Could Google Introduce an Algorithm Update for Social Abuse?

Published Apr 19, 2014 by Eric Sornoso in Social
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When looking at algorithm updates, people think of content, links and other social media factors and influences. While past updates targeted site owners with stolen content, hundreds of links or boring sites, people feel that Google will eventually target people abusing social media for SEO gains. While nothing substantial has occurred, it’s possible in the future Google will change their algorithm and nail people for social media abuse. If a site owner expresses alarm about this, he or she can run a smart campaign and avoid the common problems facing other site owners.

Here are five ways to prevent problems if Google releases an algorithm targeting people who abuse social media.

Post frequently, but not too often

It’s wise to head to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ every day. When heading to these sites and providing valuable information to visitors, one can watch as their conversion rates fly through the roof. Of course, when posting on these sites too often, one will bug customers and hurt their reputation. In the future, Google will probably look at this metric as they don’t want people logging into their account and spamming their followers.

To avoid this and profit off the potential situation, a site owner can run a wise campaign if he or she posts a few times a week. With a few posts per week, you can reach out to clients without bothering them or hurting your brand. At the same time, when looking at your campaigns, Google will notice that you take time to post relevant, interesting and practical information people truly enjoy.

When this occurs, you are on your way to helping your cause and avoiding an all-too-common problem facing other site owners. So, remember, when you want to rise to the top and stay there, you need to post on social media a few times a week.

Otherwise, when you post too often, you will hurt your reputation; of course, when you don’t post often enough, your customers will wonder where you went.

Real followers

While tempting, it’s generally unwise to buy followers from third-party sites, as most of these websites are illegitimate. The sellers claim they sell legitimate visitors who will return to the site every few days. In reality, fake followers will kill your social media account in a few ways. For starters, when you buy followers, they will never return to your page as a robot created the follower. Secondly, since they will never return, they won’t comment on any photos or other information on your page.

Google may take notice as it’s obvious when a page enjoys thousands of followers who never comment or participate. If you are smart, you will avoid this trap as it’s not wise to buy followers who will hurt your site and never return. This is true whether using Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Instead, you need to add users at a slow and methodical pace. While frustrating at first, it will help you in the long run as Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines will take notice and value your social media campaigns.

Don’t always link to your site


Google can view your social media posts, especially on Google+. While either is nothing wrong with posting a link back to your site, you need to tone it down and concentrate on offering value to your visitors.

Now, don’t worry about this all the time; however, if you always link back to your website, blog or other aspects of your company, you will annoy users who will think you are making one massive advertisement and link building campaign. Instead, while offering value, you need to link to other interesting and relevant sites on the Internet. While it’s difficult to send people to your competition, you can, at minimum, offer other points of view and relevant information without hurting your cause.

Provide true quality

On the Internet, you need to offer quality content to your followers. Without this, your visitors will leave and never return. Furthermore, when looking at uninteresting content, Google will take notice and push your results down or devalue the links. Since Google now looks at this, it doesn’t seem out of their reach to perform an algorithm update in the near future.

If this occurs, your site will plummet in the rankings and you will not improve your site with social media updates using the same account. Since Google will look to social media in the future as a way to clamp down on spam, IBou need to prepare for this and offer value to your readers. To do this easily, post frequent updates with relevant and interesting information. If users are responding in droves, you know your campaign works and you don’t need to change.

On the other hand, when people rarely respond or only a handful of the same people do, it’s time to offer up better content to your readers. Remember, on the Internet, whether you are working on a website or any other platform, quality content will always help your case.

Wide range of sites

Now, it’s easy to use Facebook and think you don’t need to try out other social media sites. This is a mistake for a couple of reasons. With other sites such as Twitter and Google+, you can build your link profile and find clients who don’t use Facebook.

Furthermore, with a wide-reaching social media presence, you can link to your website and blog from a number of outlets. Think about it, when posting on Facebook alone, you will come to rely on it and end up committing serious errors when posting frequently or counting on your visitors to come through and turn into customers. When doing so, your site will suffer as Google will notice your lack of links from a variety of sources. Just like with a link structure or content, you need variety; Google will place high relevance on your links when you obtain dozens from multiple social media outlets.


A variety of updates from one account will help your site… But, in the future, with algorithm updates, you may watch as your site plummets in the rankings if you don’t sign use a few sites to talk to your current and potential clients. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to sign up for accounts and watch as your followers come in droves to check out your new posts and valuable content.

SEO is a tricky game and a smart site owner needs to stay on top of the latest updates. While true, it’s just as important to avoid long-term issues by looking to the future and predicting what new steps Google will take. For this reason, when looking to the future, a site owner needs to consider social media metrics as this is the next natural step Google and others will take to ensure that websites are providing excellent quality and interesting content. With a simple and proactive approach, you can avoid the wrath of the next update while providing genuinely useful and high quality content.

Written by Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso is an avid learner and online marketing consulting. He runs Infographic Seeding and Fish Free Media, and is an author for several major SEO publications, including

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