5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is The New SEO

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Brand Awareness

With the advent of various social networking sites and communities today, growing a brand or business has never been simpler. There are many reasons why content marketing is now considered to be the new SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization. Properly implementing a content marketing strategy for your own website, brand or entire online presence can help to outshine potential competitors while allowing you to continuously grow your business.

Whether you are looking to grow your blog’s online presence, launch an eCommerce store or if you simply want to promote your local business, content marketing is a key factor in growing any type of business entity in today’s society. Using content marketing is not only affordable regardless of your budget, but it also provides additional benefits that can help with increasing sales and the audience you are capable of reaching at all times.

Increase Brand Awareness

Content Marketing is the New SEO

Content marketing helps to drastically increase brand awareness, especially when you are utilizing multiple platforms and communities simultaneously to promote your products, services or the content you product. By producing relevant and engaging content on your own website, it helps to attract visitors with the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Additionally, the more you update your website or blogs, the more memorable your brand and logo becomes to potential customers or visitors. Implementing content into your website helps to get your website into search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

When your goal is to increase the overall awareness your brand has, it is essential to implement a well-designed logo and a proper color scheme to match. The more you incorporate your logo and branding within any content you produce, the easier it is to be remembered by visitors who are reading or sharing it. The more “likes”, “shares” and virtual “re-tweets” your posts and links receive using social media platforms, the easier it becomes to increase brand awareness. Additionally, when you use different social media platforms to share your content and information, it is also much easier to get your website and all of its URLs within search engines.

Showing Professionalism and Expertise

expert author

By sharing content that is new, unique and refreshing to your potential customers or online visitors, it helps to show your expertise and professionalism, regardless of the industry you are in. When you provide high-quality content that is engaging and memorable, it is much easier to get others to spread the word of your business and the brand you represent. Sharing knowledge and expertise on various subjects related to the purpose of your business or brand is essential to gain the trust of any online visitors or those who are genuinely interested in purchasing your products.

Update your website with tips, tricks and methods of saving money or ideas to help your readers out that are also relevant to the main subject of content on your site. The more informative and helpful the information you share is with your audience, the more effective your content marketing campaign will ultimately be over time.

You can also team up with other websites or relevant blogs to help with contributing “guest blogs” or to request content from others that may also be useful to your readers. Becoming affiliates or writing as a guest blogger on other websites and online communities can quickly spread the word of your brand and get you new online followers and potential customers. Becoming a guest blogger can be done by finding suitable blogs and websites that are relevant to your website and approaching the owner or those in charge of creating content for the site itself.

Content Marketing Works Well With Any Budget

Content Marketing for your Budget

Content marketing is often much more affordable than implementing SEO marketing strategies. When you use content to market your website or brand, you can do so for free without investing in traditional search engine optimization services. By simply adding new and unique content to your website and online web presences regularly, you help to increase brand awareness while building a network of fans and online followers. Although content marketing is essentially free, it is possible to use advertising budgets with content marketing to promote specific posts or content you want to share with larger audiences based on your intended demographic.

Content marketing is highly recommended whether you are launching your first blog or start-up company or if you have had experiences with operating businesses in the past. Putting content marketing to use is a way for you to reach a larger audience even when you do not have an advertising and marketing budget in place.

Use Content Marketing to Build Positive Relationships With Consumers

When you share content regularly with your online visitors and potential consumers, it helps to build a more loyal and positive relationship with one another. Using content marketing to build positive relationships with consumers allows you to create connections with your audience that can keep them coming back for more from your brand in the future.

Engage your online visitors and readers by adding a comment section or option to all of the posts you upload and share. Be sure to answer questions or inquiries and avoid deleting or censoring any opinions that others post regarding your brand or business. In order to build a positive and loyal relationship with your consumers and online followers, it is essential to maintain honesty and to allow others to speak their minds, even when it is not always positive. By showing you care about concerns rather than deleting comments altogether is one of the best ways to show you genuinely care about your customers and online followers.

Content Marketing Improves SEO


Content marketing is not only more cost-effective compared to implementing search engine optimization tactics, but it actually improves SEO on its own. When you share posts that have trending titles and proper headers on your site each day, your links begin to appear within well-known search engines. The more frequently your website and posts are updated, the easier it is for others to find your site’s URL using search engines and relevant keywords themselves.

Sharing the content you upload to your website on other networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is another way to boost your overall SEO and online presence within the best search engines used today. When you provide high-quality content that is original and unique to your industry, it is another way to quickly climb the rankings within search engines.

By improving your website’s overall ranking within search engines, you can quickly expand the audience you are reaching. When a website is within the first page of search results for trending keywords, it can double, triple or even quadruple the number of page views and visitors you receive to your site each day, week and month.

Understanding how to put content marketing to work for you and your brand online can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success, regardless of the industry you are working in. Implementing a content marketing strategy for your brand is not only a way to reach a wider audience, but also helps to give you more credibility and a professional reputation in any market you represent.

Written by Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito is a freelance content strategist with a passion for good storytelling and all things digital. He lived in the Netherlands, Poland, England and Sicily. Say hi on Twitter.

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  • Elliot Burk

    Another great post, Dan! I can see why Google is starting to favor contextual links and great content over lazier more automated approaches.

  • Scottie Manukian

    Nice post. This just makes me feel like I should be guest blogging way more, writing blog posts is just so boring to me.

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