Exploding Topics: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Next Big Thing in SEO

Aditya Sharma
Exploding Topics: 5 reasons why it's the next big thing in SEO

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What if you somehow knew that a keyword was going to trend over the internet in the coming future? What if you were the first person to write about it? As the masses start to search for that term, your content is what they would find first.

Exploding Topics is a remarkable new tool that helps you find these new, trending keywords. 

You don’t need to spend hours trying to find random keywords on Google Trends or sit through threads of nonsense on Reddit to find one topic worth talking about. By scraping the web for topics and trends that are blowing up right now, Exploding Topics helps you save time and create content around keywords before they get super competitive.

Here are five reasons why Exploding Topics is the next big thing in SEO:

Categorizes Topics

Exploding Topics classifies topics under these three categories:

  1. Exploding: Topics that are trending at that moment in time
  2. Regular: Topics gaining traction slowly over some time
  3. Peaked: Topics that were trending but now are declining in popularity

It also creates a graph of every topic based on its performance over a selected period. You can filter the topics by a period, subject category or both.

For example, if you want to know about topics regarding fashion that are potentially going to blow up in the coming future, pick the fashion category. You can repeat the same exercise for different industries to find the most trending topics that best represent your niche.

This feature helps you bolster your chances of ranking even before the world wakes up to the idea of writing about it. 

Increases Efficiency

Researching topics and brainstorming ideas takes about 50 percent of the time that goes into writing a blog. Not only does this take up a lot of time, but you don’t even know if the topic you’re writing about would reach the success you think it will.

Writing “trending” articles is not as easy as you think. A lot of elements go into the making of a successful piece that ranks in google. These include topic choice and keyword research to writing, editing, keyword insertion and social media sharing – your content strategy has to be on-point.

Despite all the effort that goes into the making of one successful blog, you can’t vouch on the performance of your article/blog with utmost certainty. Exploding topics does a wonderful job of eliminating this concern. And the best part is that it helps you save both time and effort by helping you find topics bound to get your content ranked and featured on Google.

Helps You Pioneer Topics

Imagine being the first person to write about contouring?

Exploding topics will inform you about the issues on the rise so you can be one of the first people to create content surrounding it. Hence, you’ll rank higher for those keywords much earlier.

Most successful bloggers today are the first ones to identify a niche and be the first to create content about it. The insight from Exploding Topics has helped many bloggers succeed, so if you aren’t monetizing your blog or finding traction on your website just yet, don’t lose heart.

Exploding topics has got you covered. It will help you identify trends and help you curate content earlier than everyone else. However, it is high-quality content that always wins in the end, so never compromise with the quality.

Assists in Establishing Leadership

Imagine you create content about video games and a new game is released. It’s not famous yet, but you know it’s going to make it big in the coming future. Now, you have time to learn everything about it and become an expert in it. You can write reviews and play-throughs. When the game becomes famous, others will start producing content about it.

Yours is the first content they will find when looking for guidance. This helps you drive organic traffic and establishes you as an expert.

Exploding Topics vs. Google Trends

Exploding Topics adds a lot more to what Google Trends already offers. Unlike Google Trends, it gives you various topics to choose from without having to search for a single keyword. All you have to do is select a category and it will provide you multiple topics to work with.

With Google Trends, you have to search for a term or topic to find keywords. But if you create content every day and need something random to talk about, it won’t present you with ideas. On the other hand, with Exploding Topics, you can choose topics by simply selecting a category. This is where Exploding Topics enjoys a visible advantage over a tool like Google Trends, which has enjoyed an unchallenged position for years. 

The status quo is changing, the question is, are you willing to keep up with the trends?


Content creators are always on the lookout for strategies to make their content rank on Google. Search engine optimization is the most common one, however, it’s a slave to trending topics and keywords.

Writers often find what they want to write has already been addressed a thousand times. Once a keyword has been repeated in different blogs a hundred different times, it is no longer competitive. This means the SEO ranking chances of your articles return to ground zero.

Exploding Topics helps you resolve this dilemma by giving you topics to write about even before they trend across the internet. As this free tool has emerged as one of the best alternatives to Google Trends for mapping out your SEO strategy.

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