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15 Best SEO Blogs To Follow

Daniel White
15 Best SEO Blogs To Follow

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In recent years, digital marketing has reached new heights. Consistently developing technology has compelled the marketers to come up with new ideas so that you stay updated with the latest change
And there is no way of ignoring it because if you don’t push yourself ahead, you will fall behind. So, you want it or not, you have to explore something new every day and the best way to do it by following SEO Blogs.

Here is the list of best SEO blogs you can follow for SEO updates.


Moz blogs are the oldest and the most preferred blog for SEO solutions today. There is something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it has a pool of SEO strategy content to help you reach your SEO goals.

Overall SEO knowledge, tips, and experiments, shared at this platform is highly useful to improve SEO work. This is because editors are extremely choosy about the quality of content published here. Many of the highly experienced SEO professionals provide their posts to the Moz blog, but not all are selected.

It has numerous SEO tools, which have been designed to perceive the audience’s behavior and to boost traffic on your site.

Search Engine Watch

This is a destination where you can get all the latest updates about search engine marketing and advertising. This is an educational resource for those who want to be an expert in search engine marketing.
There are tons of news and content discussing the recent trends and upcoming trends, including areas like mobile phones and voice search. If you are looking for insights about search engine marketing, SEO, and paid search, this blog site is the right option.

SEO Sandwitch Blog

For those looking for one-stop-solution for beginners and experts level blogs, SEO Sandwitch is an answer. It covers everything related to SEO from the very basic to expert level content. Each content is a pool of information and is deeply focused on the current marketing trends.

The information shared here is intended to help you with the site ranking and boost traffic. It covers articles on various topics ranging from SEO tips, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, links building, social media, and ecommerce. Readers can get to read extensive articles mentioning rich technicalities of SEO.

 Search Engine Journal

This is another amazing site for those seeking to cover a broader spectrum of SEO. Here you can get knowledge about social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, along with SEO related latest news.
You can get new strategies, and tips on all latest algorithms, analyses, guides, and link building. The site is helpful for both novice and pro to stay updated with important updates and tips.
Search Engine Journal is always concerned about the quality and quality of information shared with the audience. You can get a number of blogs posted every day, sharing ideas and tips on how to maximize the reach to the prospective customers.

SEMrush Blog

SEMrush is arguably one of the most searched sites on the web globally. What users like the most about it is its array of SEO articles, tips and guides, depth research, and case studies to understand the concept of search engine optimization. It also offers SEO tools to boost website ranking and overall sales.

It is known for producing high-quality content for a decade and helps businesses of all sizes with their proven digital solutions. SEMrush specializes in various areas of digital marketing, including social media, E-commerce, competitor research, industry insights, news, and certainly content marketing.

Many experienced and renowned proficient authors contribute their articles on topics like SEM, SEO, content strategy, keyword research, and more.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is one of the renowned SEO experts in the world and his blog site is the one you must follow. At this place, you can find the latest and comprehensive articles on blogging, SEO, and content marketing tactics.

You can get a huge number of intriguing articles on essential SEO topics. But the attraction is not the number of articles. The specialty of these blogs lies in the details they hold. Every topic is covered in detail, including all the tips and valuable insights. So each content is practically useful and results driving.

Some of the content can be found in video and podcast format, which again covers a broader spectrum of SEO topics.


Ahrefs has some of the best SEO blogs in the industry, you must read. The blogs are power-packed with the latest information and digital marketing techniques. The blogs cover many features of digital marketing, such as successful link building, keyword research, SEO basics/tools, website traffic, and more.

Apart from that, you can find a massive collection of opinion blogs, tutorials, and case studies to practice marketing to the optimum level. Each of the articles is focused primarily on the quality so that the readers can have a better understanding of the topic discussed.

You can also get digital marketing tools to grow your search traffic, study your competitors, and keep a track of your niche.


Backlinko claims to provide exclusive tips to its email subscribers. Founded by Brian Dean, a worldwide popular SEO Expert keeps posting tips and guides about SEO to get organic website traffic.
While he shares some of the proven actionable SEO tips, he also provides the most insightful case studies relating to SEO that will flood your website with traffic.
Some of his blogs talk about his professional experience and ways to beat the issues. The quality of the articles is why readers love to follow this site.

Matthew Woodward

You should follow this blog if you want to read in-depth case studies relating to SEO and online marketing. You can actually get a solution to any SEO problem you face. The case-studies discuss all the practical issues marketers face.

This is a mine of blogs from an expert on every aspect related to SEO, be it link building, website conversions, or traffic generation. Varieties of tips and techniques are shared that are not available everywhere.
This is also a perfect place where you can get a solution to build a blog that matters. You can take your blog to the next level by using their blogging secrets shared on this platform.


Though Hubspot is an American company dealing with the development of marketing, sales, and service software for inbound marketing, it also creates valuable content on digital marketing that is available on its site.

The term inbound marketing can be defined as a business strategy to attract customers using valuable content. Therefore, it provides a range of articles incorporating the latest strategies and easy to implement tactics to improve website traffic and sales.

Millions of readers from worldwide follow this site for quality content and to learn valuable insights about SEO.

Gotch SEO

This blog site is highly recognized for content on link building, SEO, and content creation. Nathan Gotch, the owner of this site consistently comes with informative articles, created only after thorough research.
Readers around the world follow this blog site to boost their organic search results and to learn the proven techniques of SEO.

Besides, it is also a training company that offers premium membership to help you learn about the SEO and cutting edge SEO strategies.

Yoast Blog

At Yoast, you can expect articles on several topics like Content SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, eCommerce, and WordPress. Novice marketers can start with the SEO basics posts, which explains every minute terms and tip in detail for easy understanding.

While approaching the next level, you can read technically high-end articles that include some of the intricate tips and techniques for an expert to level-up the website ranking.

For those looking for learning more about SEO, this is a great place. There is an array of SEO and WordPress tutorials available to readers.

Yoast is also famous for WordPress SEO plugins and many functionality plugins that can be downloaded to optimize specific aspects of your site.

Yoast Blog

One more fantastic SEO blog to follow for knowledge enhancement. It primarily focuses on posting the latest digital marketing news. If you want to stay updated with what’s happening in the world of SEO, this is the best place to check out. Be it updates on search engines, related products, SEM, PPC, or anything from the SEO industry, you will get every info in short posts.

Also, readers can get their SEO issues resolved with articles about latest trends, guides and analysis. Read by millions, this blog site is a highly trusted daily publication for its quality.

Search Engine Roundtable

This is an excellent blog to stay informed about the news and updates in the industry of digital marketing. Whether you are a novice or an expert, this is the place where you will always have a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips.

The guides on different aspects of SEO are available for people having different levels of expertise. Contextual publishing on PPC, content marketing, and social media, are also available.

Search engine Roundtable covers an extensive level of SEO and hence is a must to follow the blog for both beginners and experienced.


Distilled is another most suitable place to learn about the best SEO practices. There can be nothing better ways to know more about SEO through in-depth training guides and blog posts by Distilled. The blogs cover topics like SEO, social media, mobile website, CRO, and PPC, the most looked forward and essential aspects of SEO.

Plus, you can get more information through videos, which is paid. However, these videos are worth watching to grow search traffic and to know the technicalities of the SEO in detail.


Now, when you have a list of the best SEO blogs, you can choose which one goes better with your requirement. With the tips and techniques shared through blogs, it isn’t hard to keep up with the curves of SEO. So, get ready to soak up everything these blogs have to offer.

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