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How to Leverage SEO Content Types to Boost Engagements After COVID-19

If you are a marketing enthusiast, the term search engine optimization (SEO) won’t be uncommon for you.

For those who are less familiar, SEO can best be described as constant improvement of a website to attract the right audience via organic search engine results.

Now: What makes SEO effective? I’m glad you asked.

SEO content is the key contributing factor to reap exceptional outcomes. The term “content” here refers to information that is available on the internet in various forms, such as text, videos, visuals, infographics and more.

The influence of SEO content is perfectly illustrated by the findings of a Content Preferences Survey report revealing 47 percent of buyers usually read three to five blogs before making the decision to purchase (or not).

How Content Optimized for Search Attracts Unprecedented Customer Search Insights

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted many people’s movement, the internet has become a helpful companion for these tough times. Now more than ever, people have been spending their time online. Consequently, the internet has successfully become an everyday part of human life.

The lockdown period in many countries has brought digital media to the forefront of the intellectual revolution: People are relying on the internet for gaining valuable information and insights.

But how could marketers make use of this trend?

Well, the answer lies behind the efficacy of the strategic marketing approach, which should solely be focused on creating informative and enticing content for the audience. This marketing approach is called “content marketing.”

However, it all boils down as to what the marketers use it for, and how they use it effectively to reap excellent benefits.

In case my words can’t convince you, let the data paint the picture.

Infographics by Demand Metric, for instance, suggest that 91 percent of business-to-business (B2B) and a whopping 86 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers rely on content marketing to lure their target audience.


Despite being cost-effective, content marketing could also be considered as a results-driving strategy, as 70 percent of users prefer reading articles to gain insights about a company rather than its adverts.

But before diving into “What,” let’s first analyze “Why.”

Why We Should Consider SEO Content for Exceptional Results

  • It Increases Your Return on Investment (ROI)
    The higher retention rate enables businesses to capture more leads and post engagements, driving a higher ROI.
  • It Expands Your Online Presence
    Implementing a content strategy affords many options to rely on, which will be discussed in the subsequent section. This means it could be employed over several platforms to amplify the brand reach.
  • It is Useful for Almost All Digital Marketing Strategies
    The familiarization with any marketing strategy makes it viable for marketers to get inclined towards SEO content.
  • It is Affordable for Almost All Digital Marketing Strategies
    It is one of the inexpensive elements of digital marketing, compared to other advert campaigns and processes for brand building and engagements.

Favorable SEO Content for Businesses

Ever wondered, “Why do businesses compete over publishing a quality guest post on their websites?” It’s because they follow the “Content is King” approach to a greater extent.

Text Content or the Main Content

Since a great deal of customer satisfaction is directly associated with unique and engaging content, the quality of content certainly enhances the overall SEO results. Also, history shows that writing is considered one of the most prominent means of storytelling for a business, most often in the form of landing pages, blogs, news releases, glossaries and more.

Now the question is: How can we leverage SEO content for plausible results?

  • The prime requisite for impressive writing work is uniqueness. Google values original content, so it’s vital to seek a talented content creator who possesses a substantial skillset to create comprehensive SEO content.
  • The content creator should endeavor to produce immaculate writing, which ultimately drives Google to consider it as high-quality work. Basic grammar and punctuation mistakes, expertise-authoritativeness-trustworthiness (E-A-T) guidelines and not citing appropriate information sources are a few mistakes that must be avoided.

Video Content

Wonder, for a minute, whether or not you have ever been intrigued by video content.


Then you may be among 72 percent of customers who prefer to watch videos for information about a certain service or a product.

For years, people have been making predictions about the global trend of online videos, and most of them have come true. If any marketing trend can lay claim to being the defining tactic of the past decade, video content surely comes out on top.

Video content has become a staple as an affordable, must-have tool for brands to attract their audience and leverage brand engagements.

The results form the Wyzowl State of Video Marketing Survey 2020 revealed that:

  • Ninety-two percent of marketers who use video content say it’s an integral part of their marketing strategy. These numbers are a significant increase from 78 percent in 2015 and have increased year on year.
  • Ninety-six percent of people watch the tutorial videos to learn more about a product or service.
  • People spend an average of 16 hours watching online videos per week, which is 52 percent more than the last two years.
  • Eighty-three percent of video marketers say video has helped them generate more leads.
  • Ninety-five percent of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their allocated budget on video content in 2020.

Visual content

Considering the fact that a new website visitor takes only 50 milliseconds to form their first impression, it’s absolutely vital to engage new visitors on your webpage.

You could entice your customers by creating quality content with visuals such as image posts, which attract 650 percent more engagements than text-only posts. The presence of images makes the content easier to digest, so the audience usually pays more attention to image-centric content in contrast to plain text.

Beneficial visual content types include:

  • Product Photography
  • Memes
  • “Inside your Business” images
  • Infographics

Audio Content

Although audio content marketing today is still in its early stages, now more than ever, internet users are listening to podcasts and other audio content.

Unlike text and video content, audio content is fairly passive, and the user doesn’t have to be stationary to digest the content. Instead, they could simply listen to the audio content wherever they want, whether at the gym, on the bus or while jogging.

This is why many renowned brands are allocating massive budgets for audio marketing – and marketers should consider leveraging audio content.

  • Podcasts: As one of the most popular audio content types, podcast advertising earning is likely to exceed $1 billion by 2021.
  • Audiobooks: These are a cooler version of books on tape and have gained massive popularity among the online learners, already starting to rival paperbacks.
  • Voice search: Voice search optimization is the process of optimizing ads to be searchable via voice search. Optimizing voice searches for Google is similar to the optimization of written content and also leverages targeted keywords.
  • Audio advertisements: Audio adverts are limited to streaming radio services and other online music apps, but there is a wider possibility for audio advertisements to be featured via smart audio systems and virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Interactive Content

Employing interactive content during COVID-19 has been a promising element for marketers to attract prospective customers. During this period, webinars, virtual events, online courses and other interactive content have played a crucial role in offering great value for the attendees. Because of this, it could also be considered as quality content by Google.

This unique content aims to develop a communication channel between the brand and the audience, driving users to perform some action in the form of a purchase or providing essential details for marketing.

However, the content creation and planning serves the chief role in the overall success of any webinar. According to social selling expert Jeff Molander, even though the majority of a webinar retains engagements of 40 percent from the beginning until the end, his highly compelling webinars possess a retention rate of 94 percent.

Moreover, he has been successful in grabbing a whopping 29 percent in sales from a single webinar.

The above instance of Jeff Molander is a captivating reason to consider webinars as part of the modern marketing strategy.


I’m of the notion that excellent optimization alone is not a prerequisite for end results, but the knowledge of how and where the audience will interact with your content should be a key consideration for an excellent marketing strategy.

By following the above-mentioned tactics for SEO content types, you will hopefully be more proficient in strategic content planning. Analyze the data to know which content format performs exceptionally at each stage of your funnel – right now during the pandemic, and in the future.

Abhishek Mehta

Abhishek is an experienced Digital Marketing content writer. He is a key asset for a team, who is diligently committed for enhancing the online presence of renowned global brands. His writing doesn’t merely direct the audience to take action, rather it decodes how to take appropriate action for promising outcomes. You can connect with him over LinkedIn.

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