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4 Things You Should Know When Choosing Proxies for Market Research

Ankita Sharma
4 Things You Should Know When Choosing Proxies for Market Research

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We are in the information age, technology defines how humans interact with the world, and the same applies to business. A business that gets into the market without carrying out market research and market intelligence cannot be in a position to capture and hold its market share. 

Market research is the process of collecting data for the purpose of understanding the market. Analysis of the data collected makes it possible to make key business decisions based on the customer’s needs, competitors’ behavior, and current trends.

This data is collected from the internet using an automated technique known as web scraping. The process involves extracting large volumes of data from websites using web scraping software and saved to a file on the computer. 

There are many ways in which businesses can benefit from web scraping.

Uses Cases of Web Scraping

Travel Fare Aggregation

Travel fare aggregation websites provide a platform where anyone travelling can access essential information they need such as airline and hotel prices and availability. And to provide this information, travel fare aggregators have to extract accurate information from relevant websites.

Pricing Intelligence

Setting the right price that attracts customers while keeping your business profitable can be tricky. You need an accurate analysis of the prices your competitors are offering, which is only possible through web scraping on e-commerce sites and competitor websites. 

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is a rich source of data about the market’s response to your brand. By web scraping social media websites, you can collect posts with direct mentions of your brand. An analysis of this information provides insights into market opportunities.  

SEO Monitoring

Almost every business has a website, and to make your business visible on search engines, you need to optimize the right keywords. Through web scraping, you can find what consumers are searching on the internet and find the best ranking keywords.

Lead Generation

Web scraping allows you to collect contacts of potential customers from websites such as LinkedIn and Yellow pages. The scraper will collect important details such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Monitoring the Competition

You do not just need to monitor the prices of your competitors. You need to keep an eye on their marketing campaigns. You need to know where the competition is advertising their products and come up with strategies to keep up. 

Keeping Up with Market Trends

Consumers’ tastes are unpredictable. You need to stay alert. By web scraping using the right keywords, you can detect new interests in the market and improve your product creation to meet market needs.  

Website owners are keen on preventing IP addresses from extracting data from their sites. They block any user portraying suspicious activity, and this could hinder your web scraping project. This is why you need proxy servers. 

A proxy server will hide your IP address, make it possible to access geoblocked sites, and prevent website owners from detecting your scraper.

But you need the right proxy to achieve these benefits. Here are the qualities of a good proxy server.  

1) Reliability

You need a quality proxy that will provide high levels of anonymity and carries a low risk of detection. This will ensure that you do not get banned in the middle of your project. Residential proxies use the IP addresses of real existing devices, which are provided by internet service providers. They are also attached to a physical location making it easy to access geoblocked websites.

2) High Speed

Speed is of high importance when web scraping. Low connectivity and having pages that load slowly will waste your time and reduce the amount of workload you can handle in a given time. Data center proxies will provide you with the high speed you need. They do not need an Internet service provider or internet connection to operate. 

3) Privacy

A private or dedicated proxy will be better than a shared proxy for web scraping. They have high uptime, making them reliable. Unlike a shared proxy where misuse by one user affects everyone using the proxy, a private proxy is reliable. Ensure that the proxy you choose is dedicated.  

4) Rotating Proxies 

Too many requests from the same IP address will raise suspicion. And with web scraping, you have to make numerous requests to get the data you need. Rotating proxies change the IP address with every request you make, reducing your chances of being detected.      


Using proxies for market research through web scraping provides a competitive edge for businesses. By understanding consumer needs and industry trends, you can create products that will penetrate the market.

Through web scraping, you can come up with insights that will help you expand your customer base, set competitive prices, monitor the competition, and optimize your website for search engines. But you need a proxy to extract data from websites without detection. Get private and rotating proxies that are reliable and fast, most preferably data center or residential proxies.

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