10 Ways How to Reach the Top of the Google SEO Ranking

Ways to climb Google top ranking

Every website wants to rank higher for Google SEO so that its business pops up first when you carry out your searches. Of course, ranking higher is an ongoing competition in the world of search engine optimization. All marketing teams are in a constant race to make their website rank higher.

There needs to be in-depth research behind which websites rank higher, for what reason and what kind of digital marketing techniques they are employing.

You also need to analyze how the Google algorithm ranking system works and decide your best course of action for climbing higher.

Good news: We have done the research for you. Now, you just need some basic tips so your website ranks higher.

Tips to Boost Your Google SEO Ranking

1. SEO-Friendly

SEO probably plays the most important role of all when it comes to how to rank on Google. First, you have to focus on the title of the content. You need to be creative and it should be attention-grabbing.

Further, you should research targeted keywords and wisely incorporate them into your content. These keywords will help highlight your content for a higher search engine ranking.

2. Quality Content

You can’t fill the content with random things. It has to make sense. The keywords inserted into the content should not look out of place.

The quality of content should be maintained — if not improved — and the language should be crisply used. It’s very important to keep these factors in mind because lousy content won’t get you anywhere.

A catchy title may help you, but readers will lose interest and leave as soon as they see mundane and poor-quality content. Less traffic also means your content won’t be considered worthy of ranking higher.

3. Work On Website

Your website has to be very quick. Yes, it has to work fast in order to rank higher. The better the speed and performance, the higher the rank.

People get disinterested very, very fast, and you have to hold their attention as long as possible so you can gain more impressions and traffic — or even clients.

In order to do that, your website should be fast enough for them to navigate through it quickly. Otherwise, they probably will just exit it if it takes too much time. Here’s more on how website speed affects your Google SEO ranking.

4. Responsive Website

Your website should be accessible on all devices including mobile phones. Every device screen differs and with this technology age, there are tons of different kind of devices.

Making your website responsive so that it fits the screen on any device and is user-friendly for all is very important so you don’t lose half of your traffic just for this reason.

It is impossible to rank higher if your website can’t be opened in devices other than computers.

5. Add Images

Your website can’t be all words and no fun. There are certain images related to specific keywords, and if they’re added to your website, they will automatically boost your ranking.

The images will also give your website a better look and hence a better reputability and user experience.

6. Yahoo Answers

There are a lot of questions on Yahoo that would be linked to your business. Answering them will help you gain attention.

Apart from this, you can also link your website in the answer for further information so people can visit it. Yahoo answers with a lot of views and answers will always have a better ranking. This way your answer will get noticed along with your website.

7. Blogging

Blogging is one of the necessities when it comes to improving your Google SEO ranking. You can employ a professional content writer or blog yourself.

The more blogs you have, the more chances you have for a higher Google SEO ranking. Keeping your website updated is vital and blogging is one of the ways to do that. People are interested in reading more about certain topics and creative and interesting blogs will help you gain more traffic on your website.

It will also give you the space to incorporate more keywords in a sensible manner so that your ranking can improve. Moreover, all the blogs go on your website, so everything on the website combined with blogs gives you more chances of a higher ranking.

8. Submit Your Website

Submit your website on popular search engines. The most famous one is Google and that’s very important, but others to include are Yahoo, Bing and WinWord.

Submit your website on all search engines possible so you don’t miss out on any chances of ranking higher.

9. Social Media

Social Media plays an important role in any business. The majority of the population uses social media and it would be a huge marketing loss to not use such a great tool that’s free.

The more active you are online the better your chances are to rank higher. Brand reputation and recognition matter a lot.

If you are leading in a particular business, you have to lead online, too, so you can build a proper presence and people can contact or get to know more about you.

You can link your website on social media and the chances of it spreading increase because if somebody likes your post they will share it with others.

It is important that you come up with creative content regularly so your followers are interested in your social media page, keep following you and tell others.

10. Free Online Tools

You can use various online tools such as plagiarism check, grammar check and look for keywords through the keyword suggestion tool.

These tools are very basic but will help you refine your content to avoid any mistakes and save you the hassle of proofreading your content again and again.

Mistakes in content can be really bad for your ranking and reputation. Always make sure your content is correct and relevant.

Achieving a higher Google SEO ranking is not an easy task and it’s also challenging to regularly come up with good and fresh content. However, content is the key that will make it possible for you to rank higher on Google. Make sure you follow the above tips to improve your Google SEO ranking.

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