What to Do When Your Google +1 Numbers Have Dropped

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The initial reaction to noticing a significant drop in the number of +1s is to feel a little insulted and abandoned. Fortunately, after the initial shock wears off, the next logical step is sure to have a much better outcome than possible from the original marketing tactics that failed. Take a step back from the disappointment to get a new plan ready for growing +1s that stick.

Do Not Panic About Dropping Numbers

The word about every good idea inevitably takes time to spread from person to person. Losing +1s does not indicate the fall of a brand, rather the need to start over in a better direction. It is extremely difficult and unlikely to regain a +1 once it is lost, but chances are the original sign of interest was a fluke to begin with. Perhaps there was a quick spike in endorsement from one viral post being shared without a decent followup.

Every post may have appeared too spammy, like a blatant advertisement with no value. People have no reason to stick around and continue to show value in a useless link. This is especially true if you were speaking out to the wrong audience in the first place. The great thing about starting from the bottom is the opportunity to step back, re-evaluate, and take the entire Internet by storm.

Understanding The Issue

It is normal to see a fluctuation of +1s change as frequently as daily, without much concern to the brand in question.

However, a continual drop is a reason to be concerned and take the time to investigate the reason. Customers, fans, and brand advocates add a +1 to navigate back to certain content quickly from their profile. A company that does not take the time to interact or create new content is a major reason that a +1 is removed.

Why would people keep a quick link to something that is not useful to them? New visitors may see a certain result come up in search results or on a friend’s page with a high number of +1s. This is an immediate indication that the following page is useful or interesting to a lot of readers. If your +1 numbers have dropped, there is likely an issue with a lack of updates, spam, or being just plain boring.

The best way to remedy this is to have at least one person in charge of this specific job to ensure original, current, and interesting updates that generate endorsement.

Grow Relevant Circles and Join Communities


Nurture the relations between the business and its customers through Google+ circles. Brand advocates are enthusiastic followers that are loyal as well as passionate about what the brand has to offer. Regular customers and advocates are the basics of free marketing success across social media. Keeping them in a dedicated circle makes it simple to personally interact and never miss the opportunity to share any relevant post they make.

Make it a goal to boost as many customers as possible to the advocate circle to continue to grow and maintain the number of +1s. Other circles should include industry-related bloggers that have the potential to mention the brand or share an interesting post to their own readers.

Establishing or join a public community to interact in discussions related to the specific industry. Engage personally to avoid spamming the brand to valuable active users in the right community. Reaching the right people eventually leads back to a site visit and highly relevant +1 that is sure to last.

Become More Engaging With Interesting Content

A common mistake that a lot of brands make is grasping for numbers instead of establishing a relationship. A business marketing firm with 50,000 retiree +1s is as useless as having zero. What use do people retired from work have with advertising a business?

Speaking to the wrong audience is a waste of time and it does lead to a disappointing loss of +1s. Spamming is no longer an option with the changes in the value of social media connections. It does not matter how few current fans and followers are behind the brand, treat content as though a billion people are going to be reading. Interesting content view multiply as people share content and attract new people to give a +1.

Engage the audience to interact in some way, either by asking a question or opening the lines of communication by inviting perspective. Make followers aware that they are noticed either by replying to comments and showing involvement in their activity.

Offer Coupons, Host Giveaways, and Honor Promotions


Offering a discount on service, or running a promotion is the best way to persuade sharing across social media networks. Asking for a +1 in exchange for an entry into a giveaway is not necessary if conducted correctly. Promotion is a necessary business expense that suffers the most by cutting corners, especially in terms of generating business online.

The commitment to hosting a relevant giveaway once a month creates the interest necessary to keep +1s when it seems like they are dropping off. On the other hand, it does not hurt to offer coupons in exchange for a +1 or a share. The only risk is that it is not a genuine gesture from a reader that otherwise do not have any interest in the brand or business.

People are attracted to freebies, so ask for a little involvement before handing out a prize to someone that did not earn it. Be careful to not neglect followers that have stuck around by only offering advantages to newcomers.

Work Together With Other Social Media Outlets

Reaching out to the Google community is only marketing to a fraction of the social media world. Users may be connected to multiple networks, while others only frequent one specifically. Do not neglect to find a way to appeal to audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, or any other major platform.

The more the better, provided it is not a weak effort to interact with the users. There are powerful social media integration tools that can be added to a blog for easy sharing by fans active in any community. Research to find the most useful and simple management application to provide updates to your blog at the same time as other networks. As long as the content is original and interesting, it is acceptable to update everywhere with one post. The chances are high that fans and advocates do not mind the extra attention to ensuring they don’t miss out on new updates as long as it does not come across as spam.

Instant gratification can boost morale for a company just starting out, but often times it leads to a disappointing drop in readership. Gaining an understanding of the reason your Google +1 numbers have fallen helps understand the tactics necessary to boost them back up. Mistakes must be made in order to learn what works best, especially in marketing. Successful marketing will take hard work, however, growing advocacy across social outlets makes it much easier to reach out across the world. Do not be afraid to set new goals with the renewed belief in the brand once the +1s begin to regrow.

Written by Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito

Dan Virgillito is a freelance content strategist with a passion for good storytelling and all things digital. He lived in the Netherlands, Poland, England and Sicily. Say hi on Twitter.

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