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5 Powerful Link Building Techniques to Boost Your SEO

Ankita Sharma
5 Powerful Link Building Techniques to Boost Your SEO

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Link building is one of the keys to achieving good rankings on search engines, but the parameters for are constantly changing. You need to be able to keep up to speed with these changes if you want to make progress boosting your SEO campaign. For this reason, we have created this guide to walk you through five essential link building tips to boost your SEO.

Internal Links

Internal linking boosts page authority and helps in the reduction of bounce rates. Internal linking means providing links on your website that lead from one page to another on the website. Most website owners fail to utilize internal links because they fail to understand that they help visitors dig deeper into your website. To incorporate link building into your SEO campaign, find good keyword phrases that will enable you to link one page content to another within your website.

Link Building from Reliable Sites

Building links from trusted sites is one of the best ways to establish authority on the internet and stay on the first page of a search engine’s result pages. For example, Google considers Forbes as a website with high authority. Websites that mention Forbes in their content with a link are in turn establishing their own authority. Before you build links from other sites, make sure that they can be trusted.

Add Infographics

Infographics are an effective and engaging way to improve your SEO rankings. This involves using a colorful graphical representation to add facts and figures to your content. Stick to two or three color variations to make it aesthetically pleasing. When you are done, submit it to infographic sites. This can also help improve your rankings.

Social Media

Another link building technique to boost your SEO is using social media. Social media aids you in getting high-quality links to drive traffic to your website. You can promote your content on social media through paid ads. According to recent statistics, social sharing increases website links by as much as 245% in one year. Encouraging readers to share with social media audiences can help boost your SEO.


Lastly, you can take advantage of podcasts to build links and improve your SEO endeavors. A guest appearance on an industry-related podcast show is an effective way of growing your brand and authority while driving traffic to your website. You have to ensure that the link of your website is included in the episode notes of the podcast.


Link building is highly effective in boosting your SEO. Link building techniques such as internal links, infographics, social media, podcasts, and more are very effective in boosting your SEO campaign. Whether you want to improve your brand recognition, boost organic traffic, reduce bounce rates, or improve authority, you can rely on these techniques to assist you. Integrate them into your SEO campaign today and improve your search engine ranking. 

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