5 Effective SEO Techniques for Driving Organic Traffic in 2021

There are tons of guides on the internet that talk about the different ways to boost organic traffic. But, are these results-driven?  Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a technique that works on any one single factor. Just as Google makes changes to its algorithms and ranking factors, you’ll have to make changes to the SEO tactics you have implemented on your website. You will get traffic to your site if you implement the best SEO techniques, but it is important to work on factors that help you drive organic traffic.  That said, along with basic SEO factors, you will also have to pay attention to the technical elements of your website. 

Here are the five most effective SEO techniques for driving organic traffic:

1. Measure Your SEO Performance 

When you create a marketing strategy for your site, consider measuring the performance. You need to focus on both reporting and analytics, as they are an important part of SEO.

An effective analysis will help you to understand the content that appeals to your customer. It will give you insight into the customer experience and let you know which pages of the website were least visited and which pages had more traffic.

It will also tell you which on-page changes helped you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, proper analysis of the site gives you an idea of the main keywords you need to focus on.

There are many plugins and tools available for analysis and reporting that will help you measure your site performance. However, the most used and most effective tool is SEMrush. 

You can use the tool to know more about the ranking position in search engines. Another effective SEO tool that can be used is Google Search Console. It is a critical tool for an SEO marketer, as it helps you to find and fix the various issues related to the performance of your website. 

2. Focus on Page Speed and Optimize for Voice Search

Did you know that if your website does not load in three seconds, users will leave your site? That’s right!

Page speed is an important ranking factor, as more than 40 percent of users abandon the website, and 80 percent don’t return to the site if the page speed is sluggish. For an eCommerce website, this could be a huge loss. 

Google will also lower your website ranking if users are spending lesser time on your site, which will affect both your organic traffic and ranking.

To boost a website’s page speed:

  • Enable the browser cache feature and reduce the server response time
  • Remove unnecessary scripts and compress the size of your images
  • Reduce the size of your HTML and JavaScript
  • Use page loading tools to test your website speed

Voice search will take over text search in the future, especially with the use of gadgets like Alexa.

Optimize for voice search by creating an FAQ page on your website and targeting related long-tail keywords. 

3. Use Digital PR To Earn Backlinks 

Authority backlinks are an important factor in ranking. While some SEO experts may find it difficult to earn high-authority backlinks from different sites, the best way to earn backlinks is to focus on your content. 

Creating good content always pays off. It should be of high quality and provide value to your readers.

You can also earn backlinks using digital PR. This helps to make your content popular among the internet community. There are many publishers and high-quality websites that cover links and articles in the form of infographics, tools and calculators and expert insights. 

For this, you must think like a PR professional, but your execution should be that of an SEO expert. Digital PR is not about pitching your promotional content; rather, it is about promoting your content with an outreach strategy. 

Digital PR can help you bring various benefits beyond links. It can drive referral traffic and create social engagement. It can also generate sales and increase brand awareness.

4. Improve Your Organic CTR Using PPC 

Click-through rate (CTR) is an important metric, and you should optimize this for your website. You can optimize it for title tag and meta description. This can be done by measuring results, which is again a time-consuming task. 

If you want a shorter route, take advantage of the pay-per-click (PPC) test for title tags and meta descriptions. Even if you are not running a PPC campaign, it will still help you in crafting your meta descriptions and tags. Be sure that you set up your test properly to understand the impact on your page. 

A good idea would be to test three different headline variations and determine the tags for use. Make sure the description is similar for each of them. To decide on the most effective description, you can also test three different ones but keep the title the same. 

5. Improve the Overall User Experience

Focus on your website content to improve the user experience (UX). If your content is amazing, it will naturally rank higher on SERPs.

Write quality content and use shorter paragraphs. Keep the sentence length mixed; they should be short and long. Use subheadings and bullet points in your posts, as these make the article more readable and scannable. 

Use the right images and screenshots to illustrate any points you are discussing with your readers. Leverage the inverted pyramid style of writing that focuses on the main points at the beginning. This helps to gain the attention of the users who visit your website. Also, don’t forget to optimize the design and theme of your website.

Final Words

Apart from all the tips above, your focus should be on updating your site. If your content is old, it won’t feature in search engines. Write new content or update your old content. Optimize your website for mobile; it is a major factor for ranking on Google. Use a technique like featured snippets and optimize your XML sitemap. In short, create an SEO strategy that will help you garner organic ranking from SERPs. 

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