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7 Easy Ways to Build More Backlinks to Your Business Site

Are you a marketing professional looking to build more backlinks to boost the performance of your website? Do you know about the best white-hat link building strategies that can help you build links? Have you looked at building backlinks by using strategies like broken link building, resource contribution and more?

Let’s face it: Link building is one of the most important ways of growing your digital presence. In fact, for most SEOs, link building comprises 75 percent of all SEO-related work.

For Google, link building continues to be one of the top three ranking factors. You might think that building links to your site is easy enough. After all, there are many link farms, directories and private blog networks (PBNs) that accept links a dime a dozen. What you may not know is that Google can penalize you for implementing such toxic strategies.

In this article, we are going to help SEOs and marketing professionals build more backlinks for their websites. Specifically, we are going to look at seven easy ways to build more backlinks to your business site. However, before that, let’s first take a look at some basics regarding link building in the digital ecosystem.

Link Building: Meaning and Definition

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, link building occupies a prominent place within the larger field of SEO. In simple words, link building is the process of acquiring backlinks that point back to your website. This is usually done through hyperlinks that help navigate traffic between web pages on the internet. Search engine algorithms usually crawl the internet and try to understand where the links are pointing to.

The more high-quality backlinks you are able to acquire for your business site, the better the results will be. The benefits of an excellent backlink profile include:

  • Driving organic traffic back to your website
  • Improving SEO metrics of your website
  • Increasing exposure, visibility and credibility of your website
  • Boosting sales conversions and revenue generation of the business
  • Building the brand credibility and authority of your website

According to Google, good and clean link building strategies should be aimed at earning backlinks rather than paying for them. It is equally important to build backlinks in your industry or business niche.

This holds true for both product businesses as well as service-oriented ones. Professions like doctors and lawyers should not feel that they have restricted strategies for link building. For example, these many backlink options for lawyers can work also for other local businesses.

7 Easy Ways to Build More Backlinks to Your Business Site

1. Create Informative Content That Is Resource-Oriented

A successful SEO strategist will tell you that a lot of doors for link building can be opened if your content is of very high quality. Longform, SEO-optimized articles that offer great value, education and information cannot be refused by webmasters of the publishing site. This will allow you to build high-quality links on authority sites.

2. Identify Broken Links and Make the Right Outreach

No webmaster wants to have broken links on their website. Links can get broken and show a 404 error for several reasons. If you use a good SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush, they can help you identify broken links. The next step involves reaching out to the publisher and offering a high-quality article to replace the content that was removed.

3. Become an Expert Guest Blogger and Get Links in the Author Bio

Webmasters and sites are always looking for great authors to contribute to their platforms. Establishing your digital credentials can help open a great avenue to build more links. Good websites allow authors to place at least one link in the bio section that can point back to their websites. This not only helps you gain a valuable link but also builds personal authority.

4. Make Stunning and Attractive Infographics for Link Building

In recent years, infographics have emerged as an attractive and engaging way of disseminating content and information. If you can create one that is colorful, informative and engaging, you can always reach out to a publisher. By allowing an interested publisher to place your infographic, you will be able to request a link that points back to your website.

5. Answer on Quora, Reddit, Question Hub and Other Q&A Platforms

While many will tell you that you are not getting any dofollow links on these platforms, nofollow links still impact SEO. These platforms are high-authority and, while Google is ambiguous on the value of nofollow links, the search engine has confirmed these links serve as “hints.” This is why it is a great idea to respond comprehensively on these platforms and build backlinks. Some of the best SEOs trust this process.

6. Reach Out to Affiliate Sites and Resource Platforms in Your Business Niche

Just to give you an example, if you are a business that makes gardening equipment, you can reach out to a site in your niche (gardening, home, tools, etc.). You can request them to list your products or services and get the links to your brand website. You can also contribute articles to their blog to build more backlinks. This will also help you gain more sales and revenue for the brand.

7. Reclaim Brand Mentions and Request Links

You will be surprised to know how many other platforms are using your brand name. You need to leverage a brand mentions tool and reach out to those sites. Tell them that you represent the brand and would love it if the publisher could give you a link to your brand name. This is a simple way of building backlinks, as the publisher already knows about you.

Final Words

As you have seen, there are many ways to build backlinks. While some SEOs have their preferences and feel that one set of strategies work, others might find that another tactic yields better results. No matter what strategy works best for your business, the essential foundations of link building remain the same. You need to use high-quality content, create a good outreach and build backlinks in your business niche. If you would like us to answer any more questions on link building or SEO, please write to us in the comments section below!

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