How To Build An Entry-Level SEO Resume

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the keys to business success in the modern digital world. A high-quality SEO strategy means better search engine rankings, increased traffic and higher sales. Qualified SEO specialists are in high demand and low supply and the gap will only continue to grow. Successful company owners struggle with hiring skilled professionals to achieve better rankings and optimize their digital presence.

The SEO sector features different career paths as:

•  Search Engine Marketer
•  Business Marketing Consultant
•  SEO Manager
•  Digital Marketer
•  Marketing Analyst
•  Content Marketing SEO Assistant
•  Technical SEO Analyst

What do you need to do to enjoy a great career in SEO?

1.  Build a resume that justifies your expertise.
2. Optimize a comprehensive CV with the right keywords and terms.
3. Highlight your digital literacy and social media knowledge.
4. Write a compelling description that proves your copywriting abilities.

An interview-winning job application that reflects an applicant with motivation, experience and skills. Read on through this guide to arm yourself with tips to build an outstanding SEO resume. 

What Format is Best for an SEO Resume?

If you are a seasoned SEO specialist or manager, use the chronological format. List your work experience and education in a reverse chronological order. Begin with the latest and move backward. This format highlights your rich professional background and qualifications.

Choose a functional or hybrid resume format if you want a career switch or if you are a newbie or an entry-level expert. They spotlight your skills rather than the jobs or schools where you gained them. These two formats are also ideal for rookie SEO enthusiasts. List your top skills and qualifications and include a brief summary for each skill.

Sections of an SEO Resume

Build a SEO resume with components that reflect your knowledge of search engines, keywords, website architecture, intent, informational structure and other technical aspects of SEO. 

Here is a list of the key segments to include in your resume:

•  Contact details
•  Career goals statement
•  Skills
•  Work history
•  Education and training

Add auxiliary sections that show your competence and qualifications:

•  Certificates
•  Accomplishments
•  References and recommendations
•  Conferences/seminars attended
•  Volunteer projects
•  Languages

A portfolio is a plus to add to your resume, but list only successful SEO projects. Include websites that you have helped to rank on the first page of Google or other search platforms. The ideal result is ranking in the first five positions. Don’t brag about websites that rank lower unless you have solid proof of longtail traffic. Companies hire SEO experts for traffic, together with top page rankings.

SEO Resume Summary or Resume Objectives

Write a resume objective if you are new to the industry or want to make a career change into SEO. Explain your career goals, highlight your drive for success, together with your skills and professional qualities. Tailor your statement according to the specific job position and company niche.

If you are an experienced SEO specialist, present your strengths and qualifications with your resume summary. Highlight your experience and professional accomplishments. Present a brief but comprehensive statement that will intrigue recruiters and encourage them to reach out to you. 

SEO Resume Summary Example

Seasoned SEO expert with 8+ years of experience working in web design agency. Administered a YouTube channel and increased daily subscribers by 800% in 3 months. Used Platform X and Tool Z to create personalized blogs or company websites with content perfectly optimized after keywords ABC. Achieved 1st page ranking on two major search engines.

SEO Resume Objective Example

Motivated marketer and a college graduate with a degree in business management. Seeking an SEO analyst position to utilize extensive marketing and analytical knowledge. Skilled in content creation and data visualization.

How to Write Your SEO Experience Section

Don’t list general duties rather highlight your accomplishments while on the job. Show the positive impact of all your SEO activities. Display your knowledge, capabilities, vision and ability to adapt. Mention numbers and other marketing stats that reflect your competence and SEO achievements.


SEO Analyst at Web Design Agency

02/2017 – 10/2019

•  Implemented successful keyword strategies to optimize website copy and content.
•  Monitored Web Analytics dashboards to review performance and plan strategies.
•  Elevated clients from 135 to 200 in two months.
•  Managed $30,000 per month Google AdWords and $2,000 per month Instagram PPC accounts.
•  Raised open emails rate from 18% to 35% by implementing titles optimizations.

Should You Include Education and Certificates on Your SEO Resume?

Yes. A university degree is not compulsory for SEO job seekers but it helps you stand out in the crowd because recruiters praise degrees in marketing, finance and business administration. Make sure to include relevant training or seminars you attended. If you have on-job-training experience, list it as well. Mention any SEO-related certificates if you have such and if not, enroll in an SEO training course to strengthen your resume and stand out of the crowd. 

A 5 Minute Crash Course on Becoming an SEO Professional

Make sure you show your motivation and drive for success. Recruiters favor professionals who want to learn and grow. The SEO field is dynamic so it’s best to keep track of the latest trends, updates and social media tweaks.

Top 10 SEO certificates for your resume:

1. Google Analytics Certification
2. Google Ads Certification
3. SEMrush SEO Fundamentals
4. Moz SEO Certification
5. Bruce Clay SEO Classroom Training
6. Coursera SEO Specialization
7. ClickMinded SEO Certification
8. SEMrush SEO Certification
9. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
10. HubSpot Inbound Certification

What Skills to Include on Your Resume

Your skillset is vital if you want to create an outstanding SEO resume. Show recruiters just how talented and motivated you are by mentioning all the skills that make you a value-add to any company or brand. Mention all SEO-related tools, software or technical skills relevant to the trade. Just bear in mind that you might have to get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) that companies often use. 

Here are some of the most popular tools or aspects to explore and include if you’re proficient or have some experience in using:

•  Google Search Console
•  UberSuggest
•  SpyFu
•  Reporting
•  Link Building
•  Website Analysis
•  Content Creation
•  Data Analytics
•  Indexing Keywords
•  On Page SEO
•  Off Page SEO

Highlight soft skills that relate to the dynamic SEO role such as:

•  Persuasiveness
•  Strategy
•  Problem-solving
•  Resourcefulness
•  Creativity
•  Teamwork
•  Adaptability
•  Flexibility
•  Patience
•  Customer service

Depending on the niche of the company and business you apply for, you’d want to research the specific industry resumes so you can reference the right skills to put on yours and so recruiters know you understand the industry. Recruiters want to know if you can produce content to attract both visitors and links, and sync these with the company end goal.

Let’s Summarize the Components of an Interview-Winning SEO Resume

Analyze the job description, identify the keywords and specific requirements. Tailor your resume to match the position you are pursuing.
•  Select a resume format that suits your work experience the most.
•  Show off your copywriting talents. Prepare a compelling heading, summary and body copy that is optimized with relevant keywords.
•  List the top achievements of your SEO career. Use action verbs, numbers and other relevant data to back up your accomplishments.
•  Include your education and SEO-related certificates.
•  Add the SEO tools and software you work with.
•  List your technical and soft skills

Good luck!

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