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6 Top Tips To Boost Your Website Dwell Time in 2022

Website plays an essential role in a brand’s success. It acts as a portfolio for a brand from a consumer’s point of view. When we want to know more about a brand, we often Google it and land on its website. Our primary goal is to find out what the brand offers or whether it meets our expectations of a brand worth investing in.

So, it goes without saying that having a good-performing website is an important aspect. But the real question is, what are the key indicators of a good-performing website? The short answer: The number of bounce rates and users’ dwell time.

In this fast-moving world, where people want things to be quicker, your website must have something that would hold your visitors’ attention, or else they may leave without even exploring further. All these aspects contribute to higher bounce rates (visitors leaving a website early) and lower dwell time (average time visitors spend on a website).

Let’s discuss this in detail below:

Dwell Time and Bounce Rates

A website dwell time is the average amount of time a website visitor spends on your website, while bounce rate is the rate of visitors who visited your website but exited immediately. 

Now, for a website owner, these aspects play a huge role in measuring the performance of the website. When you offer your website visitors something engaging and dwell-worthy, they stay longer on the website to explore the content. 

If they feel that the website is taking too long to load and the content is not unique, they tend to leave the website quickly. Sometimes, without even exploring the website entirely. So, how does a website owner deal with all this? 

One way is to improve your website dwell time by adding engaging elements. The bounce rate will eventually decrease. 

Here are some amazing tips that can help you to improve your website dwell time in 2022:

Tips To Boost Your Website Dwell Time in 2022

Create Dwell-Worthy Content

Dwell-worthy content comes in many forms. It’s important to give your website visitors a reason to spend time on your website. For example, you can add educational content to your website like the latest news, trending topics and educational or how-to blogs, that encourage your website visitors to stop and learn something new. 

Embedding RSS Feed on your website is a great strategy, as it aggregates the latest content for you in one place. Make sure to choose topics similar to your website so that your website visitors can relate.

Embed Instagram Wall

Instagram, as we know, is winning many internet users’ hearts for the captivating and vibrant content that it has to offer. That’s why we find its monthly users in billions with a never-ending dwell time. We all have spent hours on Instagram, simply scrolling through the feed or the Reels. Now, as a website owner, this calls for a great opportunity to cash in.

An Instagram wall is a user-friendly tool that enables website owners to collect their preferred Instagram content, curate it and display it on their website. Instagram social wall tools offer a no-code process, so you don’t need to be a coder to incorporate it. With a no code platform, you can easily create an Instagram wall for your website without any coding knowledge. This is a great way to boost website dwell time and improve your Instagram presence without having to hire a developer.

The best part is that the tool is responsive. So no matter if your website visitors are using their smartphones, tablets or PC, they can seamlessly enjoy the Instagram hashtag wall experience on your website. Did we mention how much it can boost your website dwell time along with improving your Instagram presence like never before?

Work on the Website Speed

As we mentioned before, the year 2022 is an era where people want things to be easier and quicker. No matter how much engagement you foster on your website, your website’s speed and loading time are crucial if you don’t want your visitors to get distracted and drift away. In fact, over 50 percent of visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Our advice? Choose widgets and tools for your website that are responsive and easy to access. There are many tools on the market that can help you boost your website speed and automatically stand out among your competitors.

Incorporate User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is the content your customers or your audience creates for you. It can be a fan, a follower or experienced customer who has either shared a social media post like an image, video or a tweet or left a review on your review pages like Google Business Profile, Yelp, or Facebook reviews. Millennials trust UGC 50 percent more than original content generated by brands. So why not showcase this kind of content on your website and boost the credibility of your website. 

It is common for a brand’s website to showcase branded content with brand-generated content. But making your audience your brand advocates plays a huge role in creating a positive brand image. It immediately creates trust and shows that it may be worthwhile spending time on your website. Not just that, you’ll also find that your visitors will be more likely to keep coming back to engage with your content.

Add Relevant Links to Your Website

Adding relevant links to your website is important. Link stuffing is one thing, but when you add links that actually help your website visitors find relevant information, it can be an amazing strategy to boost your website’s dwell time. They will recognize your website as reliable and always come back to your website to find relevant content. 

Ensure that the links open in new tabs so that your website visitors do not have to leave your website and can continue to discover more.

Add Responsive Video Content

Adding responsive and engaging video content on your website can boost the website engagement rate to a huge extent. Ninety-eight percent of marketers believe video will play an important role in 2022 marketing. Videos are usually 30 seconds to 1 minute long. When you add an engaging video to your website, your website visitors are naturally hooked, and they spend more time on your website.

Make sure that the tool you use to embed the videos on your website allows you to add responsive video feeds. So no matter if your website visitor is using their smartphone or mobile device, they can easily watch the videos on your website on the go.

Let’s Call It a Wrap!

So, we’ve just shown you there are various ways to strategically improve your website dwell time. Whether you choose to simply create dwell-worthy website content, embed an engaging Instagram wall, improve your website speed, bring transparency to your website with user-generated content, add relevant links and videos or all of the above, one thing is for sure: You’ll keep your website visitors hooked for longer.

So, incorporate these ideas in your website visitors’ experience strategy and watch how that dwell time goes up and up.

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