4 Next Big Things in SEO for At-Home Consumers

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had its influence on the daily lives of regular people. The world has dealt with the virus scare and is slowly recovering. 

Many business fields have taken a huge hit over the past few months. Yet, among all the negative aspects, there are quite a few beams of light. And internet-based tools and models are among those who have it better than anyone else.

Facing the need for isolation, people were forced to go online for things they would usually do face-to-face. This, in turn, pushed search engine optimization at the top of the priority list for countless businesses all over the world.

With the entire world moving mostly online, new trends emerged quickly. And even though the quarantine might soon end, the implications of this sudden boost will have huge long-term consequences.

Primary Marketing Tool

The first and most important change that serves as a cornerstone to all the others is the growing interest in SEO as a marketing technique. As direct sales pitches are losing their appeal in the eyes of consumers, businesses turn to search engine optimization as the most cost-efficient way of promoting their products. And there’s a very good reason for that.

The latest statistics show a drop in the efficiency of direct promotion. This ‘traditional’ approach is making way to SEO, which has proven itself as a great tool to connect a product with its target audience. Direct sales pitches have already been giving up their positions.

The younger generations that have grown up in the world of technology and information have developed an immunity to standard marketing tactics. The influx of at-home consumers accelerated this process. And companies are looking for alternative methods to reach their demographics.

The advantages of SEO in this scenario are pretty obvious. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it’s cheap. Be it a giant corporation like Amazon or relatively small online services like https://essaypro.com, these qualities make it the go-to marketing tool.

Personal Connection

So the bold, in-your-face, direct marketing approach is giving up its throne. The next step in the marketing evolution is a more subtle way of winning customers over. And developing a personal connection with your audience is a perfect solution to this problem. 

A lot of companies have already started building their SEO content around this premise, and you can expect to see a lot more of such materials in the future.

In times such as these, people come under a lot of stress. They can feel anxiety, fear, uncertainty, loneliness, and a whole range of other negative emotions. The stress levels only increase when combined with prolonged isolation. 

Building trust with your customers and giving them something to rely upon is what the future of SEO content will aim towards:

  • Target a specific audience with your content;
  • Address the issues and worries of your chosen audience;
  • Keep your content relevant and up-to-date;
  • Audit and redesign your current marketing campaigns.

These rules are already being actively used to create new marketing strategies and reshape the old ones. Understanding your customers, their hopes and fears, and addressing those with your SEO content is the key to success.


Security is another important thing you have to consider if you want to win the trust of your customers. There are few things worse than having your brand name tarnished by a group of scammers. It goes doubly so for the frequently posted content. 

Protecting your own sites is only half the job. Protecting your customers is just as important. Trust is very hard to earn yet very easy to lose.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity is a never-ending race. Except that hackers are always one step ahead. There is no perfect defense. Every system has its weak points. And only once a breach is located it can be fixed. You can’t outrun the exploits. But you can keep as close behind them as possible.

It usually takes a big scandal to make a company take its security more seriously. But with SEO becoming more center-point it could prompt a chain of serious improvements in that regard. Which, of course, would be most beneficial for both the consumer and the provider.

Flexible Approach

While none of the above is a novelty per se, the sudden change of pace, provided by the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken things up a bit. Global events like this are rather rare. Your business is more likely to be influenced by local occurrences. But regardless of the scale of the backdrop events, a successful SEO campaign should fit the current situation. That means being able to adapt at a moment’s notice.

The ability to react in time makes the difference between a successful marketing strategy and a complete and utter disaster. Many companies have had this aspect of their marketing tested through the last couple of months. Some have adapted, others faced severe backlash.

SEO is perfect for setting up unexpected maneuvers with minimum effort. And in lieu of the pandemic experience, you can expect this sort of content keeping close tabs on the situation (both global and local) and reflecting it accordingly.

Final Words

Despite all the damage the quarantine has inflicted on the global economy, humanity is quick to adapt to the changes. The level of technology today has made it that much easier to keep a sound mind through the course of isolation. 

And while some people are learning to adjust this demand according to the needs of new environment, others learn how to create, improve, and meet the demand.

The market for at-home customers has grown a hundred times its size if only for a couple of months. But these couple of months are more than enough. The changes SEO suffered in these uncertain times have the potential to have a long-term effect on the field as a whole. 

Whether it’s for good or bad – you’ll have to decide for yourself. For now, it can be considered as at least an advantage.

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