How Businesses Can Gain From Internet Accessibility |

How Businesses Can Gain From Internet Accessibility

Ankita Sharma

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Increasing the internet accessibility of your company’s website can help your customers, employees, and stakeholders who have disabilities. They will be able to access the contents and products or services listed on your website. But that is the obvious part. The benefits of increasing internet accessibility are more than you can imagine. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the prominent ones. 

Avoid Lawsuits

Internet and websites have become an integral part of our everyday life. So it is not surprising that internet accessibility has become one of the fundamental rights of people with disabilities. People with disabilities have the right to equal access to all kinds of public information. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does recognize digital accessibility as a separate issue. However, if you face a lawsuit for ignoring web accessibility, the American court of law will not consider your exemption from the ADA. 

To make websites accessible, several web accessibility software and solutions started providing ADA compliance solutions that scan and remediate websites according to WCAG 2.1 and ADA guidelines.

More and more companies are facing internet accessibility lawsuits every year in the US. More than 3200 web accessibility lawsuits got filed in the first half of 2019. If you wish to avoid such lawsuits, make sure that your company’s internet presence meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

Reach More People

People suffer from various types of disabilities. The CDC claims that one on every four Americans lives with a form of disability. That means if you haven’t enabled the accessibility to your website, you will lose out on a large chunk of the market. It was estimated in 2016, that a group of retailers lost more than $15 billion because their websites were not accessible to those people with disabilities. So developing your website’s accessibility can also improve your profits exponentially. Make sure that your website’s internet accessibility gets enhanced for all types of smart devices, such as computers, mobiles, and tablets / iPads. 

Increase Your Goodwill

Goodwill is an essential asset for every company. In this age of acceptance, every business needs to show multiple social and ethical stances to appeal to customers of various beliefs and values. According to surveys by experts, more than 60% of American consumers prefer to buy from a business that has taken a stance to support a social issue. And more than 45% are not willing to purchase from a company that ignores a different group of people.

With internet accessibility, you will be able to gain the acceptance and goodwill of people with disabilities, the members of their families, and their friends. You are also creating a positive brand image in front of other customers. Displaying a statement of accessibility that mentions all the steps you have taken to support people with disabilities can further improve goodwill. 

Search Engine Optimization

Developing internet accessibility standards of your website can rank your website higher on search engines. The objective behind improving the SEO of a website is to get more traffic. Many aspects of web accessibility and Search Engine Optimization are similar. That means when you enhance the accessibility of your site, its SEO ranking improves as well. 

When you improve the accessibility of your website, you have to mention text captions for all the videos and pictures on your website. Search engines cannot comb through photographs or videos but rely on texts to rank websites. That is why when you translate the images and videos into text, your website’s ranking improves.

Even if you did not have a mobile website, you would have to create one to meet the standards set by WCAG. The presence of a mobile website raises your website’s ranking on search engines. Having a mobile website will also improve your visibility since most people prefer to access the internet on their phones. There are a few other ways in which accessibility improves your website’s ranking too. 

Better Web Designing Codes

Most websites can get created using easy templates, which makes the en designing language very easy. However, high-quality codes get written to improve the accessibility of your website. Cleaner, high-quality codes have several benefits for a website, such as:

  • Better interface
  • Better usability
  • Lesser number of bugs
  • Better speed
  • Better SEO ranking

That is why enhancing internet accessibility for people with disabilities can be a wise investment for the future of your company. 

So as you can see that introducing accessibility for your website can not only benefit people with disabilities, it can be of great advantage to your business as well. So if your website is not enabled for web accessibility already, contact a reputable web accessibility provider today and enjoy the benefits.

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