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Top 10 Free SEO WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Free SEO WordPress Plugins

Developers, bloggers and businesses benefit from using WordPress search engine optimization (SEO) plugins. Effective WordPress plugins optimize content to rank high on search engines, increase online traffic and provide quality content for better visitor experience. However, WordPress users with the top 10 free SEO WordPress plugins better optimize WordPress websites to boost business and enhance website performance. More importantly, the applications of using SEO WordPress plugins enables developers and enterprises to grow traffic better and compete with competitors. Regardless of enterprise-scale, efficient SEO, plugins enhance rankings for Google search engines and enable more users with locating high-quality web and mobile sites.

Often, WordPress users working with more popular SEO plugins notice improvements on their WordPress sites but rely on alternative plugins to offer more services to meet business objectives. WordPress sites using the top 10 free SEO WordPress plugins improve their design with on-page, technical and off-page SEO optimization plugins.

More specifically, WordPress developers and businesses focus on extensions that assist users with improving content on WordPress platforms and install on-page SEO plugins. For example, on-page SEO plugins better define titles, meta tags, snippets and provide content optimization to increase online visitors’ traffic. For this reason, it is always smart to gain more insight into how to optimize your WordPress meta title tags for SEO. More technical SEO plugins, however, integrate technologies for better page speed optimization, redirects, canonicals and hreflangs. On the other hand, WordPress users also work with off-page SEO plugins to better improve site speeds, mobile-friendliness, internal linking structures, and structured markups.

1.  Yoast SEO Plugin
From the list of top free SEO WordPress plugins, the Yoast SEO plugin is a well-known extension for WordPress developers and businesses. In regards to search engines, the software works well with Google and Bing to rank content higher across different search engines. Also, Yoast SEO integrates search technologies to improve connectivity with social media platforms to increase overall site traffic. Most notably, the extension offers tools to enhance content for better reader engagement. For instance, WordPress developers increase compatibility, connectivity and quality of sites with more direct control of the content management system (CMS) tools. With Yoast SEO, the WordPress user easily configures on-page content optimization, meta description, keywords, tags, and title tags. Additionally, the all-in-one pack provides up-to-date SEO diagnostics to upscale content with readability and SEO indicators, sitemaps, and better structure and markup tools.

2.  Rank Math
As a recommendation, Rank Math is an open-source All-in-one SEO pack for WordPress web platforms. From the WordPress plugins page, the extension reputation derives from the generation of consistent online traffic and useful SEO tools. WordPress website owners can improve search tasks through various on-page SEO improvement tools. To elaborate, Rank Math integrates rich snippet features to optimize content and title SEO. For example, WordPress users configure content titles on WordPress websites to rank higher on Google search engines. Users provide label content titles as an article, book, course, event, job posting, or music. In other cases, users label content titles as a product, recipe, restaurant, video, or person. Other tags include review, service, or software application. Additionally, Rank Math enables users to edit features for content links. To explain, users who share links in their content can open the link to the new tab and add a “rel=” NoFollow” option. More specifically, these features save WordPress users more time configuring links on their sites without installing additional plugins or manually embedding programming features into WordPress sites HTML editing software. As a plus, Rank Math benefits WordPress developers with automatic sitemaps generating elements, automatic target=” blank” attribute additions to links. With these features, WordPress users correct links to open in new windows of the display web pages with error or maintenance indicators. For higher SEO results, the link configurations from within the Rank Math software enable WordPress developers to redirect traffic to more promotional content and sites. With regards to redirects, Rank Math performs features for site architecture and robots.txt file editing.

3.  Schema Rich Snippets
Next on the list, Schema Rich Snippets share useful SEO tools to WordPress users in an all-in-one pack. With an emphasis on improving click-through rates, the SEO plugin optimizes WordPress sites with advanced features to content and SEO tags. With Schema Rich Snippets, WordPress developers better display star ratings, images and affiliate links on google search engines. From this SEO plugin, snippet data between page and header titles rank well with more defined search engine results to improve WordPress website visibility. WordPress users improve markups on WordPress sites by targeting keywords and tags most relevant and SEO-friendly to google search engines. As a result, more online traffic appears on websites, while WordPress users develop content quality that is relevant to other web pages, media, and links.

4.  Smush Image Compression
SEO plugins raise content ranking with content quality improvement tools. In more detail, Smush Image Compression media optimization tools for WordPress accurately reconstruct media on mobile and desktop sites to improve loading times. With this extension, WordPress users quickly reduce file and media data size while maintaining high-quality images for visitors to enjoy. Put simply, the plugin performs diagnosis on all media within the website content and generates more server-friendly data by allocating the appropriate size pixels to media. As a result, the website appears to be less complicated and ranks higher on Google search engines while increasing user-experience.

