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Published Apr 13, 2014 by James Parsons in SEO
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Spending time selecting quality keywords can drastically help to improve your website’s appearance in search result rankings. However, getting traffic to your content still provides the most effective way to improve the visibility of your website. Trying to write content specific to a particular keyword can temporarily increase your traffic, but it won’t provide you with the long tail results you need to have a booming and active site. Several options exist for webmasters that want to increase traffic and create an effective website capable of drawing in massive amounts of traffic.

The Long Tail

Most webmasters know that the long tail refers to articles written using techniques that make the articles evergreen. Articles not based on current trends can help increase your overall website traffic. Writing articles that match keywords with high search volume doesn’t always work out. Creating articles that focus on organic search terms and targeted niche areas can end up getting you higher in the search rankings. Once you get readers to your website, you won’t need to worry so much about keywords and rankings. Instead, you can build a website based on providing your readership articles they want to read. This in turn results in others sharing your work on social media sites and organically increasing your traffic.

Write Regularly

If you create regular content over an extended period of time, your website will start showing up in search results. Many new website owners start a blog or an article directory only to abandon it after a few weeks or months of little to no traffic. It takes time to establish a website and only through consistent and regular effort can your website hope to increase in the rankings. Don’t think about writing content to match a particular keyword. Instead, focus on creating content that fits a particular market or theme. If you write a blog that talks about your experiences traveling the world, don’t write posts about the latest movie. Keep your content focused on a particular niche and provide your readers with real, valuable articles to get the traffic your website deserves.

Social Media and Marketing

Social-Media-and-MarketingUse social media to your advantage. Share your articles on Facebook and optimize your website to make it possible for others to like and share your articles with a single click. Use Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms to get the word out about your articles. Don’t fall into a trap and take on the attitude that once you create content you don’t need to do anything else. Write less articles and spend more time promoting each article.

Spend time promoting each article and treat each article or blog post as a product. Find ways to get people to come and see what you have shared. If you treat your content as a product and invest time in marketing and advertising for each article, eventually you can start pulling in the traffic you want. When a business creates a new product, they don’t simply put it in the stores and hope it sells. They advertise and find ways to reach the customers with an interest in the product. Find your customer base by actively seeking out avenues to promote your articles. Use forums, put your website on business cards and hand them out to new people you meet, advertise your site in shops in your local area and invest in a marketing campaign to get your website going.

Provide Value

Each article needs to provide real information and value to your readers. Too many webmasters fall into the trap of thinking about the robots and computers that get content to their readers and fail to think about about the reader actually wants. Providing high quality content that readers want to spend time reading will make you stand out of the crowd and provide you with a productive and effective website. The type of traffic your website gets is more important than the amount of traffic.

In the beginning stages especially, a website owner would do better having ten loyal readers than 100 people that happened by the site and never returned. Your website can become a brand that people begin to recognize and build loyalty to when you consistently deliver high-quality content.

Don’t Outsmart Google

Ultimately, keywords and site descriptions only provide a superficial method of getting search engines to notice your website. You should include meta tag descriptions and keywords based on the content and not content based on the keywords.


Google continually updates their algorithms to weed out websites that use shady techniques to get listed in search engines. If you consistently create content that people want to read, you can avoid getting blacklisted from search engines. You can write content based on what people are searching for, or to give you ideas of what to write using Google Search. Type a few words that describe your content to see what search suggestions show up in the Google Search field. This gives you an idea of how to tailor your content to what people want to read right now.

Bounce Rate

Look at your logs to see what keywords get users to your website. Then, determine if there is a high bounce rate. Nothing will lower your search results faster than a high bounce rate. Find ways to keep users on your website by providing great content, an attractive intuitive design and a way for users to quickly search your site for the content they want to read. A website that has a low bounce rate is on its way to becoming a thriving and influential community of readers. One way to increase participation involves adding a comment section to your blog. Give your readers an outlet to discuss your article and content directly on your website to decrease your bounce rate.

Guest Posting

Look for high traffic blogs with content similar to yours and ask if you can provide the blog with a guest post. This practice has become less common since webmasters are wary of using guest blogging to maintain a website. However, if you can show the website owner that you produce high-quality content, getting a guest post on a prominent blog can greatly increase your readership and traffic to your content. Some blogs may even start paying you to post on a regular basis.

Another option involves seeking out experts to write a blog post for your own site. An expert with their own blog is more likely to advertise any content they have written and direct their own network to your website. This can provide you with additional traffic and fresh, new readers.

Ultimately, you need to think about the type of content you create for your website and focus less on keywords. While keywords still hold a crucial place in the optimization of a website, they shouldn’t be the sole focus. Focus on creating longer articles that go indepth into a topic. Research your content and find an angle that other people haven’t focused on yet. By working to create a website that focuses on content instead of gimmicks, you can naturally increase traffic to your website, get listed higher in search engines and ultimately get more traffic for the content you write.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

James Parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the CEO of Pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for HuffPo, Inc, or Entrepreneur, he is working on his next big project.

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