25 Ways to Grow a Brand New Website

Published Apr 22, 2014 by Mitchell Wright in SEO
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Any time you are thinking of launching a brand new website, for personal or business purposes, understanding how to grow your site and online presence is essential to build any type of reputation, regardless of the industry you are interested in representing. Understanding how to grow a brand new website can help you to save time while also reaching any audience or demographic you intend to with your content, products or services.

Think of Your Site’s Intention and Purpose

Before launching a website, consider its purpose and intention. Having a goal in mind for your website will keep you focused on a proper name and understanding who you ant to reach, especially with the demographic you want to market to professionally.

Consider Your Website’s Name

Choosing the right website name helps others remember how to spell your brand name while also keeping it relevant to what your website pertains to, whether it provides content, services or products.

Register an Official Domain

Registering an domain such as a .com is also highly advisable when you want to appear professional and if you are looking to be taken seriously online and as a brand.

Create Social Media Pages

Create official social media pages for your brand’s official website on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Intagram and Vine to help with building your follower base while giving you more opportunities to share your updates with customers and potential clients online.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

Submit-Your-Website-to-Search-EnginesSubmitting your website to search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and Google can help to drastically increase your search engine result rankings while also building a name for your site and brand online simultaneously.

Share Your Online Sites With Friends and Family Online

Share your online sites with friends and family online, asking them to share links and promote your posts to others they know. Asking your family and friends to share your links and pages online can help to build local followers and to begin getting others to talk about your brand, both online and off.

Invest in Online Advertising

Investing in online advertising is also another option to help with expanding your reach. You can advertise on relevant blogs and websites as well as within social media sites such as Facebook. Be sure to research keywords involving trends in your industry and the type of demographic you should market to based on your products, services or the content you provide to customers. The more research you do on advertising before investing in a campaign, the easier it becomes to reach others who are genuinely interested in what your brand or company has to offer.

Offer Guest Post Opportunities

Offering guest blog posting opportunities is not only a way for you to network, but also increases page views and the number of visitors your site receives. Offering guest blogging opportunities can be done directly from your own site and with the use of social media. Providing guest blogging opportunities to your own fans and followers is another way to connect with those who are interested in helping you to grow your website.

Seek Out Guest Post Opportunities

Seeking out guest blog posting opportunities is another method of networking and helping to build your credibility online. Posting on relevant sites and blogs also helps to build a professional name for yourself in just about any industry or field.

Find Online Affiliates to Cross-Promote Your Sites

Finding online affiliates to cross-promote your sites can build your reputation quickly while also boosting your site’s overall page ranking.

Host Contests Online

Host contests on your official website to attract visitors while promoting your own products or services as the prizes you have to offer.

Host Giveaways Using Social Media


Hosting giveaways using social media is necessary when you want to build a positive reputation online while also boosting your credibility and professional reputation simultaneously. Hosting contests using social media is one of the easiest ways to get your followers and potential customers excited about your brand while offering up prizes that are relevant to your company or the products and services you provide.

Share Discount Coupons Within Your Online Newsletter

Sharing secret discount coupons and offers with your online newsletter followers also helps to improve your reputation while building a loyal following, especially if you provide products or services to others.

Connect With Your Followers

Connect with your followers by getting personal, asking questions and responding genuinely.

Use a Genuine Persona Online

Responding to your fans and clients in a genuine manner rather than sounding too “salesy” or corporate can help to resolve matters while increasing your positive reputation as a professional.

Comment and Respond to Customers and Fans

Commenting and responding to online followers and fans helps to build your reputation and a genuine connection.

Share New Blog Posts Using Social Media

Sharing your new blog posts using social media helps to keep all of your followers informed while giving you multiple platforms to share any news you have.

Integrate Social Media Within Your Website

Integrating social media within any website you choose to build is a must when you want to maximize your klout factor and reach online. Utilizing and embedding social media buttons can help to increase the number of followers you have altogether.

Use a CMS for Your Website

Consider using a free CMS, or content management system such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress for your website. Using a CMS such as WordPress is free and allows you to build professional websites without prior coding and programming knowledge.

Install Social Media Within a CMS Such as WordPress or Joomla

Using social media within a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla is another way to increase comment activity as well as the ability for others to virtually “like” or share any content you update to your site online.

Allow Commenting on All Online Platforms


Allowing open commenting on all online platforms, including your website and social media pages helps others to voice their opinions while keeping your company in a positive light online.

Integrate Online Shopping

Integrating online shopping within your site or within an app for your company is also highly recommended when you want to increase sales and opportunities of appealing to more customers.

Allow Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Allowing customer reviews and testimonials of your site, products, services and brand as a whole on your website is ideal to help with building credibility and your reputation as a company in business.

Share Customer and Fan Photos or Submissions

Sharing customer and fan photos or submissions of appreciation of your brand not only helps to spread brand awareness, but it also helps to build connections with longtime fans and followers.

Update Consistently

Updating consistently is imperative when you want to keep others informed of your updates while also keeping your brand relevant while growing.

Learning how to properly grow a website online is a way for you to save time while creating a system any time you want to build an online presence. The more you know about growing your site online, the easier it is to have an impact on just about any audience of potential customers or clients you may want to work with in the future.

Written by Mitchell Wright

Mitchell Wright

Mitchell loves all aspects of Internet marketing and have been involved with everything from ORM to SEO to video and affiliate marketing. He currently works with bloggers to increase their ad revenue.

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