5.  A3 Lazy Load
The A3 Lazy Load plugin for WordPress sites generates more SEO friendly content and media. This particular plugin expands its optimization technology to structure different media from animations, images, and videos. As a simple-to-use plugin available on WordPress, the extension speeds up the site page loading times by displays content to interfaces when prompted rather than restoring an entire website. More specifically, WordPress developers and businesses identify better website performance with page tests. These indicate better results in decreased page size, lower load times and fewer sent page requests. In terms of SEO, the content and media become more search-friendly and user-friendly for Google search engines and online traffic.

6.  ShortPixel
Next, ShortPixel is an SEO web page performance plugin available for free on WordPress. Content compression tools like ShortPixel offer search engine optimization benefits for WordPress developers. Specifically, these technologies increase user engagement, Google search engine rankings and overall website performance. With Shortpixel, WordPress users find a fast and straightforward web performance SEO solution with easy setup and satisfying results. The extension offers compression services for JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDFs within galleries, media libraries, and websites. While the free version of ShortPixel is sufficient for most Worpdress operations, WordPress users also have the option to opt into short, large, and XXL image compression subscription services for more utility. After sign-in, the plugin installation is straightforward. First, WordPress users provide their API key into their Shortpixel WordPress SEO plugin. Second, users adjust settings to meet compression needs. In simpler terms, the compression type “lossy” enables WordPress users to modify media to lowest compression rates while “lossless” generate higher quality images with data reduction. Thirdly, users commit to the media compression process by engaging the “bulk short pixel” option under the WordPress media tab. Lastly, the user starts the SEO optimization of content and media after running the compression optimization plugin.

7.  W3 Total Cache
As another recommendation, W3 Total Cache is a web optimization performance plugin for WordPress. First, the technology collects information on WordPress platforms and then stores it more efficiently to prevent delays in loading times. To expand, W3 Total Cache offers CDN support, combining scripts with CSS, HTML, JavaScript and browser caching. In most scenarios, it is also beneficial for users to seek out professional SEO services to best maintain WordPress operations functional and optimized around business objectives. The W3 Total Cache plugin ensures faster load times for websites. By displaying segments of the article for visitors, the website loads quicker and generates higher quality media. Fast WordPress website loading speeds work well with Google search engines and enhance the visitor experience for online site traffic. As a plus, the software plugin for WordPress is compatible with both web and mobile applications.

8.  Easy Table of Contents
For better content management and visitors-friendly tools, the Easy Table of Contents plugin optimizes WordPress sites. The extension generates a table of contents for posts, pages, and custom posts into content headers. For better WordPress design, the simple and useful plugin offers multiple themes to improve WordPress sites. Multiple web pages within a WordPress sites rank higher and engage more users to WordPress content. As more visitors navigate to more web pages on WordPress sites, the overall site performance increases in search engine rankings.

9.  Sucuri
Using website security plugins also promotes better SEO results for WordPress sites. Mostly, sites without security optimization plugins risk significant drops in Google search engine rankings and potential online traffic. As a cloud-based solution, WordPress users access numerous web app firewall (WAF) protection, monitoring, incident response and performance boost services. Most issues arise from visitors who dilute web content quality. This means that visitors promote irrelevant or low ranking links into WordPress sites. WordPress developers benefit from using the Sucuri SEO plugin. The plugin offers services to monitor suspicious activity on sites and prevent spam and hacking. The extension also avoids data loss and encourages users to perform routine data backups. Overall, more traffic appears on websites because of the additional maintenance and security tools from accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for WordPress.

10.  AMP for WordPress
On a mobile scale, AMP for WordPress makes WordPress sites more compatible and functional with mobile applications. With the AMP framework, WordPress users rank well with Google search engines. The design boosts mobile app performance. The AMP SEO plugin promotes faster loading times and an increase in mobile traffic users. Furthermore, mobile app optimization increases online presence for both web and mobile sites. Also, the content improves the quality of WordPress sites. Lastly, mobile applications become more SEO-friendly on Google’s search engine.


When WordPress users optimize websites, content and media with effective SEO-friendly plugins, WordPress developers and businesses experience numerous benefits. With these top 10 free SEO WordPress plugins, users increase website and mobile rankings on Google’s search engine. These technologies enhance content and media quality on WordPress sites. Furthermore, the SEO plugins provide a better user experience for existing and potential online traffic. The SEO plugins add tags, headers and snippets to better position content, web pages and posts. The content better integrates within multiple search engines that are specific to consumers’ needs. Overall, correct SEO setup and extensions better assist businesses with meeting objectives. The easy-to-use and effective SEO plugins improve WordPress design and improve business operations.

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