Should You Close Your Blog Comments for SEO Purposes?

Published Apr 04, 2014 by Mitchell Wright in SEO
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If you run a blog, whether for business or pleasure, you are probably dealing with a mountain of comments from visitors. Plenty of comments come from angry visitors or ones who want to spam the blog or place their own link in the text. This is a serious problem and can cost you goodwill as other readers will not appreciate vile comments or spam. To combat this, bloggers often shut down their comments section. Shutting them down is too strong of an approach and you must try to manage them wisely.

Here is a short guide showing you how to do this without faltering.


One way to prevent spam comments is to require visitors to register. When registering, the user will need to give basic information and his or her verified email address. While a pain at first, visitors will not mind if they enjoy your blog posts and the information you provide.

If followers do not like registering or leave your site when you ask them to, you must think of another solution. Or, you can tone down your efforts and require minimal information. Of course, users can use a real email address and spam your blog, so this is not an end-all solution. However, if you have an established reader base and plenty of comments, you should consider a registration requirement to prevent abuse.

Flagging system

If you have plenty of loyal followers, you can use them to help your cause. When employing a flagging system, you can let other people police the comments section. At minimum, you can automatically put downvoted comments at the bottom of the comment section. Otherwise, if you want to delete the posts, you can set it to do so automatically. This is an effective solution for a busy entrepreneur who does not have the time or resources to manually remove comments.

While a flagging system is effective, it has some downsides as you may deal with overzealous readers who try to knock out comments they do not like or agree with. With a flagging system, you must take a proactive approach and watch it for a while as you can lose readers if their comments are flagged repeatedly.

Talk to your customers


With a well-managed comments section, you can help your Internet marketing effort. Since people love interaction, they will enjoy talking to your and asking you important questions about your products or services. Other Internet users will read the comments and may convert into clients. This is often overlooked as site owners can end up with a one-track mind and forget about the benefits of something. It can also help with your SEO efforts as Google and the leading search engines crawl the comments section and will place the content in their database.

When comments are full of information and gain attention, you can enjoy plenty of free site traffic in the future. So, instead of fighting it and preventing legitimate discussion, you should encourage lengthy comments and respond to them. This will put you over the rest and you can land more organic traffic without doing any work.

Social media links

People hate to register to comment. Let’s face it, nobody wants to give his or her personal email address or other information. But, visitors will still want to comment and you should encourage this as you can fly in the SEO results and encourage visitors to return. One way to encourage sharing and talking is to allow people to comment on blogs with their social media accounts.

Ideally, you should allow people to comment with their Facebook account as this is the most popular social media site. With this ability, people will not need to sign up for a new account or offer any new information. Since this is a drawback to visitors, you will keep people interested and returning. However, when posting on your blog, the comment will simultaneously post on their Facebook page. This advantage can help you gain immediate traffic from your user’s friends and family. If the post is interesting enough and you give value to your readers, the blog can go viral in a matter of hours. Google and the leading search engines will notice and value your content accordingly.

Encourage it in your writing

Unless you have strong objections, you should encourage your readers to comment. Whether you write informational pieces or editorials, you must encourage your readers to comment in the section below. With this encouragement, people will feel compelled to leave their comment. They will tell their friends and are more likely to share the information as an interactive audience is one that will convert at a higher rate. To encourage sharing and comments, you do not need say anything special. Instead, at the end of your piece, you can tell your readers to share their thoughts and concerns in the section below. If you write an interesting piece and compel people to think about the subject, you are likely to find plenty of excited commentators who want their voices heard. Again, instead of running the other way and banning or deleting comments, you must encourage people to share their thoughts on the subject. In the long haul, it will help you with retention rates and SEO.

Stay on top of the comments section by responding to inquiries frequently


Finally, when you want to create an interesting environment, you must stay on top of the comments. A blogger should check the section once or twice a day. When reading the comments, a blogger should respond to any serious inquiries. With a unique response, a visitor will feel compelled to come back to the site often. At the same time, a site owner should not log in too often as it is easy to sit on the comments section all day. While time-consuming, if you can answer inquiries within a day, you will receive better feedback in the long run. This will help your SEO plan as well-written questions and responses will rank highly in the search engines. To understand this point, you can think of your website or blog. If you have enjoyable and vital content that people will enjoy, you will succeed in SEO. This holds true for the comments area of your blog and you must stay on top of it by responding to inquiries quickly.

If you run a website or blog, you should not discourage communication. While you need to stay on top of the comments and look out for spam or abusive language, you must try to keep it as organic as possible. While difficult, this will help you rise to the top as the leading search engines value comments and will place them on the front pages for various search terms. If you experience a high volume of uninformative, abusive or spam comments, you should consider your options as it is unwise to let them sit on your blog for more than a couple of hours. However, do not try to cut down on excessive comments as you may alienate some visitors. Luckily, if you understand how to balance the informative and the boring, your blog comments section will help your site thrive both in the short and long-term.

Written by Mitchell Wright

Mitchell Wright

Mitchell loves all aspects of Internet marketing and have been involved with everything from ORM to SEO to video and affiliate marketing. He currently works with bloggers to increase their ad revenue.

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  • Hey Mitchell, what your article said is exactly correct but there are certain holes in SEO by which spammers are getting through.

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    Commenting system is a very nice idea to get audience feedback.

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