there will definitely be more of that later. These techniques are just a broad smattering of all of the ways a marketer can use growth hacking to achieve their goals. Through testing and collecting information, there’s a chance that everyone can be successful.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

James Parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the CEO of Pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for HuffPo, Inc, or Entrepreneur, he is working on his next big project.

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