7 Most Effective Tips To Get High-Quality Backlinks for Improving Your Website’s SEO

7 Most Effective Tips To Get High-Quality Backlinks for Improving Your Website’s SEO

When we talk about internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), one of the crucial strategies that deserve our attention is backlinks. A website needs to be constantly updated with the most up-to-date information. Wasting time on outdated SEO strategies can result in negative outcomes, like a drop in rankings and lower traffic. 

First, let’s get to know what exactly is a backlink and why is it important to pay attention to this aspect of SEO. 

Backlinks are links to your website that are found on other websites. Backlinks are the links that point to your website. They allow you to see your rankings on Google and other search engines, and they help your website to rank more. These are a crucial part of search engine optimization and one of the most important factors of a website’s success.  

These are like bread and butter of any good website and can impressively boost the current traffic on your website. They indicate that a website is relevant to the topic that the website links to. A backlink could be a link from a blog post, a forum post, a Facebook post, a tweet or any other form of social media post. 

For example: This is a very informative step-by-step SEO guide which can give you some practical tips for improving your Website’s SEO. 

Backlinks are links that point to a particular website or blog. When you get backlinks, it shows that other websites are linking to your website or blog. If your website or blog has a lot of backlinks, it means that it is more likely to be found in search engines.

But here’s a note of caution. The problem with backlinks is that it can be difficult to get them. Also, when an article or blog contains a lot of backlinks, it may trigger the spam system and mark the content as spam. Therefore, one must be careful while using backlinks.

If you want to get more backlinks without triggering the spam system then you must think strategically. You should be using a white hat approach in order to avoid any penalties from search engines. 

How To Get High Quality Backlinks

There are three ways to get backlinks:

One is to get a backlink from a website that has a lot of traffic.
• Another is to get a backlink from a website that is related to yours.
• The third is to get a backlink from a website that is a competitor.

But before getting links, you must be aware of the kind of links you need for boosting the traffic. You need to identify the kinds of links that can work best for you. There are links that are created for the purpose of advertising and links that are created for the purpose of content promotion. You need links that can point to your website and links that can point to your social media.

You need links that can be strategic, and links that can be spammy. If you’re looking for strategic links, you need to identify the keywords that you’re targeting and the groups of people that you would like to target and then create a website that provides value and information that is relevant to the audience you’re targeting. If you need some spammy links then search for websites that can give you some free backlinks without being related to your industry.

Therefore, be clear with your main objective so that your actions are directed towards the same course.

To get high-quality backlinks, here are seven effective tips that can help you out:

Use Your Professional Network

If your website has just launched and you need some promotion for free then ask for backlinks from your professional network. Make sure that you spend a good amount of time creating a message which is persuasive enough to convince your prospects to give you a free backlink. Also, do ensure that the link is of a specific product or service that you are providing and not a generic link of your home page. This would help in increasing more traffic because you are saving time for your client. Write an impressive outreach message like an email, a LinkedIn message or a Facebook message and request a backlink from your professional network. 

Here, I would like to suggest an amazing tool that would help you to prepare an impressive outreach message. 

It’s Writecream’s feature: Backlink Assist Tool. 

I recently tried the AI powered copywriting tool provided by Writecream and was impressed with its performance. And what’s better than getting the service for free? 

The Backlink Assist Tool helps users to write a perfect introduction for your outreach message. Let me just give a brief explanation for this tool. 

Sign up for a free account at Writecream’s official website. Go to your dashboard and you can see a number of tools over there. Scroll down and select the “Backlink Assist Tool”.

After that, paste the URL for your article in the Blog Article Bar on the main screen and click on the generate button. You’ll be shown some outputs and you can choose the one of your own choice. You can also regenerate outputs in case you’re not satisfied, which is a rare case though!     

If you recently graduated from a college or university then use your organizational connections by requesting the backlinks from the organizations alumni page. Requesting links from such sources always helps as these links are free and at the top of it genuine.

