How to Write Engaging Blog Content for Boring Industries

Imagine you’ve been hired as an in-house content creator and your first article is to write a blog on a technical issue or mundane topic. Your first thought might be, “Who would like to read on such topics?” While these topics might appear bland to you, there is an audience for this content even though the number of readers is comparatively less. What’s more, your job isn’t to choose topics but rather to make your content engaging, which would compel the readers not to leave it halfway through. 

Crafting exciting content for boring industries is quite tough but not impossible. When you work in content marketing there is a 60 percent chance that you will be assigned blogs to write on unattractive industries. And you can make these pieces of content fun and engaging for the readers by turning technical ramblings into a pleasant and useful write-up.

10 Tips to Create Engaging Blog Content for Boring Industries

When faced with a mundane topic, try to shift your mindset. Rather than thinking its dull, unattractive blog shift your mindset. Find parts in the piece you craft, to show some personality or share some interesting stats and facts. When you show an interest in the topic it shows in your writing and makes the article more engaging. The more you learn about these industries that appear boring the more chance there is you’ll find something in the industry that interests you and the easier you’ll find it to write with enthusiasm.

10 Essential Tips to Make Your Content Interesting for Readers:

1. Study the “Boring” Topic Thoroughly

Do not fret over your topic rather consider it a challenge for you to tackle. Treat it as a test for your creative abilities. Thoroughly learn about your industry by reading resources on the company website. Also, consider the previously written blogs on the industry’s products. Refer to the question and answer websites like Quora, Reddit or buzz sumo to find out what people want to know about this particular industry and how you can answer those questions. Soak up as much information and interesting facts as you can. This will help you in writing interesting content.  

2. Real-Time Marketing

One of the best strategies of writing engaging content on a boring industry is through real-time marketing. It enhances the probability of rising content visibility, and you can show the audience your industry’s brand image. Pick up the most trending show or TV series and then relate it with the company’s services. For example: “What Legion taught us about ethical hacking”. You can grow your outreach by focusing on the distribution. The fact is that there are no dreary industries; there is just a shortage of ideas that makes the content dull. 

3. Form a Story

Try to narrate about the industry in the form of a story. Linking it from a human and an emotional standpoint immensely helps in grabbing the attention of the readers. People like reading stories; and now would be the time to employ a personal statement service to help to create inspirational content. Also, while doing commercial writing, storytelling prevents the audience from leaving the blog in the middle. A good story gives the writer a personal connection between the consumer and the conveyed brand information.

4. Relating it to Consumers

Content marketing is about speaking directly to potential customers and buyers. Consider your client’s demographics before you start writing. For example, if you are writing for an insurance company, the demographic for your enterprise is big industries as well as local people. You can make it interesting by stating the benefits of having insurance. A topic like this can relate to the organization while still presenting informational, insightful and fun content.

5. Stating Factual Information

People love to read easily-consumed statistics and fun facts. When you begin with phrases like “60 percent of the companies are shifting towards digital marketing” you’re grabbing the attention of the reader.  These facts are direct and provide great information to the readers and imply authenticity and context.

6. Looking for Encouraging Material

Use a critical thinking approach when planning your content. Learn about their competitors through social media, videos, and infographics. Develop a useful idea and craft a useful piece for your readers. Inspirational material is a good start for progressing your content idea. Including industry-related marketing strategies that might impact profitability is one way of making your content creative and informative. 

7. Keep it Concise

Your writing must tackle your reader’s question and satisfy their search intent, but you need to remember that readers don’t like to spend time on longer blogs. Therefore, you have limited time and you need to cover everything in a succinct manner. Break down the topic into digestible and smaller chunks of contents. In this way, you can convey more information by saying less. This will help the viewers to absorb the information easily and it prevents them from abandoning your piece halfway through because of a lack of time. 

8. Make use of Shock Factor

Astounding statistics about the industry, controversial topics, or “do you know this?” kind of titles can engage the readers through what we call it a shock factor. Readers like to read surprising content. It will add depth to your blog and increase the interest of the audience. They will return to read more about it the topic, the company or the industry. 

9. Offer Bits of Advice

Helpful content is hardly boring. You might find your topic a bit dull or charmless, but the people who are looking for solutions will find the blog interesting. Always try to offer guidance and advice. By offering advice, you can make a boring topic attractive.

10. Write with a Sense of Humor

Using a humorous tone throughout your blog can help to add life to your mundane topic. It will be entertaining for the reader to find a boring topic written about in a humorous manner. It will even make it fun for you to pen down your words. Be a little informal and add some silly references to make it more engaging. The purpose of using a humorous tone to keep the reader’s attention for a longer time, not to reduce the meaning of your content.

Final Verdict

Content marketing has been trending for the past few years. By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can create an attractive blog for a “boring” industry. Every enterprise has a chance to improve its brand image through content marketing. Moreover, using these tips will immensely help you in building the interest of your audience. Reading and learning about the industry can benefit from developing creative ideas.

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