5 Strategies That Should Be In Your White Hat Link Building Campaign

Published Jan 30, 2014 by Dan Virgillito in SEO
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Gaining a competitive edge for your business online requires a lot of smart thinking and implementation of white hat strategies. The link building landscape has changed for the better thanks to major search engine updates. Every website that wants to rank well needs to attract links from other popular sites. These sites pass on their powerful authority to your site, which gives it a boost up the rankings. There are no fast short cuts to quality link building. A winning link building strategy includes many different white hat elements that work in harmony with one another. The result of using these proven strategies is a site that gradually grows into an online powerhouse.

1) Create and Share Engaging Content

Quality content is key to attracting people to your site. A better way to view content is to think of it as link bait. Each piece of content you create should strive to reach out and engage people in some way. There are several types of valuable content you can create that other sites love.


Select interesting topics to write articles on. Get creative and think of how you can add a fresh spin on a popular subject. Share insider tips that you have learned in your business. Give your opinion on current trends in a particular industry. Sites are always looking to provide their readers with great content. Post new articles to your site first. Post articles on the top article directories.


Ebooks are exploding in popularity. Authoring a book turns you into an instant authority on that topic. You do not even need to write the book. Hire a ghostwriter to create the book using your detailed notes. Select non-fiction topics that you know a lot about. Include links to your site within the book. Giving your ebook away for free is a great way to spread your content far and wide with very little effort. People that like your book will recommend it to others. The more books you create the more free traffic they bring in.

White Papers

Explore a specific topic in-depth by creating a white paper. These reports provide useful information to people in a way articles cannot. White papers can be a guide to solving a problem or an essay that discusses an issue. These can be turned into downloadable PDF files that allow people to read at their leisure. White papers are great for establishing authority.


Infographics combine interesting statistical data with appealing visual graphics. They are increasing in popularity. People enjoy reading and sharing these short snapshots of information.


Videos remain an extremely popular form of content. Make an informative and entertaining video. Place it on your website and share it on popular video sites. Include your website URL within the video and in the video description.

2) Become a Master Blogger


Blogging is among the easiest ways to attract visitors to a website. However, not all blogs make the must read list. To elevate your blog to the winner’s circle you must become a blogging master.

Make Regular Posts

The best bloggers maintain a consistent content posting schedule. Decide how often per week you are going to post and stick to it. Posting several times per week is the most ideal for building a following quickly. However, if you are too busy for that, once per week is good.

Be Interesting

Research current news and events to find fresh topics to write about. You can stick to the main theme of your blog by exploring topics from a unique perspective. Do not stray away too far from your industry niche. Your blog needs a strong brand identity to build authority.

Guest Blog

Contact other bloggers with a following in your industry and ask to write guest posts. This is a fast way to become well known and draw targeted traffic. Offer to reciprocate by giving other blog owners space on your blog.

Content Curating

Find relevant news stories that your readers will enjoy. Write a brief commentary on the story and include a link to the story. This is a quick way to add lots of fresh content without having to do a lot of writing.

3) Develop Strategic Partnerships

Seek out online partnerships with other companies and individuals. Link to each other’s articles, videos, reports, etc. Partnerships are great because they benefit both parties by leveraging site authority and existing traffic. Be sure to partner with sites that have established a positive reputation online

Share Reviews – Contact webmasters that have products or services you like and offer to write a review and post it to your site. Of course, you’ll let them know this review includes a link to their site. Ask if they are willing to reciprocate by writing a review for your site, including an inbound link. Reviews make powerful content because consumers like to read them before making a purchase. An honest review written by a popular blogger carries a lot of weight with readers.

4) Smartly Utilize Social Media


Most savvy businesses are already using various social media to reach out to consumers. However, the results may not be living up to expectations. Social media campaigns must be strategically planned and targeted. Content should be highly focused to grab attention and make an impact. Include links to your best online content that provides distinct benefits to the end reader.

Spread the Buzz – Create accounts on major social media sites. Use a tool that organizes and schedules posts to all sites automatically. This saves time.

5) Become a Well Known Authority

Your goal should be to make your website a top authority within your industry. This requires a real commitment of effort. However, when your content reaches a certain threshold there will be an explosion of viral link sharing that is unstoppable.

In addition to distributing the content already discussed earlier, there are other ways to increase online awareness and exposure.

Case studies

Write a case study report that reveals details of what you did to achieve a certain goal. Case studies give people an insider look into solving a problem or doing a certain activity. These provide a ton of value.


Reach out to a popular blogger, news reporter or content writer and do an in-depth interview. Interviews can be in text, audio or video formats.


Create audio podcasts on your topic of choice. This method works best as a series of thematic episodes.

Press Release

Write a newsworthy press release and distribute through online PR sites.


Share your knowledge with others by creating an online course, giving a live webinar or making a seminar video.

Sticking with white hat link building strategies is a smart way to go about achieving your SEO goals. It is better to invest your time and efforts into these tried and true methods than trying to game the system. Major search engines have become quite strict in dealing with black or gray hat link building methods. White hat link building may require more time, but produces a much bigger pay off in both ranking power and traffic.

Written by Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito is a freelance content strategist with a passion for good storytelling and all things digital. He lived in the Netherlands, Poland, England and Sicily. Say hi on Twitter.

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