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How to Tell if a Blog is Part of a Private Blog Network

Sep 02, 2014 by James Parsons

Of all the many and varied link schemes across the history of the Inte...

Are Your Product Descriptions Unique or Duplicate Content?

Jul 12, 2014 by SEOblog Editorial Team

One of the big fears with modern SEO is the issue of duplicate content...

SEO Do’s and Don’ts with Font Sizes and Colors

Jun 22, 2014 by James Parsons

  From the perspective of the webmaster, color and font si...

Five SEO Friendly Steps to Move Your Website to a New Host

Jun 19, 2014 by Mitchell Wright

We all dream of being able to do everything right the first time, but ...

How Often Does Moz Domain Authority Update?

Jun 02, 2014 by Dan Virgillito

Much of what goes on in the SEO industry comes from reacting to Google...

What Is the Difference Between Domain Authority and PageRank?

May 26, 2014 by SEOblog Editorial Team

Two measurements of a site are often thrown around as important metric...

Should I Use SSL on Every Page on My Website?

May 20, 2014 by Dan Virgillito

SSL is the most common form of security for the web. You see it when a...

How Many Words Should You Have on Your Homepage?

May 16, 2014 by SEOblog Editorial Team

Webmasters looking to optimize their site for SEO leave no stone untur...

Why .Gov and .Edu Backlinks Are a Worthless SEO Fad

May 13, 2014 by SEOblog Editorial Team

Conventional linkbuilding wisdom holds that you should, if at all poss...

The Difference between an HTML and an XML Sitemap

Apr 28, 2014 by Mitchell Wright

Site maps are very important for your homepage SEO. Once you are done ...

5 Easy Steps to Run a Great SEO Campaign (Like an Expert)

Mar 04, 2014 by Leon Collier

Business today is being done like never before, with the expansion int...

Does Changing Your Nameservers Affect Your Rankings or SEO?

Feb 11, 2014 by Mitchell Wright

Before investing the question of whether changing nameservers affects ...

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