Key Lessons a Marketer Can Learn from Online Dating |

Key Lessons a Marketer Can Learn from Online Dating

Aditya Sharma
Key Lessons a Marketer Can Learn from Online Dating

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The specifics of online dating

If you have ever stepped into the world of online dating, you’ll notice there is a lot of knowledge that you can gain there as an online marketer, and vice versa. Online dating requires you to sell your best qualities and present yourself so that you’re desirable. There are different requirements for each gender and each personality trait; you can’t win two people with the same attitude; this is where online dating and marketing meet. 

Online dating teaches us to know and implement our channels. 

Here are some specifics of online dating that match the marketing world;

Choose your words wisely! Your first message to a potential date needs to be crafted so that it gives them the best first impression making them want to continue the conversation. The same goes for online marketing. Your first impression leaves a lasting impact. You need to be tactful when writing a marketing email asking a prospective customer to purchase your products or look at them.

If you drag on for too long, you’ll hit a dead-end, like if you spend too much time complimenting and dragging the initial conversation without making your intentions clear. The person on the other side of the screen will either lose interest or become alert soon. Sure, you will get noticed, but it won’t be good attention. And many say any publicity is good publicity. It isn’t true. As a marketeer, you need to put yourself out there and grab the customer’s attention from the get-go. Your call to action needs to address users early on; nobody likes reading long messages before something can catch their eyes and make them want to stay.

Looks always matter! In online dating, your picture is the first thing people see and are attracted to. If you can make a good impression there, there is little to say about how successful you are at online dating. Although it is shallow, you need to understand people are there to make fast connections, and there are plenty of competitors out there.

Same in marketing: It is said you don’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s next to impossible. Everyone looks at the product packaging before they even think of clicking on the product to learn more. The same goes for your platform: if you don’t do your best and your website and social media platforms aren’t aesthetically pleasing or don’t look cohesive many will click off; some might not even give it a click.

Moderation is important in everything.

Remember not to be annoying:

If you overwhelm the guy/girl you’re talking to from the beginning, chances are you will fall into a pit. Nobody starts discussing how many kids they want when they want to get married or how they think their dream wedding would be. We can all agree that it is too much. Online dating is saturated with spam messaging from interlocutors, many complimenting using words like “sexy” and “beautiful” that are extremely overused and will leave you ghosted. Overwhelming your clients with information regarding the service/ product you’re providing can steer them away too! Authenticity always helps, unlike loads of overly sweet compliments and sales pitches. Your marketing copy shouldn’t mimic every other marketing copy out there; every conversation should build on the previous activity on your site.

But when your partner talks, listen!

It’s no rocket-science everyone wants to be heard. If you’re going to sound like a narcissist by hogging all the attention, finding love will be tough luck. Dating is a two-player game. If you’re going to focus on your needs first, you will remain solo forever. It’s the same with marketing; if you can’t cater to your customer’s needs, there are plenty of fishes in the sea that will. Simple get-to-know quizzes can gamify your marketing strategy and allow you to understand your customer’s needs better. 

Your subsequent interaction should build on the previous. Consistency is vital.

You need to have cohesiveness in your wording. If you say one thing one time and another the next, you seem suspicious. Consistency isn’t just limited to what you say but also how often you take the time to follow up; if you’re in the dating scene searching for something serious, you need to make sure the other person knows this. They won’t know what your intentions are if you don’t speak. How to apply that in marketing creatively? Try making sure your customers who come back will get subsequent interactions to build on the previous ones. For example, if your customer has left off at checking out, you remind them they have something in their cart.

Marketing is like a real relationship. 

You need to focus your attention on the opposing party!

If you are trying to score in more than one place and chatting up multiple people simultaneously, trying to look sweet and perfect for everyone, the chances are you will end up with nothing. It would be best if you focus your attention and behave like a person, not a love robot. As Askme4date users admit, if from the beginning of the chat you are showered with compliments and confessed in love, this is more likely to alert than instill confidence. This is how marketing works. Your focus needs to converge on some things; you need to be aware of who your target audience is and what is it you are trying to sell them. Attracting a 20-year old to your website will require completely different strategies than attracting a 30-year old. Having a clear idea of what audience, you want to serve will yield in long-term customers.

Time is an investment, both in dating and in marketing. When you get into online dating, you’ll understand the importance of the short description provided to you. If your looks don’t attract anyone, the description will. This is why it is often advised to invest time in building up your profile. You don’t want people to think you are some ghost profile. To invest time in marketing means consistently showing your presence by actively posting blog & social media posts, sending out marketing emails, and following up with the customer. It is a time-consuming process, but it’s the only way you will find a loyal customer following.

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