How to Become an SEO Expert: Tips for Students |

How to Become an SEO Expert: Tips for Students

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around since the emergence of the internet and online search engines. It has become a hugely important tool in creating the online experience. The skill of mastering SEO has become one of the most marketable qualities digital professionals can present to the employment market.

With the importance of digital media and online marketing only growing stronger, it’s hardly a surprise that many students looking for future employment opportunities are drawn to the options presented by becoming an SEO expert. Students trying to understand what an SEO specialist does need not look any further, here’s a guide to SEO expertise that covers every aspect of this digital marketing profession:

What is SEO?

It’s important to start with the basics and really get to grips with what SEO refers to. The internet is made up of hundreds of millions of web pages and when you go to look for information via an online search engine, it’s the search engine’s job to sort through all of those webpages to find what you’re looking for. The search engine does this by matching your search query to keywords that appear on any given webpage. SEO is the process of crafting webpages in such a way that they are more appealing to search engine algorithms, making it more likely that your page will be served as a result of a given search query.

An SEO expert is somebody who has a deep understanding of the algorithms that determine how online search engines sift through webpages and knows how to craft websites to appeal to these algorithms. Back when the internet first emerged, most people working in digital marketing worked for one company as a specific marketer. Yet, the rise of SEO means that professionals can make entire careers out of helping connect clients to their customers with the power of search engine optimization. 

Why Learn SEO?

For students who are considering their future careers, having SEO in their skillset is one of the best ways to advance their employment opportunities in any industry. Online visibility is an important marketing aspect for any business, so there are endless opportunities for someone with SEO knowledge and applicable skills. 

One way to better understand which direction to take is to search for online research and analyses crafted by professional writers and experts in the field. For instance, students looking for inspiration when it comes to achieving employment success can consult free essays that provide examples of a wide variety of career paths on It’s easier to distinguish the most suitable opportunities by reading a thorough essay or doing research on general employment trends. 

When it comes to online employment essays, advice and professional research, it’s easy to notice the huge amount of attention given to SEO as a promising career path nowadays. Whether you want to build an entire career out of search engine optimization or simply learn the skill as an add-on to your CV, there are many advantages to becoming proficient in SEO.

Benefits of Having SEO Expertise

1. Save Money on Marketing Costs

Any employer understands the need to connect their business with prospects and customers. Having an SEO expert as part of the team is one way that employers can save money as it can be costly to hire outside marketing experts.

2. Connect Directly With Your Customers

Having your own experience with SEO marketing means that you can cut out the middleman and reach out directly to your target audience. After all, nobody knows your target customers better than you! Doing your own SEO work ensures that the image and message you want to portray to your customers comes straight from the source and doesn’t get lost in translation.

3. Growing Industry

As digital marketing and media grow, the career opportunities that require a keen knowledge of search engine optimization will only continue to grow too. Learning how to maximize your search marketing skills and optimization tactics now, will give you a head start in any of the industries or niches you might be interested in.

Steps to Learn SEO

So now that you have an idea of what an SEO specialist does, you may be asking yourself what steps to take to become one yourself! Luckily, the answer is fairly simple, with a few straightforward steps.

1. Understand Search Engines

Search engines are the tool with which SEO experts work, so it’s important to have a good grasp of how they function. It’s best not to assume you already know how they work and rather learn the basics of how a search engine processes the questions you feed.

2. Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing

SEO is generally used for digital marketing, which has a set of skills and principles that often differ greatly from other forms of marketing, as they work with numbers and algorithms. Learning the basic principles of digital marketing is an important early step in becoming an SEO expert, it gives you perspective and focuses on the possible application of SEO in the future.

3. Take a Course in SEO

There’s no more efficient way to become well acquainted with SEO’s functionality than taking a search engine optimization course. There are plenty of SEO courses online that show you how to do SEO yourself. By taking a course, you can be sure that all expertise is covered and no important skills or information are left out.

4. Learn to Read Your Target Audience

Effectively employing SEO expertise requires an acute awareness of exactly who your target consumers are and what they’re looking for. Studying different groups and thinking about how and what they search for online is a crucial element to using SEO in such a way that it will connect you to your target audience of customers and prospects.

5. Keep Up To Date with SEO

The world of online search algorithms is dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing. Changes to the functionality of algorithms can happen at any time and a true SEO expert knows the importance of staying up to date when changes occur. Without staying up to date, you run the risk of using outdated search engine optimization tactics that will harm your marketing efforts more than help!

6. Practice!

Like anything in life, the best way to get better at search engine optimization is to practice, practice, practice! Practice designing web content in such a way that it is designed for a specific target audience to get more confident, applying the knowledge of search algorithms and customer observation that you’ve acquired.

Taking Your Expertise to the Job Market

Once you’re confident with your level of expertise in the field of search engine optimization, you can market your new skill to potential employers. Luckily, the opportunities available to those with specialized knowledge in SEO are vast and only continue to grow.  

Here are just a few of the most lucrative search engine optimization employment opportunities to consider:

1. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketers aren’t only adept at SEO, but also the different forms of advertising, lead generation and search marketing. They have a comprehensive understanding of how to market online by creating advertisements and optimizing search results. They are hired by businesses to connect them with their clients and improve online visibility.

2. Marketing Consultant

In the current digital age, marketing consultants need to have an excellent understanding of SEO. So much of a business’s branding is conducted online that it’s impossible to give adequate consultation about business and brand identity without factoring in how the business’s online presence functions in relation to online search inquiries.

3. Marketing Analyst

SEO works closely with numbers and algorithms and has a scientific element to it. For this reason, it’s highly possible to subject the performance of SEO tactics to analyze to be able to adjust and maximize the efficiency of any given SEO strategy. SEO analysts specialize in tracking the performance of SEO content and strategizing the best possible adjustments.

4. SEO Manager

To work in SEO, it’s often necessary to employ an entire team of experts on the subject. SEO managers conduct teams of SEO experts that may consist of web designers and analysts and can be hired by companies or individuals to perform a comprehensive SEO strategy to maximize online traffic and search engine performance.

5. Freelance Search Optimization Expert

As mentioned, all businesses can benefit from applying a good SEO strategy, so the opportunity for experts in the subject to freelance is easier than ever. This is a great way to apply your knowledge of the field while allowing you to work dynamically and at your own pace.

With this guide, we hope you can see the potential of gaining expertise in online search engine optimization and have an idea of what it takes to become an expert. And while we’ve provided some SEO careers for inspiration, following these easy steps opens up a world of employment opportunities that stretch far beyond the few listed here!

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