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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Coming Soon Page

Ankita Sharma
5 Things to Consider When Creating a Coming Soon Page

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Coming soon pages are used to direct your readers to learn more about your expertise or business. They’re basically placeholder pages that have the potential to intrigue future customers before the actual launch of your business. 

Logically, these pages are temporary, but they allow you a window for developing your marketing strategies further by enabling you to save email addresses, get feedback, start building your SEO and kick off the branding process before the website itself goes live.

Although some users overlook their importance, the value that you can extract from coming soon pages is insane and it would be a sin to not take advantage of them. 

The creation process might get a little tricky since there are a few different factors that will determine their success, but don’t let that burst your bubble, because we’ve prepared a little guide to help you with designing them, as well as the most important things to keep in mind when creating a coming soon page.

Crucial Parts of Coming Soon Pages

Design of the coming soon page

In most cases, these pages share some vital elements such as your visual branding (logo, color palette), a timer for the launch, sign-up form and links to your social media accounts or other contact options.

When using a WordPress plugin, you should have it up in no more than several hours as it will greatly simplify the whole process even though the sole creation of coming soon pages is everything but complicated – it just requires a little bit of creativity followed by the general idea of your blog, skilfully blended to make an appealing result.

Theme & Layout

Generally, creating a Coming Soon page that generates excitement is a rather challenging task since there is not too much to keep an eye on. Still, beginning stages like choosing a theme or layout organization will definitely not go unnoticed.

Try and choose the theme that radiates the tone of your future website credibly and create a unifying and user-friendly little interface.

Background & Logo

Maybe consider using an animated video background instead of just leaving everything static. While it’s not a good idea to overdo it with flashy effects, certain slight transitions could be very memorable and enticing if done the right way.

Adding images such as logo is very simple with plugins as the width is calculated automatically and you can easily resize it until satisfied.

What is a coming soon page without a countdown timer?

A very powerful aspect of countdown timers that we might not always notice as such is the power of animation – this is what drives all the attention and what your viewers will notice before everything else. And that factor of building anticipation is something that you definitely can’t take for granted. The spark of excitement can be the decisive element in piquing their interest towards sticking around until the launch. 

That sight reveals your professional side since it shows that you pay attention to details which will bring value to the visitors since they will know the exact moment when your content is going to be released. Timers have a tendency to let a sense of urgency creep up into your head, automatically making you unable to forget what happens after countdown. A good advice would be to reduce the size of the labels and slightly enlarge the countdown numbers themselves to put the emphasis on what matters.

Just make sure that everything is prepared and ready to rock on the due date. It does reflect a professional stance, but if you hit an unexpected delay and miss the promised date, it will result in your users turning their back to your site, so running the calculations a few extra times is definitely advisable.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build your email list 

A subscribe form is the channel with whom you collect email addresses of potential customers. If someone subscribes to your email list, there’s a high chance they’re coming back for the launch. 

However, it’s of significant importance that your form looks trustworthy, simple, relatively short and of course sleek – design matters. 

Think about using text mostly in placeholders in your form. Placeholder text is generally very important since it’s automatically much clearer to figure out what goes where. Minimizing text outside the placeholders makes it more tidy, avoiding all unnecessary information.

Use Anti Spam text to let your users know you won’t spam them and design it accordingly just like the error and success messages that will appear throughout the form process. Keep aesthetic design in mind, make sure all the colours you choose correspond.

Social Icons

It’s impossible to imagine that nowaydays anyone would use anything but icons as links to their social media accounts. It’s no text, user-friendly, easy and simply looks pretty cool. It serves as a bonding material with your audience where you can introduce them to your work, increase your visibility and keep them updated on your activities. 

You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of offered icon templates in different sizes and color for literally any social media platform you want to link on your Coming Soon page.

Touch of finesse

After covering the essentials, let’s take a look at a few more aspects that can improve the appereance of your coming soon page, as well as provide additional value that your users will definitely dig. 

Progress Bar

Progress bars are generally appealing to the eye as people love punctuality in terms of being mostly impatient. 

Use percentages and color to let your future users know how much progress you’re making until the launch and don’t forget to update your progress as you move forward.


In case you’re opening a business with an actual physical location, maps element will come very handy as well. The allowed zoom level is basically everything between from the entire globe to the street view and the height and width are automatic and responsive. The only thing you’ll need is an API – Google requires everyone to create one for free for the maps to work.


Maybe you have something like a trailer or a preview of your business or expertise for people to see before the launch. You can add them easily either via video type, ID, Embed Code and choose to turn features like autoplay or mute video on. 

We’re looking for clean and minimalistic interface which will give everything a sleek look, but removes the ability to control the play/stop etc. buttons.

Remember that Coming Soon pages are entirely optional and depend only upon their purpose – not every type of business will require one. Nevertheless, for those who do decide to launch one it can open up a window of opportunities. Adding up those sections one by one may be a little challenging and time consuming, so it’s always a good idea to keep a plugin like Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by your side to make the process super smooth.

If you’re serious about strategy and want to launch early into achieving your ultimate marketing goals, then this would be a very good start. You could gain a couple reserved tickets in your future audience from the very beginning which could gradually lead to every seat being sold out.

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