Do Most Large Companies Use Google+ Strictly For SEO?

Published Feb 25, 2014 by Eric Sornoso in SEO
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Google+ is known to be one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world that many companies, both small and large, are jumping at the chance to join in on. Its world began in 2011 as a test case. They started out with only 150 invitations to join and in a span of two years, they now has more than 400 million members.

What is Google+ All About?

Google+ is a social networking and identity site owned and operated by Google, Inc. It was described as a social layer that enhances many of its online properties. It is more than a networking site but also a tool that focuses on SEO as it meets social needs. It is the second largest social networking site in the world after Facebook. It is used by over 400 million people who interact socially via Google+ enhanced properties like Gmail, YouTube, and the +1 button.

Google+ combined some of the better aspects of both Facebook and Twitter. Users are able to post content, pictures and status updates which will show up on other users’ news feeds – like Facebook. At the same time, Google+ users can follow anyone without having to first send that person a friend request – similar to Twitter.

After an initial period spent learning more about how Google+ works, it was found that it is a really great source of links that can be used for SEO purposes, which is why many larger companies are currently using Google+. It is quite interesting to see Google opting to allow links that pass through page rank higher, unlike other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that allow links that are not search engine friendly, making it hard for Google spiders to follow. This gives this website an edge amongst other sites and is more likely to continue growing in popularity.

But the question is do most large companies use Google+ strictly for SEO?

For the past few years, many experts have heavily debated on Google+ and its role in benefiting companies via social media. Even though some people opposed its likelihood in meeting a company’s SEO needs. According to research conducted by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ is the second largest and popular social media platform with majority of big companies using it.

Big companies using Google+


  • • BBC News: Well known by viewers all over the world. They are using Google+ to reach out to their viewers
  • • Intel: An American semiconductor chip maker and using Google+ to help further its cause
  • • Macys: An American shopping icon, using coupons to attracts customers on Google+
  • • Marvel Comics: One of the biggest businesses on Google+
  • • Toyota: A global auto manufacturer, doing well on Google+

Why are most large companies using Google +?

With Larry page (Google+ Co-Founder) confirming its popularity recently, it can only be assumed that its value in generating SEO friendly links has become and can continue becoming more important.

Benefits of Google+ To Companies Include:

  1. 1. Search Engine Friendly

This media focuses more on SEO than on other aspects. This means that a company gets great SEO opportunities by using it. They can do this by sharing pages in their website on a Google+ page and the business will be ranked higher in the search engine results. This gives them a competitive edge against their counterparts.

  1. 2.SEO Ranking

A major reason why many big companies are using Google+ is because its content counts toward overall SEO ranking. This is because Google indexes its contents the same way it does for web pages. This means that when one posts on Google+, the content is searchable and it ends up being ranked higher in the search engine results. The content also stays there for a longer time compared to when content is posted on other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Once content is viewed by many visitors, it gets more links and ends up being ranked higher, thus increasing a company’s performance.

  1. 3. Easier To Reach Influencers

One of the things making Google+ popular amongst big companies is how new it is. This allows a person to take time to figure out what they want to post. There are numerous influencers in Google and with not too large an audience to reach out to yet; companies are able to start building an effective relationship with these influencers.

  1. 4. Share More Efficiently

If a company’s clients are using Google+, they can be able to target the company’s content more easily and efficiently compared to other social networks. With the use of Google+ circles , one can be able to categorize followers similar to a mailing list. This enables a company to post content to the entire audience or to specific circles that one chooses.

  1. 5. Google Hash Tags

Hash tags have helped big companies in ranking their websites high. They make sure to include hash tags as part of their content strategy. A company can post content on their Google+ account by throwing in a few hash tags to help in supporting their post. This acts as a great way to optimize the post for organic search by using the optimized words as hash tags. Hash tags are important in that, when content is posted on Google+, a company is not only able to reach Google+ followers but also those outside that network in an effective and targeted way.

  1. 6. Ability To Post On YouTube

This is another big reason why many big companies are using Google+ for SEO purposes. YouTube comments are now integrated with Google+. When a company uses YouTube, it will be able to reach out to more potential customers and will eventually be ranked higher in the search engines.

  1. 7. Flexibility In Link Placement For SEO


  • (a)Google+ Posts

Posting is one of the most used features by users. Links that are found here are valuable for SEO. This is the place where the most dynamic links can be found and content posted here gets maximum optimization.

  • (b)About Me Section

This is in every user’s profile and can include SEO beneficial links. These static links ends up being of more value than those in Google+ posts. The Majority of big companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock and Walmart have these pages set up and use it specifically for SEO, which is why they are dominating the SERPs.

So, do most large companies use Google+ strictly for SEO? The answer is obviously yes! This is because Google is well known for having the most relevant search results on the internet, making Google+ a top option for SEO related purposes.

Due to Google+ proven effectiveness, it is possible to see more search minded brands encouraging their customer to engage with their products through Google+ as a way of directing valuable links to their website. After seeing how many people are on this platform, one can now understand why big companies are using it. More and more companies are expected to launch their Google+ pages as well for their SEO purposes. If Google continues to integrate Google+ into its products, companies using the platform will continue benefiting, more people will turn to Google, and in the near future it is possible they will surpass Facebook.

Written by Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso is an avid learner and online marketing consulting. He runs Infographic Seeding and Fish Free Media, and is an author for several major SEO publications, including

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    I wouldn’t doubt it. Truthfully, we use our Google+ page strictly for social media, so I wouldn’t be surprised if larger companies did the same.

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