The 5 Best Growth Hacks to Increase Blog Post Conversions

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Running a successful blog requires more than simply copying and pasting content or curating it from blogs elsewhere on the web. Any time you want to run a truly successful blog or website, understanding a few of the best growth hacks to increase blog post conversions is a must. Taking the time to get your readers interested and engaged in what you have to say is a way for you to ensure you are also getting the most out of any time and effort you put in to your site and blog altogether.

Know What Your Readers Are Interested In

If you want to genuinely engage your readers and online followers with the content and blog posts you create, it’s essential to get to know them on a more intimate level. Understanding your readers, their gender, age range and even various interests and hobbies they have personally is one of the best ways to gain insight and to gather inspiration for new appealing, relevant and thought-provoking pieces to share with your online followers. The more relevant your content, products and services are, the easier it becomes to convert actual blog posts into potential revenue and an income stream.

One method of determining what your readers are most interested in is to install tracking tools and statistic programs for your website or blog. Using tools such as Google Analytics can help to highlight specific search terms and trending keywords that are the most relevant to your own site or blog. You can also utilize Google Trends itself to compare the latest trends in keyword in any market or niche you are trying to captivate with your blog posts.

Be sure to make it clear what your intentions are whenever you are trying to sell a product or service, especially if you are a new company or a start up business. The more direct and honest you are with your readers and online viewers, the easier it becomes to build a loyal following and audience that is likely to return back in the future for more content or products you have to offer.

Use a Real Voice

Any time you want others to engage in your blog posts and updates, using a real voice is a must. Having a genuine voice is a way for you to get your opinions and thoughts across without sounding as if you are making a sales pitch or that you are too “corporate” and solely representing your brand or business. The more effort you make to connect and communicate directly with your audience and followers, the more likely you are to receive comments and conversations from others.

Additionally, having a real voice is one of the best ways to gain genuine followers who truly enjoy your content and what you have to post. When your audience is capable of connecting with you personally, they are more likely to trust you, your company or the brand you represent before they make an investment or a purchase of their own.

Put Social Media to Use for Its True Purpose


One of the best growth hacks to help with increasing blog post conversions is to put social media to use for its true intention and purpose. Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr along with video-related communities such as Instagram and Vine can help to boost page views and visitors to your blog while also increasing the chances of generating sales and revenue. The more consistently you update with new blog posts while sharing your site’s links on various social media platforms, the bigger the reach you are capable of getting with thousands of users and visitors worldwide.

Putting social media to use is a way for you to not only share your website or blog’s links, but it also contributes to boosting page ranking, the number of visitors you receive as well as the page views your site gets each day altogether. When you promote your blog post regularly and have others “retweet” or share your post via Facebook, you are much more likely to complete a full sale and to begin generating revenue and income.

Using social media is also a way to boost brand reputation and credibility with the use of a proper logo and color scheme. Keeping a consistent voice also helps others who are interested in your brand to relate and connect with any time they are reading your posts or updates. Avoid switching voices any time you share news and updates with your followers, as this may lead your users to lose faith in your company or brand as an authentic business with positive intentions.

Engage Your Audience With a Compelling Closing Question or Argument

Closing an article you want to publish onto your blog with a closing question or argument is essential if you want to invoke conversation or get your readers thinking about your products and the services you have to offer. The more engaging your blog’s originally content is, the more likely your readers are to gain an interest in learning more not only about your blog or website, but also about your personally.

Adding a compelling closing argument or question at the end of each of your blog posts is a way to increase conversation while getting others to talk about your brand or business regularly. The more often you are capable of getting your readers and users engaged with your blog posts and updates, the easier it becomes to generate a secondary income or revenue based on what you are selling or what you have to provide to your users.

Offer Discounts and Promotional Codes

Whenever you are trying to generate sales or income using your blog, consider the option of offering discounts and promotional codes within any blog posts and updates you make themselves. Adding promotional codes and discount opportunities within your blog not only keeps your readers coming back for more, but it also helps to boost your online reputation and credibility as a business or brand. You are more likely to generate sales and additional revenue when you provide your readers with “exclusive” deals and offers that are not able to be found elsewhere, online or off.


It is also possible to offer discounts and promotional codes with any blog post you publish using social media pages you have running and that you manage for your brand itself. Implementing discount codes and promotional offers within social media updates helps to instantly gain more page views and visitors to your site or blog, potentially increasing the chances of generating income or making a sale. Whether you are offering downloadable products for purchase or actual physical merchandise along with services, social media is ideal to help with any level of promotion you have in mind.

Whether you are writing on celebrity gossip, dietary tricks and tips or even information straight from the white house itself, it’s essential to understand how to properly and effectively reach and communicate with any audience or demographic you have in mind. Increasing the conversation of any blog post you publish live to your site not only generates additional page views and visitors, but it also helps to boost your website or blog’s overall page ranking.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

James Parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the CEO of Pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for HuffPo, Inc, or Entrepreneur, he is working on his next big project.

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