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How to Get Most Out of Each Guest Post

Guest posting has many benefits to offer. It is a part of almost every digital marketing plan, but not many people completely understand how to utilize this tactic to its full potential. They ignore a few minor things that make a big difference. Even if you are getting results from each guest blog, you can maximize them by following these simple tips. 

Create Audience Persona and Segmentations

Before you get started with a guest posting campaign, create audience personas and segmentations. It will allow you to understand who you are targeting and what they need to hear. If you write one type of post for everyone, you will end up losing many potential customers. You can find platforms that fit at least one of your audience personas and publish articles there. You can control the stage of the buyer’s journey and implement it on sales funnel with more precision. 

  • You will get more traffic.
  • You will get more qualified leads. 
  • Each article will relate to the reader.
  • You will be able to select more suitable publishing platforms.

Choose Only Most Relevant Sites

A guest post is not just about backlinks. Many SEO experts would choose websites that follow the same niche; however, they forget to consider the marketing point of view. In addition to the niche, you should see if its regular visitors could be your potential customers. Study their attributes and match them with your audience personas. Thousands of views on a guest post won’t bring you any sales if they have nothing to do with what you offer. 

Write a Research-Based Article

Many don’t pay attention to the guest post because they are not publishing it on their own blog. Good website owners don’t accept any post if it’s not high quality. Stellar SEO has full-time in-house writers to ensure each article is based on research and will impress its readers. If you publish any general article with no value to offer, you won’t be able to get any customers out of its viewers. You will have to show yourself as an industry expert if you want people to do business with you. 

Don’t Use Marketing Language

A guest post is not about selling something. You will introduce yourself or your business in the article but in a discrete manner. Remember, each post is about providing value and useful information for the viewers. If you started using sales languages, people won’t take the article seriously. They will treat it like an advertisement that exaggerates things to attract customers. 

Use Link in the Right Place

You are more likely to get traffic from a guest post if you use the link in the right place. Using it at a place that doesn’t properly describe its purpose will only have it ignored. Use it at a place in the article where you believe the reader would be ready to click it. There isn’t one place at the start, middle, or end of the article; it all depends on the flow of the article. 

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