How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Your SEO Success

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Your SEO Success

If you want to improve your SEO, you should know how to measure it. If you are new to the circuit, you might feel a little uncertain, but experience will help you begin to start understanding things. Newcomers often consider keyword rankings as a great measure of SEO, which is true to some extent, but you can’t rely solely on this single metric. Any good SEO services company understands that keyword ranking is just one piece of the total SEO puzzle. You need to track multiple metrics to get the complete picture.

Keyword Rankings

As even a novice in the field is aware of keyword ranking, let’s start with it. This helps in understanding whether your choice of keywords is correct or not. If you are a newbie, you should start by focusing on less competitive keywords and once you get a foothold in the search engine ranking, you can start competing with existing and established players. To ascertain that your website is gaining authority and people have started noticing you, you should concentrate on improvement in ranking and the total number of keywords your site is ranking for.

Quality of Traffic

Let’s say the SEO company in Delhi NCR you hired deployed a particular strategy and it yielded an increase in traffic. Now you need to measure the quality of traffic coming to your website. Those who think that quality is a subjective aspect and can’t be measured are wrong. You can measure it to understand whether the traffic is generated organically; are people visiting only once or are there repeat visits, etc. There are tools and reports to find all this and much more on the quality of traffic reaching your website.

Organic Traffic

This is the traffic that you get from appearing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and is, in essence, a reflection of all your SEO efforts. Thus, you need to be aware of how much traffic your ranking is generating. You should access it both by landing page and location. Accessing it by landing page helps you in figuring out where you need improvement. Suppose one of your webpages is on the first page of SERP while another is on page 7. This tells you that there is something wrong on the second page. Also, if different SEO strategies are used for different pages, then you know that one of them is not working the way you want it to and hence you need to change that.

Analyzing organic traffic by location is important if you are targeting specific geographic locations and also when you have plans to expand to specific new markets. If you are getting heavy organic traffic from geographies that you didn’t consider profitable for your business, then probably it’s time to rethink. If you have plans to expand, then moving to geographies where you already have a strong fan base will be a good proposition. By diverting your marketing resources into those areas, you can improve your sales easily as compared to moving into a completely unknown region. You can do this exercise of accessing the organic traffic both country-wise or city-wise depending on whether you are focusing nationally or internationally.

Backlink Quality and Quantity

Link building is one of the top factors that is considered by search engines for rankings. Getting good quality links is important for securing high ranks in SERPs. You need to see how effective your link building strategy is, how many new backlinks you acquired and whether they are strong or not, and is it cost-effective or do you need to switch to cheaper link acquisition options. Tracking your backlinks also helps in figuring out potential sources for link building in the future.

Time Spent by User on Your Page

time spent by users

This is very important and can be accessed using the engagement metrics. If a user spends time on your page, it is likely that they are interested in your content. The search engine algorithms translate it to the fact that you are offering something valuable, high-quality and unique to the users and hence give you a better ranking. This is because the user experience is of paramount importance to search engines and when a user spends more time on a particular website, the search engine algorithm understands that the user is having a good experience at that particular website or webpage.


These are a few of the important metrics to measure SEO success with Google Analytics that are used by an SEO services company in India. The deeper you dive into your analytics, the easier it is to determine which of these metrics are most helpful in measuring your SEO success.

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