Creative Solutions to Outreach Journalists to Pitch Your Content

Ankita Sharma
Creative Solutions to Outreach Journalists to Pitch Your Content

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The benefits of digital marketing are no surprise to anyone. Marketers are actively searching for innovative campaigns and content promotion tactics. Even though social media is the ultimate marketing forum, companies want to step ahead of competitors by trying something different. Instead of investing in blogs and articles, they are outreaching journalists to pitch their content and build public relations (PR). 

Traditionally, PR comes into the frame after content creation. You pick a topic, write about it, and then call in the experts to spread the word. Don’t you think something is wrong with this approach? The PR team is handed over a piece of content without determining if there is a need for it. Hence, forget about creating content and spreading it; instead, focus on what the journalists want, allowing you to generate relevant content. 

It does require loads of market research and trend analysis, but the results will be worth every effort. After all, launching a finished product in an untested market is like firing a shot in the dark, hoping it hits the target. Thus, consider the results you want and compare it with what the press desires. It will give a rough idea about content curation and your pitch. 

Are you wondering how to go about this? Here we are unfolding creative solutions to outreach journalists to pitch your content. 

Offer Collaborations 

The perfect PR strategy is all about accomplishing your goals and delivering content to journalists, but do you know what they want? The majority of journalists prefer to collaborate with content creators rather than settling for the final product. Therefore, learn how to write a media pitch to offer collaboration before sending the final product. Refrain from bugging them on social media and propose the idea through an email to ensure professionalism. 

Begin by acknowledging their work, discuss your expertise, and explain your idea with a brief overview. Attach your recent publications on credible sites that speak for themselves. You can also lure journalists with visual content and exceptional market research. Believe it or not, but a successful collaboration can boost PR while giving you access to a new customer base. You can closely work with the journalists, helping you stay on the top of evolving trends. 

Come Up With An Incredible Hook 

Whether it is a sales pitch or media pitch – each one needs a hook. It is all about picking the best way to present your news, idea, or story. It has to be appealing enough to stimulate interest and demonstrate its worthiness. The hook depends on the kind of content you are creating and your pitch, but here are some general examples to help you out. 

  • Find a Perspective: The media loves reporting a trending topic, and a fresh perspective on it is a bonus. It will help you stand out since you have something new to offer. 
  • Give an Insight: People like stories and new ideas. Utilize your customer data and give an insight into an upcoming trend. Otherwise, state some facts or data to improve the reliability of the content. 
  • Challenge the Audience: Conventional views and opinions are old schools. If you want to make some digital noise, throw challenges at people. For instance – if you own a fitness club, promote a 20-day fitness challenge. 
  • Break a New Ground: Delve into a new topic or subject matter not reported before. You can talk about underrated issues – domestic violence, Bermuda triangle, homophobia, animal testing, etc. 

Compose Inimitable Content 

No one can ignore an outstanding piece of content that engages the audience and simultaneously delivers the brand message. Journalists are in search of valuable content that can offer audiences something meaningful. If you want to create an irresistible pitch, utilize all your resources to develop inimitable content. Firstly, appeal to emotions as this is the key to go viral. Use positive emotions, humor, and motivating quotes to entertain the audiences. 

Moreover, you don’t have to chase after something fresh since you can always reinvent the wheel. You can work on old ideas and rework them into a new narrative. Hence, pick up something that is already working and find ways to make it your own. Remember, your content serves a purpose, meaning it should not sound like a sales pitch because journalists don’t buy promotional campaigns. 

Find Inspiration 

Unsurprisingly, the best way to pitch content to journalists is by creating something worthwhile. There is no secret trick or technique for generating compelling content, but some creativity or inspiration can do wonders. Here are three incredible ways to go about it. 

  1. Borrow Ideas from Rivals: Analyzing your competitors is an excellent way of figuring out staggering trends in your niche. Instead of starting from scratch, you can recreate something similar but unique enough to reflect your brand message. 
  2. Dig into Market Trends: Once a while, it is good to step out of your niche and analyze it from a different perspective. Look around the industry to understand what other brands are up to; it will give insight into new content creation tools, keywords, etc. 
  3. Understand the Target Audience:  Why are you creating content? Who is your audience? Ask yourself these questions to determine your target audience. If your brand is offering headbands for teenagers, you can’t end up pitching content to women’s daily magazine. It is essential to ensure that the content is reaching the correct audiences. 

These ideas can give creators a direction on how to pitch content and achieve maximum shares and traffic from content marketing efforts.  

Personalize Your Pitch

Whether they are your customers or journalists – everyone loves a touch of personalization. Choose a journalist based on their writing, genre, publication, and seek out sources that serve your target audience. Personalization does take longer than blasting 1000 emails, but the results are worth all your efforts. Are you thinking of how to personalize? Start with a killer subject line, and demonstrate your familiarity with the media outlet, portraying yourself as an active follower. 

Briefly talk about the journalist’s articles and prove your understanding with the media outlet’s readers. You can also align your insights or information with the reporter’s current beat to leave a lasting impression. Most importantly, don’t forget to initiate a conversation before jumping into the content pitch. Impeccable content with a personalized pitch can open doors to millions of PR calls and opportunities. 


Content marketing is skyrocketing due to its growing benefits. Despite excellent platforms, it is always great to try something new. Therefore, rather than finding bloggers, pitch your content to journalists. They can help in building PR while promoting your content to a large pool of audiences. Indeed, a media pitch requires more effort, but some tips and tricks can come handy. Keep tabs on content creation to pitch your content adequately. 

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