Find Blogs and Publications

This is a whole lot of niche industry publications where you can get some genuine and free backlinks. 

Just go to Google.com and search for blogs and publications relevant to your industry. You’ll get some results. Click on the very first link and prepare an outreach message for them.

google search

Similarly, you can research for 4-5 publications and send an outreach message to get free backlinks for your website.

Up Your Content Game

In order to boost traffic on your website, you must ensure that the quality of the  content on your website is top-notch and relevant to your industry type. The content should be original and not copied from other websites. It should fully cover the topic in question and include all  keywords with variations. Also, it should directly address the problems of the searcher and provide him with some relevant and actionable solutions. 

Your website has to be well-built in order to get high-quality backlinks. It should be well-optimized for search engines. It should have the right tags, headings, and page titles. It should have meta descriptions that are descriptive. People should be able to find your website easily. 

Another important aspect of enhancing your content game is to focus on some standard content formats such as list posts, quizzes, “how to” posts, infographics, ” X ways of doing Y” or X effective ways to do Y”, videos, etc. Whenever your blog or website contains these standard posts, there are more chances that they are ranked higher in the Google results and help you gain more traction. 

If you are creating a blog post, you can simultaneously create some related content in the form of a YouTube video or other social media post and use that link in your blog post.

Create simultaneous posts where the blog post contains the YouTube video link and your YouTube video description points to the specific blog post. This strategy definitely helps in boosting traffic on your website. 

Beginner’s Guide Posts

Publishing high-quality Beginner’s Guides is another easy strategy to get some genuine backlinks for your website and gain traction. Prepare good 3,000-5,000 word limit  guide posts about any topic related to your industry. You can use information from various sources and club all of it into your ultimate guide post. You can also include a lot of images and links to other related websites. This will help you get some backlinks from those websites in return. 

published blog sample

Build a Genuine Online Network

You can use this backlinks strategy by commenting on blog posts, forums and other posts on verified and genuine websites like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. When you give your valued comments on a website post, it helps you build a good relationship with the website owner and hence, bright prospects for you to get some free promotions and backlinks in the future.

blog commenting

But make sure that your comments are of top-notch quality, well researched and informative. They must look genuine and there should be no meaningless comments. They should clearly give your impression as an important person of the specific field. 

You can also share your insights on various topics on Quora and post your answers there along with a link to your website. This is another way to gain traffic to your website.

Authority Resource Pages

There are a lot of websites whose main business is to link out to other websites. These resource pages are of great importance. 

You can always find such websites with a simple Google search but make sure that these are not fake websites and you don’t land into trouble because of spam links. 

website resources

Just go to google.com and search for some useful resources for link building and you will get results for such websites. After you find a resource page, it’s time to reach out to them and ask for a backlink. You can again prepare a very impressive and attractive outreach message including all the details about your product or service that you are delivering. But make sure that you are precise in your explanation. 

Don’t Ask for Links

Last but not the least is the “Don’t Ask for a Link Strategy”. You must be thinking how can a business get backlinks for its website without asking for it but trust me you can! 

The most trending 2021 tip is to just send some starter emails to your prospective clients. Do not straightaway ask for any links, instead just prepare a message about sharing your views on their recent blog post or article. You can tell them about your perspective and share your own blog related to the same topic and ask them whether they are interested in giving it a read. 

two step pitch

There is a 90% plus chance that they will revert with a positive response. In your second email or message, you can send your blog link and pitch them for the backlinks. There is a 40% more chance to get backlinks by way of asking in this two-step process as compared to a one step process of a direct pitch. 


So these were some tips to generate high quality backlinks. To get more backlinks on your website, you need to be strategic about where you place your links.  

The strategies discussed above are evergreen methods and have been used since years. It’s your responsibility to choose what suits you best but mark my words that all the strategies when combined together can do wonders for your business. Just make sure that you apply all of these strategies efficiently so that you can make the most out of them.

So are you ready to handle the traction that you’re going to get? 

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