How To Create Phenomenal Videos on Instagram Live: 8 Tips For Marketers

How To Create Phenomenal Videos on Instagram Live 8 Tips For Marketers

Instagram is one of the most popular and well-known social media platforms today. Many marketers view Instagram as a worthy place to find, grow and connect with their audience. Creating engagement on Instagram with impressive content is challenging stuff. Creativity plays a major role in offering captivating posts to your followers. One way to do this is with Instagram Live.

Here, we will provide you with eight tips to create phenomenal videos on Instagram Live. 

Instagram Live 

Instagram Live is one of the helpful features of Instagram Stories. With Instagram Live videos, you can stream your video to your followers and attract them in real-time. When you start streaming your video from your account, a ring highlights your profile picture on Instagram to create awareness. Those who want to watch your live video can join.

Why Must You Consider Instagram Live?

Here are a few of the major reasons Instagram Live is worth a try:

  • When you start streaming, Instagram will prioritize your profile by placing it in a top position on others’ accounts, helping to make your videos visible to more people.
  • Your followers will receive a push notification that you are live.
  • The Instagram algorithm will offer you up as a natural result. When your video displays in the Explore Tab, it increases your chance to get more visibility.
  • It helps create a strong community among your followers by interacting more with your audience.
  • You can promote your brand via Live by showcasing your product or service.

Did you know? More than 80 percent of people are more likely to spend time on Instagram Live videos.

8 Different Ways to Engage in Live Videos

1. Be Consistent With Your Series

Be consistent with what you do – it’s the key factor to reach your goal. Consistency will impress your audience, no matter whether you are providing your content weekly or daily. Frequent Live series will attract people and contribute significantly to success on Instagram Live. For instance, if you are a makeup artist, you could start daily live videos of you working with your customer – especially shooting – during events. Or maybe you could create an interesting series like recreating a celebrity’s beauty look within a set timeframe. If your series gets a good response, keep going with your idea.

2. Post Day-to-Day Happenings 

If you want to grab new users’ attention, produce more behind-the-scenes footage to showcase your company environment, culture and ongoing events. Research shows that more than 85 percent of people are likely to be intrigued by behind-the-scenes content, proving that informative and engaging content is essential to retain an audience’s attention. People will purchase or show interest in your product only when they connect with your company or, at the very least, know something about it.

For example, you can make use of live videos to show your employees to your followers. You could ask about their day-to-day activities, how they managed to finish their work and the thing they love most about their company. You can give your followers a window into your company’s world through this type of vlogging.

Normally, people would prefer to get to know you naturally rather than through a scripted video. When you appear on live videos, they see your attitude and personality in real-time. 

3. Share Videos About Ongoing Events 

When you run a business, you inevitably have to meet people and arrange meetings and conferences. Why not use videos to promote your events?

For instance, you can show your audience who is attending the event or shoot behind-the-scenes preparation and lead-up to the event.

If you are speaking on a stage, ask someone to film it. Share details and info about upcoming events to your audience during your Live session, and be sure to assign team members to keep track of your comments and respond to them in order to engage with your audience.

4. Host Interviews With an Influencer

Today, influencer marketing is at its peak. Almost 25 million business profiles are connected with as many influencers. People trust and love to engage with influencers. It is impossible to predict the number of influencers in each market because they can be anyone from micro-influencers to high-profile celebrities.

You could connect with an influencer in your industry, and enlist them to partner with your brand and post about your product and services. Influencer marketing extends your reach and drives more traffic to your site. But before choosing an influencer, you need to know your ideal audience and find a person who matches this profile.

Instagram Live allows you to partner with your influencer in a new way: hosting a live interview. Ask questions related to your product and your industry and watch your interested viewers increase. 

5. Display Product Demos 

Providing free demos of your product is one of the popular trends in modern marketing strategies. Demonstrating your products and services will enhance your product popularity and help to drive sales. Instagram Live demos let you explain your product clearly and show how it works. This way, you can promote your product and assuage any doubts among your audience. Also, you can target multiple audiences at the same time. All of these contribute to increasing the authenticity of your product and account.

6. Use Live To Interact With Your Audience 

Once a week or twice a month, you can go live for the sole purpose of interacting with your audience. Collect questions from your audience and, on Instagram Live, take some time to answer them. Alternatively, you can directly answer their question in real-time. This way, you can use the platform to provide any information or hear more about your audience’s doubts or suggestions to boost your engagement and create a bond with your people.

7. Discuss Your Upcoming Plans 

When you plan to start something new, you can ask your audience for suggestions. See how they react to your new ideas. Share everything, like when, where and what you will start. Allow your audience to give their opinions, offer ideas and share suggestions for success.

8. Save and Share Your Live Videos 

Once the Instagram Live video is completed, saving it is vital. It gives you the opportunity to watch it again and make notes for future improvements. If it’s a giant success, you can also save it and share it on your Instagram Stories Highlights and other media. Instagram Stories Highlights is an excellent feature that lets you keep your stories permanently. Posting a variety of content to Stories with the right combination of filters can help grab Instagram Stories views from more people. Simply save your video and post it on your Stories – it’s that easy. 

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