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Published Nov 27, 2013 by James Parsons in Local
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There is no doubt that Google online local reviews are vital whether an individual is offering a service or selling a product. Many people know that customers look to their family, friends and even strangers for recommendations and feedback on products and services. They often trust word of mouth endorsements the most.

People nowadays use the Internet to research before they buy. What people say online matters and can influence whether or not an individual purchases from a company. The digital world has made this kind of information readily available.

There are a number of applications that allow people to simply scan a barcode and obtain immediate feedback. People want to know what other people are saying about their brand and company.

The Importance of Local Reviews


A review is not only good for customers; it is also good for a company’s overall online presence. Today, reviews are having a growing impact on search engine results. They also have the ability to positively impact a company’s search engine placement especially in terms of local listings.

Many reports have shown that a customer review frequently increases the click through rate to a website. It is also used to reinforce a company’s geographic listing. That is why they often increase a company’s local search placement. Visibility on customer review sites is a very important component that search engines incorporate and value in their algorithm.

This will determine their search relevance in the local market. With all that being stated, only 23 percent of all customers have submitted an online rating or review. Aside from that, most reviews center around the negative aspects of a product or service. This is because the majority of customers feel it is very important to let their voices be heard when they are not satisfied.

Reviews are not only good for a business. They are also great for customers. Many people ask how they can increase their Google+ local reviews. They know that customers are looking for information. However, they do not find the content that they really want.

Ask Loyal Customers


One of the best ways that a person can increase their local reviews naturally is to ask their most happy and loyal customers. Perhaps they have a few clients that go way back; these people are often willing to do almost anything in their power to help promote a business that they really like and want to see grow. Just make sure you’re eloquent about your approach!

Companies should simply ask if they are willing to write a review on their Google+ page. At the same time, they should make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Aside from that, companies can obtain a better insight into business weaknesses and strengths while also engaging their current customer base.

Set Clear Instructions for Clients

Another way that people can increase their local reviews in a natural manner is to have clear instructions for their customers. To achieve this, a company simply needs a system that makes it very easy for their customers to write their reviews, without being too “in their face”.

If these steps are followed properly, companies will get a stream of Google+ local reviews coming in. Some companies who have set clear instructions for their clients experience a surge in the number of reviews that they have in the months following implementation. Examples of this could include Google+ and Yelp icons in a menu, or placards on a front desk.


The footer in all of a company’s emails is an important piece of screen real estate. Along with their contact information, they should try adding a link to their Google+ local listing with a simple call to action for their customers to write a review.

At the same time, if a company usually sends follow-up emails to their clients after they have made a sale, they should try adding a portion that helps ask for a public review of the service or product. A public place to express or voice out their opinions is sometimes what customers are searching for. This is because it provides them with a greater sense of having their voice heard.

Always Promote


Whether their business delivers products and services online or has a dynamic or physical location, people should make sure to promote reviews on several platforms in order to increase their Google+ local reviews.

They could design an appealing and creative counter-top card directing a customer to their Google+ page. Upon completion of a service, companies could give their customers a simple hand-out detailing the importance of their feedback. They can also attach direction to their Google+ page to any receipt, invoice or outgoing order.

Always Use Testimonials

Another way for people to increase local reviews on their Google+ page is to use testimonials. Many businesses receive a lot of unsolicited testimonials or praise. Companies should not just leave them sitting in the email inbox doing nothing — now that they have a happy customer that has given them a genuine rave review, they should phone or reply to the customer and ask if they will re-post their review on the company’s Google+ page.

Companies should always be mindful that many of these reviews should not appear anywhere else on the Web. This is because Google has a huge tendency to remove these from their page.

Link up with Partners and Suppliers

Companies who have key relationships with others in the industry should do them a favor and write a straight-to-the-point review of their Google plus local listing. This is to see if they will do the same thing.

There is no harm for a company to promote their building maintenance crew, office supplies vendor, marketing consultant, accountant or anyone else who can write a thoughtful review or honest endorsement. Always remember that what comes around goes around.

Integrate with the Site


If it is not ready, companies should always make sure that their site is constantly linked to their Google+ local page. One great idea is to set up a review section on their website that has a link to their Google+ page. At the same time, they could add the Google+ logo to their linked Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn logos.

QR Codes

Using QR codes is a good way for companies to digitally engage their customers. All that their tech savvy customers have to do is utilize their mobile phone’s QR application to snap a photo. Companies should then link their QR code to their Google+ page in order for their customers to be able to instantly write their review. There’s dozens if not hundreds of popular sites that let you do this.

QR codes help make writing reviews a simple one step process. Companies can place QR codes on their tables, invoices, receipts, brochures, business cards and anything else that goes into their customers’ hands.

Always Respond to Reviews

Companies should also remember to respond to the reviews that they have received. By following up on customer feedback, they are able to build stronger loyalty to their business. At the same time, it helps them obtain the Google+ local feedback that they really need. People who visit their Google+ profile will witness their exceptional customer service. It also encourages them to interact with the company by leaving feedback.

Companies should also bear in mind to not be too aggressive with their efforts to get individuals to review their page. This can quickly lead to negative reviews and annoyance.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

James Parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the CEO of Pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for HuffPo, Inc, or Entrepreneur, he is working on his next big project.

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