8 SEO Friendly Free WordPress Themes for Businesses

8 SEO Friendly Free WordPress Themes for Businesses

Did you know almost 72% of consumers who do local searches go visit the business if it’s within 5 miles? This implies that businesses understand the power of search engine optimization (SEO) results. In fact, 61% of professionals say enhancing SEO and improving their organic presence is now a top priority.

This list covers a lot of ground with SEO friendly themes to get better results in the search engines. Below you’ll find versatile themes, top-level business themes, minimal WordPress themes, premium WordPress themes, fully responsive themes (optimized for mobile and desktop) and themes for page creators.

In online marketing, especially, having a website to serve your business is the first step. But if your website is not SEO friendly, you cannot hope to get potential customers and traffic organically. Search engines, such as Google or Bing, rank your website to determine who finds it first. If you created a website through WordPress Theme Development, then your work becomes easier. You have multiple SEO friendly WordPress themes at your disposal then. Here are some of the best SEO optimized WordPress themes in 2019:

1. OceanWP

OceanWP is among the most customizable WordPress themes you will come across. It is also among the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes in 2019. It has some amazing features for SEO, such as fast loading rate, completely responsive, compatibility with WooCommerce and you get prompt support from experts if you have queries or thoughts about the themes and its functionalities.

As mentioned, OceanWp is customizable; once downloaded, every component and space can be modified to give a distinctive look. It is free, but if you wish for more functionality, you can check out its paid extensions.

2. Portum


Created by MachoThemes, Portum is a free WordPress theme. It includes a practical layout with several customization abilities. This theme is primarily for blogging and marketing for niche websites. It’s best for specified industries such as lifestyle and fashion.

Portum has amazing user experience, the typography and color are soothing and the blog section’s readability is good enough for you not to be confused as to how to make your blog more user-friendly with perfect theme.

3. GeneratePress


Among the most popular WordPress themes, GeneratePress is free to use and it lets you have a sublime blog with the least efforts. With this theme, you don’t have to fuss about footer scale, header space, fonts and so on. Just download it and activate the theme. All you have to do is fix the necessary customizations that involve affixing a logo and setting up widgets and navigation.

If you ever want to enhance the theme’s functionality, all you have to do is get a premium add-on from GeneratePress. This is a plugin that you can avail with one click, and it expands functionality with no theme upgrades.

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4. MeridianOne Theme

MeridianOne Theme

MeridianOne is an efficient theme, which is free notwithstanding the layout and structure. It provides a premium, fresh look. It is also fast and very similar to the WPkube theme developed by Devesh Sharma. It is quick and offers incredible user experience because of its well-constructed and minimal layout. The idea is completely optimized for SEO and speed. However, you cannot customize it, and you can’t modify the typography. This theme is most suitable for hobbyist, tech and other similar bloggers.

5. Schema Lite

Schema Lite

Schema Lite is among the most recognized and downloaded theme oriented to SEO, and it is popular because of its minimum style. Schema Lite is free and is genuinely quick and lightweight. There aren’t many extensions available in the free version, but it is still impressive when it comes to structuring. Schema is also clean but is devoid of any visual appeal. Schema Lite, additionally, is a fantastic choice for a tech blogger and other similar niches.

6. Zillah


If you want to run a blog focused on content that is both SEO friendly and sublime, Zillah is an excellent theme. It is also free, lightweight, easy to customize and best suited for blogs that are about lifestyle and fashion (or other such niche interests).

7. Astra


Astra comes from the same developers who created SchemaPro and ConvertPlug plugin. It has been a dominant theme when it comes to fast user experiences. Astra is a highly recommended SEO friendly WordPress theme for beginners. It is an extremely customizable theme that is based on open-source code, which is easily accessible on GitHub. Astra is beneficial for photographers, bloggers, portfolio sites and other associated sites and niches. The best news is that this amazing, SEO-friendly theme is free.

8. SKT Toothy

SKT Toothy

This free theme is terrific for those who want to market their business or clinic online. It is compatible with every SEO practice and standard. Therefore, search engine bots adore it. SKT Toothy includes complete documentation and automatic editing without any former education of coding. It provides impressive menu options to display products flawlessly, and it is widget-friendly.

You can download standard SEO so that you can check SEO parameters on-site. The color scheme can be modified with one click, and there are sections for service pages, blogging as well as pages for retailing merchandise.

9. Mission News WordPress theme

Mission News

Make a beautiful and fully responsive news website with the free Mission News WordPress theme.

This news theme is highly adaptable and comes with nine different layouts that you can choose for each page of your site. You can adjust the style of the site for each post allowing for dramatic effect and the perfect presentation for every article you publish. Speaking of which, this theme handles large volumes of content quite well. The double sidebar layout and Recent Posts Extended widget that comes included allow you to link to tons of your posts on each page of your site. This is great for boosting your pageviews and keeping readers engaged.

Mission News also includes all the features you’d expect from a modern WordPress theme. There are 50+ social media icons, a global search bar, a responsive mobile menu, and it only takes moment to upload your own logo.


Final Word

These are some of the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes in 2019 that will help boost you up the search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings for specific keywords. Develop your website with the themes mentioned and get substantial organic traffic.

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