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Portland, Oregon, experienced a job market increase of 0.9 percent over 2020 – a good year despite the pandemic. By 2022, job growth is estimated at 42.4 percent, higher than the U.S. average of 33.5 percent.

What does that mean? The Portland economy is on an upward trend, and more companies are hiring. The city is a national leader in manufacturing, focusing on specialty metal fabrication and high-tech electronics.

The city also has a robust information technology, electronics and computer sector led by Tektronix, Intel and Salesforce. You will also find a growing number of marketers specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and Portland local SEO companies who can help you with your digital marketing.

There is never a better time for smaller businesses and rising startups to take advantage of the conducive business climate.

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With the economy on the rise, your business will need the help of a local Portland SEO expert. Why go local? You can leverage the insider information from professionals who have a better understanding of the local marketing trends in Portland. They also understand local customer sentiment better than a national agency would.

The SEOblog team helps you sort through the hundreds of SEO experts in the city and find the Portland SEO consultant who can best help you reach your digital marketing goals. We use a proven methodology for vetting and matching these experts.

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Best Portland SEO Companies


Our SEOblog team has SEO veterans who know what works and how to spot false claims. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of experts, including Portland web design agencies. We keep abreast of the latest trends, and can identify any Portland SEO company still using outdated strategies. Every Portland SEO agency that we recommend to you has been thoroughly reviewed. Our vetting process is stringent to ensure you’ll get only the best Portland SEO services.

Best Portland SEO Companies


We don’t second-guess or let our personal biases get into our work. Our team uses a proven method for vetting every Portland local SEO company. Our team uses qualitative and quantitative metrics to test every Portland SEO consultant – no subjective opinion involved. We check the metrics and compare them to your needs and budget. Our team also applies a certain match percentage to identify which Portland SEO agency best fits your digital marketing needs based on your current goals.

Best Portland SEO Companies


At SEOblog, our goal is to help you and the Portland SEO agency find the perfect match. Looking for the one is a tedious process that could take you months. Instead, leverage our industry experience to find the best-matching Portland SEO services. Our extensive network will include every Portland SEO expert that can be an excellent fit for your enterprise. The best thing about our matchmaking service is that it’s FREE. We don’t charge you anything for our vetting services. There’ll be no hidden charges whatsoever.

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You receive a call from a friendly SEOblog representative within one business day to ask questions to determine the best fit agency for you. Begins matchmaking process...


Based on your unique project requirements and budget, SEOblog will provide you with a complimentary shortlist between one and five SEO agencies to work with...


Within hours, the agencies on your shortlist will contact you to schedule a meeting with you that works on your schedule. You then can make your final choice based on those meetings.


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Best Portland SEO Companies

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Portland SEO Market FAQs

Agencies worldwide charge $134.14 per hour on average. Portland SEO companies usually follow the US average, with hourly rates slightly higher at $147.93. An individual Portland SEO consultant will charge an average of $144.68 per hour, slightly higher than the global average of $139.29 per hour. Remember that not every Portland SEO company will offer complete services. Some will focus their services on design and development since they’re primarily a Portland web design company. They may provide SEO, but that’s not their primary service. Choose a digital marketing agency based on cost and the service focus you need.

Please don’t choose a Portland local SEO company because they offer the lowest price. It would be best if you made your choice based on the value they bring to the table. Request proposals from every Portland SEO agency on your list and go over the details of each one. If there are unclear details, get in touch with the Portland SEO expert and ask why a specific service is relevant to your marketing goals. Let your Portland SEO services provider walk you through each item of the proposal. At the end of the day, ask yourself how it will help improve your bottom line. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your goals should be taken outl. After negotiations, you should end up getting the most value for your money at the lowest possible cost that will benefit your business.

Selecting a great Portland SEO service provider is tough since not every agency will be a good match for your needs. Here are a few tips. First off, define your digital marketing goals – create short- and long-term goals based on your current business needs at the time. Check whether their strategy aligns with your goals when striking a deal with a Portland web design agency. Next, make sure that the agencies on your list can back their claims. Ask for case studies, read customer testimonials and check reviews. If you can get in touch with previous customers, ask them about their service level. Identify the techniques they use and check different metrics like backlinks, click-through rates (CTR), leads generated and sales. Finally, settle for the Portland SEO company that’s willing to work around your current budget.

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