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5 Local SEO Strategies for Improving the Bottom Line

Ankita Sharma
How to Improve Your SEO Strategy in 2020

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Nearly 82% of UK households made at least one online purchase in 2019. The recent times have called for most businesses to have an online presence to survive the grunt of COVID-19. Apart from adding credibility, digital presence opens up a world of opportunities. You can control your brand’s image and remain open 24/7.

Search engine optimisation is the lifeblood of a successful e-store and should be your top priority to increase sales. Until now, only large companies invested in SEO to reach global audiences. SEO has now gone local, with more focus on providing local listings for searches. You can use local SEO services to improve your bottom line.

Now, let’s look at top strategies to bear in mind: 

Optimise Business Listing to Become Hyper-Local

Your online business listing is the most important factor in better visibility. It means that not only should you register with multiple business directories, but also optimise your listing. The more your name pops up, the better you rank on top search engines like Google. 

You can do this by ensuring that all your listings are accurate and consistent. When Google finds the same information about your business in more than one place, it starts to trust you. The next way to optimise your listing is through quality backlinks. The more your website is cited at various locations, the more credibility you gain. You can swap backlinks with other neighbouring businesses so that you benefit mutually. 

Promote Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have the power to influence customer decisions and are also an indication of reliability. They encourage prospects to engage with the company. Higher engagement will ultimately result in improving your bottom line. Experts believe that customer reviews matter up to 13% when it comes to search engine rankings. 

Customer reviews also allow you to understand what you do right and what needs attention. When you respond to customer reviews with corrective action, apology, or appreciation, even irate customers will give you better responsiveness reviews. Nothing beats a dissatisfied customer giving you a glowing review. It will attract even more attention. 

You can use customer reviews by incentivising the process. In this, every customer gets a message to leave a review and gets rewarded in return. This is bound to increase the review turnover. Now, all you have to do is give your clients an exceptional service, and the reviews they leave will be nothing short of ecstatic.

Micro-Influencers Are Your Brand Ambassadors

Local celebrities and field experts are a better bet than national or international ones. They cost less and are more relatable to the audience. You can partner with them at local events and have them endorse your brand. They give you access to niche-specific audiences that were off-limits earlier. They can also be a cost-effective way to engage with audiences. 

You can select micro-influencers by studying their engagement rates, number of unique visitors, domain authority, and audience demographics. When you have found one that suits your purpose, come up with a written agreement on the content plan and payment terms. 

Use Local Hotspots to Your Advantage

Phrases like “a stone’s throw away from” or “walking distance from the bus stop” are what make audiences relate better to your business. When you mention a local hotspot, people immediately visualise the place and see themselves walking into your store/office. 

You can do this by creating location-specific content that locals can relate to. Use Google maps to highlight your location and surrounding hotspots. A local SEO services company can assist in creating hyper-local listings.

Add Visuals Where Possible

One real estate company found that they received 403% more inquiries when they added videos to their listings. Imagine the power of strong visual content. Visual content is likely to get more likes, shares, visits, and, eventually, sales. Since visuals are easier to interpret than text, they can grab your customers’ attention better. In fact, 32% of marketing experts believe that visual content takes priority over any other content. 

You can add compelling visual content by adding product images, videos showing employees at work, and publishing insightful statistics and reports about your local community.

About 35% of product searches begin on Google. Search engines rank businesses based on their dependability quotient. The above-mentioned SEO strategies can go a long way in improving your business rankings as they give you an edge in the highly-competitive web ranking space. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone. Hire a local SEO services company to handle the process while you focus on core business activities. 

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