The Fine Line between Growth Hacking and Annoying Customers

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Now, with growth hacking, you can find new clients and visitors to your sites and social media pages. While this is true, it is not always easy to do so in a tactful and simple manner. No, in fact, with growth hacking, you can end up alienating or frustrating your customers to the fullest. However, with a wise and proactive approach, you can balance the two and end up helping your cause. With this in mind, here is a short guide to understand how to balance the fine line between growth hacking and annoying customers.

Keep your content interesting

Above all else, if you want to market to customers, you must do so in a tactful and wise manner. One way to ensure you keep your followers happy is to provide value. Whether you make a post on Facebook or write a new blog, you must strive to provide interesting, unique and enjoyable content.

Without a doubt, with this, you will go a long way in keeping your current visitors both excited and thinking about the future. If you, on the other hand, provide uninteresting and boring content, you will struggle to keep people coming back. This is true whether you have a great marketing plan or not. Simply put, with interesting and enjoyable content, your visitors will have no reason to head to your competition. To understand if it works, you should look at a few things. For starters, when looking at your conversion rate, you can get a good idea on what works and what fails. Furthermore, if you want to understand your followers, you should know how often people respond to your social media posts or blogs. If you enjoy a high rate of response, you are well on your way as it is obvious to your followers you offer value.

Keep it slow


Now, while you must have great content, you must also strive to keep things interesting and avoid the all-too-common problem of posting too often. This is easy to do as people want to get ahead of the competition and improve their online presence. But, you do not want to overwhelm them.

Think about it for a minute, when you look at a big and established brand with a large following, you will see that they do not have to rush out and try to engage with customers all the time. Of course, while engagement is wise, you must do so in a tactful and non-salesy manner. If you do not heed this advice, you are likely to anger your customers who will not want to read your sales pitch all the time. While there is no ideal amount, you should exercise caution and look at the industry. For example, if your competition posts three days a week and it works for them, you should try to emulate this for your campaign. Simply put, if you can keep it simple and slow, you can provide value to your readers without overwhelming them.

You are not a marketing company

Often, many business owners will forget their goals. Sadly, many end up spending all their time and effort to find more clients. While, of course, it is important to look for more customers, you should concentrate on providing great value. Either way, when you offer great products and services, you will not have to sit around and come up with new ways to market to people. The reason for this is obvious if you think about it thoroughly.

Remember, while it is easy to focus on your marketing strategy, you should strive to provide a great product or service to your clients. If you catch yourself bothering or otherwise annoying your clients, you should step back and think of your long-term goals. When you can do this, you will go a long way in helping your cause. While all this is true, you must also take a little time to understand that marketing is important. With a decent and well-run strategy, you will convert visitors like crazy, all without bothering or annoying them.

Let users and followers come to you: It is easy to run out and try to find a lot of followers on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Instead, you need to make it easy to find you. To do this, you should place links on your website and any articles you write. With a simple link to your pages, you can save some time and find followers. More importantly, when people come to you, they are going to be receptive followers. On the other hand, if you run out and bribe people or seek them out, you will struggle to keep garner interest in the long run. With this proactive approach, you will know your clients well and you can help them with their issues. Either way, when you go out of your way to find visitors, you will not overwhelm them as they will have no trouble seeing your posts and other relevant information you provide.

Take the time to look at conversion rates


With an Internet marketing plan, you must know what works and what does not work. This is not always easy if you just guess or ask your clients. Instead, you need to install Google Analytics. With this code, you can see where your visitors come from and from what page they leave. While doing this, you should make sure to wait a few weeks to let the data pile up. If you try to make decisions based on a week’s worth of data, you will struggle to come up with any real conclusions.

With all this information, you can make changes to your website and your marketing strategy as you can also look at your bounce rate. A bounce rate the rate at which visitors come to your site and leave without going to any other pages. Obviously, you want to minimize this as you will not convert customers who leave quickly. Then, when you make changes in the future, you will also want to take a look at your data. If it changes for the better, you know you are providing true value to your clients. On the other hand, if rates go the other way, you will have the answer and can make your next move.

There is, and always will be, a fine line between marketing and bothering people. However, you must push this as much as possible as you can go a long way in creating a viable business. At the same time, when you feel serious pushback from people, you might want to tone down your efforts. In the end, it is really about quality of your content. If you can provide value to your followers, you will already go a long way in keeping them interested. Then, if you keep it slow and steady and concentrate on finding excited and real followers, you will have yourself a good chance at succeeding. Finally, you must look at your conversion rates as this will tell the whole story.

Without a doubt, when you follow this short guide, you can balance the issue without trouble. Otherwise, you will face an uphill battle when you want to market to your clients.

Written by Mitchell Wright

Mitchell Wright

Mitchell loves all aspects of Internet marketing and have been involved with everything from ORM to SEO to video and affiliate marketing. He currently works with bloggers to increase their ad revenue.

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