10 Must-Have Features of a Website To Increase Conversion Rate

To achieve success in the competitive world of the online coaching business, driving website traffic is just the initial step. Your website must have the right features and functionalities to attract and retain visitors, ultimately converting them into customers.

Below are the 10 must-have website features that have proven effective in increasing conversion rates.

1. Impressive Web Design

An impressive web design helps you to keep your users on your website as it impacts how your visitors will perceive your brand. 

Online traffic judges you by your web design. A visually appealing website catches the visitor’s eye and provides an instant layer of communication.

Tips To Improve Web Design:

  • Use a call-to-action to increase the interaction between the website and visitors.
  • Add contact information prominently to encourage visitors to take the next step and reach out to your business.
  • Be responsive & mobile-friendly to provide a seamless user experience across all devices.
  • Freshen the content regularly to keep your website updated.
  • Include well-designed and written headings to enhance readability, guide visitors and improve the overall user experience.
  • Add images and/or video to increase the engagement factor. 
  • Keep your pages consistent to create a cohesive and professional impression.
  • Use an aesthetically pleasing color combination.

Use these above-mentioned tips to create a beautiful web design that will help you attract leads and increase your conversion rate.  

2. Engaging Content

Great content is an important asset and influences conversions. Engaging website content is one of the best methods to impact audience decision-making. It can help you build trust within your target audience.

Engaging content generates twice as many conversions as mediocre content. It also generates five times more page views.

Always keep the audience in mind that you’d like to attract when writing content. After that, based on your audience, you can start building your strategy, choosing the right keywords and creating relevant content.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. When your website ranks higher in search engine rankings, it becomes more accessible. 

Therefore, SEO is a competitive marketing strategy. Good website SEO optimizes your online visibility and helps drive organic traffic to your website, which generates more leads and customers. 

SEO Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate:

  • Auditing your website to identify areas for improvement.
  • Perform keyword searches to drive targeted organic traffic to your website.
  • Benchmarking your competitors’ performance to set realistic goals to stay competitive and continually improve your business strategies.
  • Creating a backlink strategy to drive referral traffic from reputable sources.
  • Align all vital SEO elements like title tags, meta-descriptions, image optimization, site speed, etc. 

All these tips will let your audience know about your website and the services you offer with ease. This will also help increase your website’s credibility and encourage your target audience to engage with your website and become your potential customers.

4. Optimized Website Speed

Website speed has a huge impact on user experience and conversion rates. Generally, web owners’ first digital strategy is attracting visitors to their website, as s website loading time directly affects the number of views.

According to a survey by Google, a one-second website speed improvement can increase conversions for mobile users by up to 27%. 

A website with a better speed will have higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and a higher ranking in organic search. 

Quick Tips To Optimize Your Website Speed:

  • Compress and optimize images to reduce file sizes and improve the website loading speed.
  • Minify your code which includes the removal of unnecessary characters, whitespace and comments without affecting its functionality.
  • Use caching to store frequently accessed data and to reduce server requests.
  • Reduce HTTP requests to minimize loading time, improves website performance and enhance the user experience by decreasing the number of server requests required to load a web page.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) to reduce latency, improve user experience and handle high traffic loads efficiently.

5. Simple and Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

A good, simple and strong CTA offers good returns and higher conversion rates. Your CTAs should be clear, concise and distraction-free.

An effective call-to-action grabs your visitors’ attention, allows your website visitors to take the appropriate next steps and urges them to take action that benefits your business.

Tips for Creating a Solid Call-to-Action:

  • Wording should be short and descriptive to communicate intent clearly and encourages immediate action from users.
  • Make your CTA stand out from other site elements to increase the likelihood of user engagement and conversions.
  • Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm to motivate website visitors to take immediate action, leading to higher conversion rates and generating more leads.

Implement these tips and create a good CTA that encourages visitors to provide their contact information or make a purchase, effectively converting them into leads.

6. Testimonials 

Reputation is everything in business and testimonials are the key source to building it.  Testimonials help to build trust and credibility with your website visitors. The more reviews you have, the more credible your business will appear.

Positive and explanatory testimonials gives others a feel for your product or service, so they can tell if its what they are searching for.

Testimonials are one of the best ways to increase conversion rates on a website significantly. They also help establish credibility and authority within your niche.

7. Distraction-Free Website 

The worst you can do for your website visitors is that they land on your website and it pulls them into too many directions. Your website should stick to your goal and help the audience find what they’re looking for with ease.

Tips for a Distraction-Free Website:

  • Remove unnecessary links to keep the attention of your website visitors on desired actions.
  • Clear and focused design to enhance user understanding, guides visitors to key information and simplifies navigation.
  • Remove irrelevant content to enhance the overall user experience, increasing the chances of lead generation and driving conversions.
  • A well-thought-out color scheme contributes to a positive user experience and improved engagement rate.
  • Keep the limited and required navigation options to streamline the user experience and reduce decision fatigue.

A simple and cluttered free page is highly likely to convert visitors into leads. The website and its content should be clear, concise and easy to navigate.

8. User-Friendly Navigation

Confusing and lost navigation is one of the most annoying features of a website. Your website visitors can even leave your site for that. 

Your website navigation should have a clear hierarchical structure and must keep the theme and structure of your pages consistent. Ensure that each page of your website is at least three steps away from the homepage. 

Here, sitemaps are crucial for a usable navigation system. It should have all the pages of your site in a clear and hierarchical order that gives a simple overview of your website.

9. HD Pictures

Images are the most valuable asset of your website from a usability point of view. They are helpful to attract the attention of your website visitors and drive more conversions.

Good-quality images enhance the user experience, which leads to higher user retention on your website and decreases bounce rates.

Key Factors of Having Optimized Website Images:

  • Image dimensions, i.e. standard height and width.
  • Compression, i.e. higher compression with smaller file size.
  • Image file format, i.e. JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG.

Always remember to choose images that align with your brand, resonate with your target audience and support your marketing message. High-quality images can create a positive impression, increase engagement, build trust and ultimately contribute to lead generation success.

10. A Responsive Layout 

Ensuring that your website’s design is adaptable to various screen sizes, catering to a responsive layout that enhances your visitors’ experience and effectively converts the valuable traffic you have generated into tangible leads.

To enhance your conversion rates and successfully attract valuable leads, it is important to create well-defined conversion pathways and ensure smooth navigation across your website.

Tips for Creating a Responsive Website:

  • Set appropriate responsive breakpoints to ensure optimal display and functionality across different devices.
  • Start with a fluid, dynamic and adaptable design for your website. 
  • Define typography to ensure that all text elements on your website, such as headings, paragraphs and buttons, have a unified and cohesive look.
  • Consistent navigation to ensure a seamless browsing experience.
  • Prioritize your content and adjust its presentation based on screen size. The important information should be visible and accessible on smaller screens without excessive scrolling or zooming.

By implementing a responsive layout, you provide a positive user experience, increase accessibility, boost your SEO efforts, maintain brand consistency and enable multi-channel lead generation. 


All these factors collectively contribute to generating more leads and maximizing the conversion potential of your website.

By implementing the mentioned features, you can optimize your website for success and transform visitors into valuable customers.

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