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6 Amazing Ways You Can Improve Your Site SEO

Alexander Fernandise
6 Amazing Ways You Can Improve Your Site SEO

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Every blogger and content marketer knows that ranking equals success. A high ranking leads to more people clicking on your website. But the only sure-shot way to get a high ranking is through SEO. 

Now, SEO isn’t something that is easily done. To really use the powers of SEO to its highest capabilities, you need to have a set strategy in place. Otherwise, your attempts won’t really work out. 

Here are a few of the best steps you can take to build your SEO game-plan and give your website a really high-ranking position on a search engine results page. Keep reading to know all about it. 

What is SEO?

Before we get down to brass tacks, let’s take a look at what SEO is really about. 

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It refers to the process through which you can increase the visibility of your site by making sure that it ranks high on search engine results pages.

However, this doesn’t include results achieved by paying for advertisements. SEO means utilizing unpaid methods and increasing your ranking organically. 

Ways to Improve Your SEO Game

Now that you know what SEO is, here are some of the top ways through which you can improve your SEO and raise your site rankings.  

  • Write about relevant topics 

One of the biggest mistakes that most writers and bloggers commit is not writing about relevant topics. As our consumption of the internet has increased, it has made us crave instant gratification. The rate at which we get information and news has also fastened immensely. Because of that, all of us want to stay updated about the latest topics. Thus, it is crucial for bloggers and content writers to publish engaging and informative content about the recent news and developments. Otherwise, people will cease to be interested in what you have to say and your rankings will plummet.

  • Do an SEO Audit

A lot of the times your website or page may be failing in SEO due to a mistake that can’t be easily identified. Especially not by a layman’s eyes. So no matter how many strategies you use, your rankings simply don’t improve. In such a situation, an SEO audit might be the solution. As the name implies, an SEO audit is a thorough analysis of all the various factors that contribute to your site’s rankings and visibility. It gives you an in-depth idea about the traffic you’re getting, what people are engaging with the most, and so on. But that’s not all. An SEO audit also helps you figure out how to address and fix any problems that are arising. You can find a large number of qualified and expert SEO auditors on the interest itself. For instance, one of the best ones in the game is – https://strumentiseo.com/

  • Using power words. 

The way you write also has an enormous impact on your SEO and rankings. The more engaging and interactive your content is, the more clicks it will get. Eventually, the rankings will rise and you’ll be on top. But how can you write in a way that appeals to people? One of the best ways to do so is by including power words. Simply put, power words are ones that convince people to take action and ignites their curiosity. By strategically including power words into your content, you’ll be able to garner a lot of attention and keep people interested, which will undoubtedly cause your SEO to improve and your rankings to rise. 

  • Improve page speed

It’s not just your content and how you portray it that affects your rankings. Other technical aspects also play a very important role. One of them is your page speed. This basically means improving the time it takes for your page to load and essentially, making your page load as fast as possible. If your page takes a long time to load, then not only does Google pick up on it and push down your ranking but engagement also plummets since no one wants to wait a long time. That is why it is essential for you to constantly and consistently optimize your page speed and improve it. If this isn’t something you’re familiar with, don’t worry. There are several websites that can help you with this for a very low price. 

  • Optimize your website for mobiles

The days of using a laptop or desktop for browsing are over. Nowadays, most people use their phones for scrolling and reading. In fact, a large percentage of people use their phones for work as well. So if you haven’t optimized your website or blog for mobiles yet, it’s high time that you do so. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a lot of engagement that can potentially shoot your rankings up. Make sure that your site is easily accessible through phones and the format looks appealing. A lot of times, if a website isn’t optimized for phones correctly, it can look wonky and mismatched when viewed through a mobile browser. So it’s crucial that you optimize your page accurately and as best as possible. 

  • Use all types of media

The sole presence of text on your blog will not do enough to keep viewers attention. Regardless of how well-written or engaging it is. You will be able to keep readers’ attention and interest only if you have supplementary media like pictures, gifs, videos, and slideshows along with your text. Whatever you put on your page needs to be interactive and fun, so that people keep coming back to it, again and again. But that’s not all. You need to make sure that the media you use is of high-quality. Otherwise, people will be put off by it. Make sure that you always use original or freely available content. There is no bigger mistake than taking someone’s art or media without giving them the right credit or plagiarising their work. So before you put any picture or graphics on your page, make sure that you do so with the artist’s permission, if you’re not using your own. 

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