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What We Can Expect in 2020 E-commerce

Aditya Sharma
What We Can Expect in 2020 E-commerce

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In order to help online stores improve sales and find effective promotion channels in 2020 we conducted a study of online marketing for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

We have analyzed the responses of almost 100 online store owners and will share the received trends in online marketing in this article. One of the sites you can see as an example of the successful marketing work.

In 2020, we advise you to pay special attention to:

Positioning and branding

Through positioning, you can communicate the main benefits of your brand and create positive associations with your product.

If you want to strengthen your position in the market, then understand what needs your product satisfies and what benefits it brings to the customer. The answers to these questions will help shape your communication strategy with potential buyers and highlight your brand’s personality.


With the help of analytics systems, you can find out the number of visitors who make an order, the cost of attracting a new client, the profit that the company receives from each client during the cooperation, and much more.

By analyzing user paths on the site, you will begin to better understand the behavior of your target audience and the main problems of customers on the way to making a purchase.

Another trend in Ecommerce 2020 is Conversion Rate Optimization analytics. Often a business is faced with the problem of low website conversion and does not know which Internet marketing channels are worth investing more in, and which do not bring results. CRO is a process system that aims to increase conversions. These processes include examining user behavior on the site, actions and reasons for abandoning a purchase.

All this data will help to effectively determine business tasks and plan the development of an online store.

Retention marketing

Retention marketing is a set of actions aimed at increasing user loyalty.

The main retention tools you can start using right now are Email Marketing, CRM, Loyalty Programs, Chatbots, and SMM.

Personalized emails increase customer loyalty, and understanding the audience helps to develop your own “tone of voice” communication with customers. Maintain trust and love for your brand by building friendly email communication.

CRM systems help to store all customer data in a single database. The analysis of this data helps to improve service, reduce customer churn, and get a complete picture of customer interaction.

Chatbots help businesses promote their brand, build loyalty, and collect relevant data from customers. On the other hand, for customers, having chat bots increases the convenience, since they get the information they need faster and perform simple actions right in the application.

SMM is a great product promotion tool that allows you to retain interest and remind existing customers of yourself through promotional publications.

Well-designed loyalty programs make you want to work with the brand over and over again. Encourage customers to buy and share information about your online store. A positive experience and a sense of satisfaction with the service always brings additional sales.

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