How to Make Your Website Bulletproof from Penalties

Published Mar 27, 2014 by Eric Sornoso in SEO
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When you run and own a website, you will have to navigate a lot of tough things on a daily basis. For starters, you will need to make a website that is both enjoyable for customers and potential clients who are on the fence about your services or products. More importantly, you will want to stay on top of the SEO game and zoom to the first page of Google for many search terms. This is not always easy if you have a lot of competition or face constant Google updates. However, with these five tips, you can make your website bulletproof from penalties.

Content sells

Above all else, if you want to make a great site, it must start and end with great content. Now, in the past, this was not the case as many site owners would buy a ton of links from third-party sellers. Then, they would throw up spun content with little value to the reader. As mentioned, while this worked in the short-term, it has does not work in the long-term. No, instead, when writing your content, you should do so naturally and methodically. Think about it, when you write a page, you will want to give true value to the reader.

When a visitor reads the content and learns something, you are well on your way to converting him or her to a customer. At the same time, Google will surely take notice as the search giant wants people to make content others enjoy. Furthermore, while you should not ramble on, you must provide a lot of content to your readers. Ideally, if possible, you should write 500 word product descriptions and other pages. With this, you can offer a lot of value and use keywords that work. Now, with this in mind, many do not know how to use keywords correctly. To do this, you should think of your visitors and what they will search for to find your site.

For example, if you sell bike parts, you should use the right terms such as bicycle parts, bike parts and bike accessories. With this, not only will you let the visitor know what the website is about, but you will also rank highly in Google for these search terms. While all this is true, you must not overuse certain keywords or phrases. While tempting, you will end up hurting your cause as Google will mark your site as spam. Without a doubt, when taking content seriously the first time around, you will go a long way in keeping your site rankings and see our organic search rankings rise in the future.

Speed matters


If you want to please your clients and makes sure they do not leave for other providers, you must have a fast site. Now, many do not know how to make a fast page. This is easy if you follow some basic ideas. For starters, a Web programmer must write clean and clear code free of errors. Then, he or she must also use small images and videos.

Ideally, when using images, one should resize them. Furthermore, with regards to photographs, take it easy as you will hurt your loading times. Believe it or not, while not a huge metric, Google and other search engines do look at page load times. When slow, you will see your site suffer. On the other hand, when looking for a small edge, you can gain in the rankings when you ensure your pages load quickly. To test out your site, you can head online as many third-party websites let you test the speed and make sure you have no issues. Either way, when taking care of this early on, you can avoid problems and protect your site from the penalties others suffer.

Broken links

A broken link will make you look bad in the eyes of visitors. When they encounter one, it is going to hurt your cause as the visitor will think less of the website. Furthermore, Google will take notice and you will see your site hurt. To test your links, you can find a website that allows you to make sure all of them work. Of course, if you have a small site, you can verify manually. Either way, when looking at this, you can help your case with Google and please your clients. While this is one way bad links can hurt, it is not the only way.

No, in fact, when you have a broken link, Google bots may not find some of your content. When this happens, your page does not exist in the eyes of the leading search giant. Obviously, you want to avoid this as you can waste a lot of energy on a page nobody sees.

Bad third-party links

As mentioned, in years past, people could purchase links from third-party sellers. With this, site owners could zoom to the top of Google and other search engines as links were the biggest factor in helping your site. Now, times have changed and you must react.

To do so, you should not fear links. Instead, you should concentrate on finding new ones from quality and relevant sources. This is easier than you may think as you will need to look for people and sites in your industry. Then, you can get the desired links. At the same time, if you can provide the perfect content to visitors, you can go a long way in getting links without effort. Simply put, if you offer interesting, unique and, above all else, usefully content, you will help your case and can see your links increase.


Expand upon

It is easy to rely on one or two methods for your SEO game. It is not wise though as you will want to use a few different methods to get traffic and links. To do this, make sure to sign up for, and use frequently, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Not only that, you should use press releases, article marketing and other methods to get traffic to your site. When looking at the overall picture, Google will value your content and strategy. Otherwise, if you are reliant on one or two methods, you will not do well in the future as one update can knock your site off the first page of Google. This is only going to grow in importance as the leading search engines will look at other factors.

Fortunately, if you are ahead of the game and think about the future, you will not only land on the first pages of Google for some keywords, but you will prevent problems in the future when Google has another Panda or Penguin update. Remember, in SEO, and in Internet marketing, you will always want to make changes and stay ahead of the game.

Without a doubt, if you have a website, you must think of Google and the updates they often have. If not, you are one mistake away from seeing your site fall off the first pages of Google. So, if you want to succeed, remember to stay on top of your site and make sure you do everything in your power to keep the site thriving and doing well.

Written by Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso is an avid learner and online marketing consulting. He runs Infographic Seeding and Fish Free Media, and is an author for several major SEO publications, including

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