Atlanta has a talented group of tech firms that is quickly growing with many companies that specialize in SEO and PPC. There are dozens of top firms in the Atlanta metro area and other parts of Georgia that can help you with Google paid search and other firms of search engine marketing. We are here to connect you with the top SEO firms in Atlanta so your project is a success. These are our best 2018 Atlanta SEO companies.

Atlanta SEO Companies


Thrive Internet Marketing Agency – Reputation Score 9.5

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
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Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has been in business since 2004 with an initial focus on web design. Thrive has since developed strong SEO, PPC, and social media marketing expertise with a core focus on relationships and results.

Lyfe MarketingReputation Score 9.5

Lyfe Marketing
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Lyfe Marketing is a small, boutique agency that calls Atlanta home. While the focus is social media marketing, SEO services are also offered. Their motto is “save time and generate results.”

RevLocal – Reputation Score 9.5

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The name says it all with this company. RevLocal has a personal approach to local marketing for small companies and that is their bread and butter.

WebFXReputation Score 9.5


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Web FX is a quickly growing agency based in Pennsylvania with offices in Atlanta among other cities. Web FX provides world class website design and internet marketing services. They rely on strong communication and measurable results.

Black Bear Design GroupReputation Score 9

Black Bear Design Group

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Although the focus of this experienced agency is design and graphics, they offer a strong SEO and PPC team. This Atlanta-based agency has been around since 2004 and offers responsive websites that generate leads quickly.

AIS Media, Inc.Reputation Score 8.5

AIS Media, Inc.

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AIS Media is one of the most experienced digital agencies in the nation. They have been around since the 1990s and have done all types of marketing work for Fortune 500 companies to small firms.

M16 MarketingReputation Score 8.5

M16 Marketing

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M16 Marketing is based in the Atlanta area with an equal focus on web design work and internet marketing services. This is a great option if you need a website and internet marketing for your business.

The Creative MomentumReputation Score 8

The Creative Momentum

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As the name signifies, The Creative Momentum does amazing, custom web design work. However, digital marketing services are a growing strength of this southern agency.

FluidRankReputation Score 8


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FluidRank was born as a web design agency but has pivoted to focus more on internet marketing and Google rankings. FluidRank also creates a lot of creative content for advertising campaigns and video projects.

Cardinal Digital MarketingReputation Score 7

Cardinal Digital Marketing

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Cardinal Digital Marketing is one of the country’s fastest growing companies because it is laser-focused on client lead growth. They provide measurable growth in traffic and leads with strong reporting.