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James Parsons is a blogger and marketer, and is the CEO of Pagelift. When he isn’t writing at his personal blog or for HuffPo, Inc, or Entrepreneur, he is working on his next big project.

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Recover from Fred

How to Recover From Google’s Latest “Fred” Update

Apr 13, 2017 by James Parsons

Google's algorithm is constantly in flux. They change it on a daily ba...

Scrapebox Mac App

Scrapebox Now Has an Official Mac OS/X App

Mar 27, 2017 by James Parsons

For a long time, Scrapebox has been one of the best tools available fo...

Check Keyword Competition

12 Free Ways to Check the Competition of a Keyword

Mar 15, 2017 by James Parsons

Perhaps the most central element of all SEO is the keyword. Successful...

Rel Nofollow

How to Tell if a Website is Nofollow or Dofollow

Jan 15, 2017 by James Parsons

When you're investigating a site to see if it's a place you want to tr...

Optimize YouTube Rankings

15 YouTube SEO Tricks to Rank Your Video

Nov 29, 2016 by James Parsons

YouTube is difficult to use for a lot of brands, particularly small bu...

Penguin 4 Disavow Time

How Long Does a Disavow Take After Penguin 4?

Oct 14, 2016 by James Parsons

The third version of Google's much-maligned Penguin algorithm was rele...

Creating a Custom Forum

How to Create a Forum on Your Website to Improve Your SEO

Sep 07, 2016 by James Parsons

Forums are a contentious issue in SEO. Many people figure that their h...

Google Personalized Search

Why Google Search Results Are Different When Signed In

Aug 06, 2016 by James Parsons

Google search results used to be an impartial and objective list of th...

Joomla SEO Settings

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Joomla Site SEO-Friendly

Jun 29, 2016 by James Parsons

Joomla! is a content management system (CMS) designed to organize your...

How to Add Schema Markup to Your Blog Posts

How to Add Schema Markup to Your Blog Posts

Apr 13, 2016 by James Parsons

Schema.org is a type of information codification presented by Google, ...

Social Bookmarking Websites

Complete Updated List of Social Bookmarking Websites

Jan 19, 2016 by James Parsons

When we talk about social bookmarking sites, we think of the big names...

SSL on Checkout

How Important is Having SSL on an Online Store?

Aug 04, 2015 by James Parsons

SSL is the Secure Socket Layer, a protocol of Internet communication t...

Contact Huffpo

How to Guest Post for Large Sites like The Huffington Post

Jul 18, 2015 by James Parsons

The Internet is made of websites both large and small. It’s like a f...

Mobile Optimize

Can a Non-Mobile Friendly Site Actually Hurt Your SEO?

Mar 29, 2015 by James Parsons

Look, I get it. Website redesigns suck. They’re time consuming, they...

Guide to ranking local business

FREE: Local SEO eBook on Optimizing a Local Business

Mar 15, 2015 by James Parsons

I wrote this eBook with business owners in mind. There is so much fluf...