How to Turn Your Website into an SEO Empire

Published Apr 10, 2014 by Eric Sornoso in SEO
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If you own and run a website, you can turn it into an SEO empire with some effort. While difficult at first, if you run a campaign wisely and ensure you do it wisely the first time, you can build a popular site and land plenty of visitors. People often commit serious mistakes as it is easy to try outdated and antiquated strategies to land more traffic. While true, with these eight tips, you can turn your website into an SEO empire.

Fresh content all the time

If you want to attract visitors for the long-term, post new content often. To start, host plenty of website content which users find useful and informative. At the same time, create a biweekly or weekly blog post people can follow and enjoy. When writing useful and relevant blog posts, your readers will return frequently and enjoy your site. Google and the leading search engines will take notice as they love fresh content with valuable information. As your blog posts add up, you will also watch as website owners in your industry link to your site. As time progresses, you will gain in the SEO results and enjoy an increase in traffic. If you struggle to find ideas, look around the Internet and search for ones as you can post informative guides and blog posts if you look around enough.

Formidable social media campaigns

In the past, Google and the leading search engines did not pay attention to social media. Times have changed and you need to run a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter campaign. With frequent posts and an assortment of comments, your page will gain plenty of viewers. In the long run, Yahoo, Google and Bing will notice. When noticing a massive and popular social media campaign, the search engines will value your content highly and place it on the top pages. Since search engines archive information, you can land on the top pages and stay there for a long time.

Guest post blog

Website owners fear guest post blogging as they heard about the negative effects of a guest posting campaign. However, it only hurts a site owner who posts uninteresting and irrelevant content on low quality sites. If you write compelling, informative and exciting blog posts, you can rise in the ranks if you post them on other valuable sites in the same industry. To s art, find others in the industry who are not your direct competition. Offer to exchange a blog post or two and test out the partnership. If it works well, continue posting interesting blogs with information about your product or service. With a well-placed link within the post, you will improve in the SEO ranks. At the same time, if you write an interesting and compelling post, you will gain traffic in the short-term as visitors will want to follow the link to your site.

Encourage comments


Often, new site owners will turn off comments as they fear spam and negative comments. While you must moderate them, do not shut this feature off as it will help your SEO efforts. As people discuss the issue and link back to your site, you will gain in the SEO results as links from followers are a factor Google and the leading search engines consider. While true, ensure your comments are clean and relevant. If not, delete the comments and ban the user. Luckily, with a well-moderated comments section, you will gain traffic in the short and long-term as visitors will notice and take part in the discussion.

Audit your site

While not fun, you need to audit your website and look for major or minor errors. In the excitement of making your site, you probably were hurrying to put up content and finish your site. It is useful to do so as you want your site to show up in the search engines. However, rules change and your site will need a little tweaking if you hope to land on the first page. To fix the problem quickly, edit content and remove any instances of keyword stuffing. At the same time, ensure your content is enjoyable, educational and relevant to the subject at hand.

Well-timed Press release

With a well-written and compelling press release, you can enjoy plenty of clicks. Readers love to scour the Web and find news and press releases. When discovering a well-written and relevant one, an Internet user will click the link and head to the website in question. While beneficial, it is not the main reason you need to craft an interesting press release. Google and the other major search providers look at your link profile and boost your site when they notice links from a variety of sources. Since plenty of your competitors will skip this step, you can rise in the ranks without a massive effort.

Don’t forget mobile users

In a rush to land on the first page and build an online empire, site owners frequently neglect their visitors with tablets or smartphones. It is a costly mistake as plenty of people use the Internet without their desktop or laptop. Upon encountering a site with a smartphone, a user will often experience frustration and leave. Since Google measures the bounce rate, you need to ensure your visitors from other devices are satisfied with their experience. To ensure they are can view your site without troubles, offer a seamless experience and remove any barriers to reach the site. If you accomplish this, your site will rise in the ranks and you will not lose any excited visitors.

Speed up your site


If you want to create an empire, you need a fast site. To host a website that loads quickly, remove or resize large images. With a sleeker website, visitors will not grow weary when pages take too long to load. Furthermore, inspect the code and fix any errors. With broken HTML or PHP, your site will not render well in older browsers. Since Google looks at a host of factors, you need to prepare by providing the best experience for all your visitors.


Believe it or not, if you use a cheap host, you will suffer. While it will save you cash, don’t sign up for a free or cheap Web host. Instead, find one offering an uptime guarantee. If you are hosting a business site, invest in a dedicated server as your pages will load quickly and you will not worry about viruses or other issues. Since Google values a reliable site, it is another way for you to pass the competition and watch as your site rises in the ranks. Luckily, it involves a minimal investment.

If you host a website and want it to rise in the organic search rankings, take a proactive approach. While not easy at first, you can push your site the front page with some work. Don’t try methods Google frowns upon such as link buying or keyword stuffing. While you can land on the front page for a short time, the leading search provider will catch on and punish your site. Luckily, with these eight tips and time, you can land on page one for plenty of coveted search terms.

Written by Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso

Eric Sornoso is an avid learner and online marketing consulting. He runs Infographic Seeding and Fish Free Media, and is an author for several major SEO publications, including

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