How To Write Product Descriptions for Your eCommerce Store

The eCommerce industry has developed tremendously over the last couple of years. This development was triggered by the global pandemic, which took a toll on many industries. However, opening an online shop seemed to be the winning option, as more and more people spent their time online, triggering a boost in online shops. 

In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and online sales are projected to grow further in the next few years. 

There are a lot of online stores to choose from, and usually, consumers compare prices to make a purchase decision, but this is not the only aspect that matters to them. The description you build and attach to a product has the power of convincing customers to choose it over another. 

Even though various products are available online with similar features, a compelling description can really make a significant difference in the buyer’s journey. In fact, 20 percent of unsuccessful purchases are due to ineffective product descriptions or none at all. 

So, here are some tips to help you craft attractive product descriptions that will turn visitors into customers. 

What Is a Product Description? 

A product description is essential and is present on every product page of an eCommerce store website. It highlights all the details and benefits of a product and perhaps, most importantly, what makes it different from those offered by competitors. It can take many forms, from one sentence to bullet point lists or paragraphs.  

6 Tips To Create a Compelling Product Description

Research your target audience.
• Choose the format of the product description.
• Measure its success.
• Make it easy to read.
• Use storytelling.
• Introduce keywords.

1. Target Audience 

One of the key principles of online business is to meet the needs of your target audience. But how do your determine target audience?

There are 2.14 billion shoppers worldwide. Of course, not all of them will be your customers, but to be successful, you need to narrow the number of people you are targeting and focus your efforts. Start by discovering more about them, where they live and what they are looking for.

Even though it might seem that these details won’t help you, they are, in fact, the most important ones. Knowing what the ideal customer expects from a product or seller will help you meet their needs.

On top of this, these details about your target audience will help you craft appealing product descriptions with the power to convince the audience to buy what you’re selling.

2. Choose the Best Format 

Only 2.17 percent of e-Commerce visits turn into purchases, which means you’ll have a small window to make an impression by crafting compelling product descriptions and choosing the right format.

As highlighted above, a product description can take many forms. It can be a bullet point list, one or two sentences or a short, concise paragraph with a few sentences; however, it should be suited and adapted to your target audience.

3. Measuring Success 

Crafting product descriptions might not seem difficult at all, and it isn’t; however, you might not nail it the first time around. This is why you need to measure the success of your product description by analyzing the number of products sold and who the buyers were.

Measuring the success of a product description takes time and effort, but it is essential to help boost profits and visibility for your store. You’ll need to set up some return on investment (ROI) and engagement metrics, measure cross-selling and review the metrics to determine your product description’s success.

4. Make It Easy To Read 

One of the key components of an effective product description is readability.

As competition for customers’ attention continues on the up and up, attention spans are decreasing and fewer people are likely to read the whole product description. Instead, many will simply scan the product page, which is why you need to make the information easy to find and read.

5. Storytelling 

Some eCommerce store owners might not consider these tips they would put to practice. But it is essential to become aware of how the marketing domain has changed during the last couple of years. As people started spending more time online, their needs and expectations changed.

They are looking for genuine interactions with brands that have a story to tell, are open and friendly and have a positive brand image.

Storytelling can be an excellent way to make your product descriptions more attractive and convincing. It adds a personal touch to the text, adequately conveying the message. In addition, research has shown that when you hold a product in your hands, the desire to own it increases. This might pose some challenges to online stores; however, storytelling can entice customers’ imagination and help convince them to buy the product.

6. Using Keywords 

Many people that will land on your eCommerce store website will not have previous knowledge about your brand. In fact, over 65 percent of online shoppers search for a product on Google before purchasing it.

When you craft your product description, it is essential to include relevant keywords. These keywords might be exactly the words people are typing when they search for your product. And if they are present in your meta-title, product description and even its title, there is a high chance of increasing the organic traffic to your eCommerce store.

Using these keywords when developing your product descriptions is crucial, but you should not forget about mentioning the benefits too. They do not have to be mundane but address the consumers’ pain points and get straight to the point.

Final Thoughts 

Do you have an eCommerce store you want to grow online? Pay attention to how you build your brand image and the product description to convince a customer to buy from you rather than your competitors. Include storytelling and relevant keywords, choose the best format for your target audience that makes it easy to read and measure the success of your product description to ensure that you maximize conversion rates and give your brand the selling power it deserves.

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