7 Key Benefits of Working with Dedicated Web Development Teams

7 Key Benefits of Working with Dedicated Web Development Teams

Your e-commerce project is like a puzzle, consisting of individual pieces: from business bolstering or payment solutions to sales or marketing strategies, relationships with vendors or shipping companies and more. One of the pieces is undoubtedly web development. An excellent e-commerce project implemented by a solid team will provide your company boom time.

If you want to create a user-friendly, successful e-commerce website, hiring a qualified development team is the first step.

Perhaps you have a plan already. Perhaps you even have an idea on how to realize it, but just lack the resources to implement it. If that’s the case, your potential solution is to hire a dedicated development team that has the comprehensive expertise you need: design, web development, business analysis, server tuning, etc.

As the popularity of this model grows, more and more companies from all over the world use dedicated development teams. Consider the key benefits of working with a team of dedicated developers discussed below to help you with your decision-making!

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

The model refers to a form of long-term business cooperation for medium and large e-commerce projects. Perhaps you flourish in a large, bright office that contains a sales team, a digital marketer and developer working hand-in-glove over your project, but suffers from lack of project and QA managers and designers. If this describes your situation, your best bet is a dedicated development team.

No matter structure type you need your team to be, the model is fully flexible and can be customized for clients’ requirements. A good digital outsourcing agency offers a lineup of QA professionals, designers, and dedicated developers to breathe life into your business. The IT professionals concentrate their efforts and knowledge only on your project here and now.

Despite the distance, a team of dedicated developers faces no difficulties in meeting the requirements of the project. Although separate from the main office and busy with various e-commerce tasks, the crew can still easily cooperate with the client and employees involved in the project.

How does the Dedicated Team Model Work?

This form of cooperation is really beneficial when the scope of the project isn’t completely formed and the list of project requirements will potentially be changed or expanded. The main reasons to hire dedicated developers are to compensate the lack of essential expertise and provide unique e-commerce development solutions.

The process of dedicated teamwork has several steps:

  • The client designs the idea, identifies the requirements (a Product Requirements Document), describes the results they want to obtain, and the number of IT professionals they have with required expertise.
  • After the client chooses the development option, whether it be an outsourcing agency or local IT firm, both parties enter into a contract with a Functional Specification Document.
  • Members of the dedicated development team for hire start to collaborate together.
  • The joint effort’s final project is then ready and presented.

Above, we’ve reviewed the stages of hiring and working with a team of dedicated developers. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular engagement business models in e-commerce. Why so? Let’s look at the main benefits of the dedicated team model.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Advantages of a dedicated team

Focused Approach

The dedicated development team works over your project with no distractions. The team has a deep understanding and awareness of the development process in its entirety and is always available for comments, propositions, and requirements.

Knowledgeable team

If you aren’t knowledgeable about some of the technical stuff at hand, no need to worry. The team you hire is completely equipped with the necessary knowledge. Its members take initiative, the solutions they offer are creative and smart, and they are able to resolve problems with ease. A nice bonus is that during the work on your project, your development team can take the time to explain certain aspects of the process in clear terms, thus giving you the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about development in general.


Working with a dedicated team of developers means double the advantage. The expert team delivers an excellent e-commerce project and will be completely at your disposal. Additionally, it is much cheaper than gathering the team individually or hiring from your locale.

Agile approach

A true step forward in outsourcing, the dedicated team becomes a wingman in e-commerce development. The project will be done on time, with all your requirements incorporated. This kind of cooperation is perfect for startups wherein the client wants to control the budget and desires predictable costs. On the other hand, if you have already launched your web project but want to make some changes, this model is also a great solution.

Free choice

A dedicated team approach allows you to select members of the team on your own. Upon perusing a short list of appropriate candidates, you can choose the perfect candidate for your project, and during development, you can add more developers or reduce staff as needed.

Manage the process

Are you worrying about the working process and implementation status? No problem. You can not only control workflow, but also make changes, comment, and provide ratings. Additionally, there are management and communication tools that will make your life easy. With various web tools such as Jira, Skype, GoToMeeting, and Slack, management and communication processes go smoothly.


Want to make some modifications or completely change the direction? No worries! The dedicated team approach allows modifications to the project to be made during the development process. Fortunately, the dedicated developers you work with help forge the right way to bring your requirements to life.

Downsides of the dedicated team model

While the approach to web development that we are discussing appears to lack disadvantages, there are a few drawbacks to the process to be aware of.

Most suitable for long-term projects

Because the team needs time to get the full picture of the order and to adapt the work for your team, this model is not always a great fit if time is something you lack.

Time-consuming, serious search required

Hiring the team that will suit all your requirements and have the expertise you need can’t be done overnight. The selection process should be thoroughly and well-considered. If it isn’t, you risk getting adverse results.

Time required for interaction with the team

The dedicated team model assumes the client’s active participation with the project. In order to get an exceptional outcome, you should expect to communicate often, even daily, with employees, manage their work, and discuss any aspects of the project that require your attention.

Will Your E-commerce Business Win with a Dedicated Team?

Definitely. Working with a dedicated team will deliver more benefits over disadvantages. You will gain knowledge, and valuable expertise, save money, and, perhaps most importantly, a complete and polished project. Many companies cooperate with dedicated teams, and in this way, dedicated teams are able to continually prove their efficiency, high expertise, formidable skills and custom approach to every project.

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