Etsy SEO Tips Sure To Increase Your Sales

Etsy SEO Tips Sure To Increase Your Sales

Vintage postage collection, Seinfeld-themed enamel pins, Mr. Bean 1990s wall poster, vintage wedding accessories, Poke ball with Ring light. Got any of these items? Well, these items might look worthless, but on Etsy, they can still fetch you good money.

Etsy is the global marketplace for all things unique. Whatever you have lying around the house can make you money on this eCommerce platform.

From art, clothing, decorative objects and jewelry to arts and crafts supplies, everything goes.

Opportunities Galore

The growth of this store has been phenomenal with U.S. merchandise sales rising from $170,000 in 2005 to $3.9 billion in 2018. This gives a hint of the opportunities available on Etsy:

Today, Etsy features more than 60 million products, and the number keeps growing.  The number of members on Etsy hit 54 million while active buyers rose to 39.4 million in 2018.

Use Etsy SEO to Optimize Your Listings

Etsy SEO starts with listing your product and attracting views.  If your shop attracts no views, there are no chances of selling. It all boils down to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

You have to optimize your Etsy listing and shop for Etsy’s search engine to attract traffic. This is the easiest way to get noticed and increase conversions. On this popular platform, it is all about numbers; the more people who can see your listing, the better your chances of selling on Etsy.

Here are some important tips to help improve your Etsy SEO to better optimize your Etsy search and increase sales:

1. Create an Outstanding Shop/Listing

On Etsy, you only have one option: craft hard or go home. This means investing in the best graphics or cheap wedding photography in Melbourne when creating your listing.

The shop’s photography accounts for a large part of your success on this eCommerce platform. You must optimize your images to best appeal to customers.

There are millions of products available to customers here. If your listings don’t stand out, you will not make any sales.

2. Understand the Etsy Search

Like any other search engine, Etsy uses a complex algorithm to determine which results to provide for each search. Their search engine focuses on finding the best products to suit the user’s search keyword or phrase.

The ranking factors for Etsy search include:

Tag and Title Relevancy

Exact phrase matches are stronger in ranking on search than matches on individual words. The search engine considers a search more relevant if the word or phrase in a buyer’s search is in title and tags of your listing.

Listing Quality

Every listing gets a quality score based on buyers’ actions. When an Etsy visitor clicks, favorites or purchases an item after finding it from the search, it earns a score.

For a new shop, you have a neutral score, and this gives you a lot of work to do.

Customer Experience

Customer service matters, and it is important to deliver a memorable experience to every buyer who visits your shop.

Your Etsy shop must also meet all guidelines to rank better on search. Other factors include great reviews and testimonials.

Fresh Listings

The more recent items get more prominence in the ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Local Search

If a shopper specifies a location in their search, listings with the required keyword and location will get a higher ranking on the results. If your target market is local, it is important to include the location in your content and Meta description.

Etsy Keyword Optimization

With these basics of Etsy search, you can now optimize your shop to boost its ranking on search results. If you have already built a great shop and product line, consider these SEO ideas:

Carry Out Keyword Research

How will potential buyers find your product? You have to identify relevant keywords to optimize your listings. Start by brainstorming to generate a list of keyword ideas.

To generate a big list of keywords, consider synonyms, item use, kind of material, design or style of an item, among other relevant ideas buyers might use in their search. There are keyword research tools you can use to make this task easier.

Use Long-Tail Keywords In The Title For Improved Product Visibility

Long-tail keywords are the best for higher ranking on Etsy search results. Buyers who want a specific product look for it using a string of words. They are serious about buying it, and this is one Etsy SEO tactic you should leverage.

Use The Money Word in the Title (Primary Keyword)

The title of your shop is a prime advertising spot. For this reason, you need your primary keyword, better known as the money word, here. It should be in the first 30 characters to make an impact.

Keywords In Tags

You have an opportunity to include up to 13 tags in your listing. You can add relevant keywords to increase chances of better ranking and drive relevant traffic to your shop.

Vary Keywords For Similar Products

Etsy has a strategy called “declumping.” It doesn’t include more than two items for the same seller on search results. For this reason, you should not use the same primary keyword in all your listings.

Don’t Go Overboard With Creative Titles

Always keep it simple in your titles to ensure your target buyers can find your listings easily.

Learn The Etsy Views Basics

So you have successfully opened an Etsy shop? What’s next? Before you start thinking of any SEO techniques, you have to understand some important factors. For a start, shop or listing views are crucial.

Once you have listed a product, you should monitor your dashboard to see the average number of views. At the same time, you should check the number of orders or your revenue averages. If all these are down, it is highly likely you have not optimized your Etsy shop for search.

Some of the things affecting views for your shop include the number of listings, positive feedback, past sales and number of return customers.

If you want to boost views — translating to more sales — consider:

  1. Increasing the number of listings
  2. Encouraging visitors and customers to leave genuine feedback
  3. Adding links to other related products in your listings for more internal views
  4. Giving testimonials more prominence on your landing pages

Final Thoughts

Etsy is a great platform for anyone with unique items to sell. However, if you want to sell successfully, you have to attract buyers to view your listing. It all comes down to Etsy SEO to better optimize your listings.

With these simple ideas, you can now get started on Etsy. This is a springboard to tap into the unlimited opportunities available on this eCommerce platform.

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