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How To Take A Link Building Campaign International


One of the fantastic benefits of the internet is, of course, that you have the whole world at your fingertips. Businesses are reaching out to audiences all over the globe. This means that, crucially, they need to consider ways that they can effectively meet the link building expectations of different clickers in different cultures. An SEO Company in the US can offer specialist advice and make recommendations on the best international approach.

Before getting in touch with link building experts, it’s a good idea to research international markets. Arguably, it is even better to familiarize yourself with some of the leading strategies that professional link builders use to build bridges overseas. Let’s consider a few techniques and campaign strategies you can work on with a leading SEO developer.

Link to Local Media and News

If your company is large enough to make an impact on international newswire and public relations (PR), you may find that there are localized versions of popular news portals that share your story. However, what you might not consider right away is changing the links you implement in your public stories. For example, a story you share in Japan that holds links to United States sources and media simply doesn’t make sense.

A link building company will help you find appropriate and practical media resources across the globe. Together, you’ll be able to create localized stories with localized links. One of the crucial things to remember when approaching international link building is that you’re going to need to create different versions of the content you produce.

Language – and Cultural – Translations

It’s an obvious point that localized content should appeal to different languages. However, what some businesses may overlook when taking link building overseas is that they are going to need to translate their content to meet cultural standards.

For example, while you may set up content with local, relevant links ready to share in the UK, you may not consider that the style of language that their readers use is often very different from those based in the U.S. You’re going to need to consider cultural impacts across the world.

Unless you are dealing in sensitive topics, it is unlikely that you will offend many. However, effective link building and content translation overseas needs to focus on cultural standards as much as it does on language.

Research, Research, Research

A leading SEO expert or company will help you to look closely at your target markets. It may be tempting to think that researching your international markets is as simple as running a few quick web searches. However, not only are there cultural differences overseas, but the way that content and links are presented may also differ.

Experts agree that you’re going to need to work on a plan that provides you with regular links from country to country. Instead of poring through endless search results (or worse, making broad assumptions), it is worth working with link research tools.

SEO developers will have a variety of tools that will help you to look into which links are likely to work best across the territories. This means that you may need to drill deep country by country, but by working with experts, you’ll have access to efficient tools that drive actionable results.

Guest Blogging

An effective way of reaching out to international audiences is to write guest blog posts. These will help to establish your brand and persona in an international market and will, therefore, likely help you to build links that propagate over the months to come.

As SEO experts will agree, guest blogging at home and abroad is ideal for increasing your presence. As claiming links is a practice in raising presence, it stands to reason that regular international content will help to improve your visibility and authority.

Once again, it is never advisable to plan guest blogging overseas without some form of professional backing. This means approaching an expert in global SEO, or at least SEO local to your prospects, to gain insight into how to blog effectively from territory to territory.

PR is Everything

Of course, one of the most effective ways to build a presence anywhere is to have a strong PR strategy. Again, this is not always something that’s easy to attempt on your own. However, it will, in theory, push your brand to a whole new public. In effect, this will drive additional links to build for months and years ahead.

This is no guarantee though. Even the biggest of companies attempting to build links overseas can find PR difficult to navigate. It is most definitely not an exact science. This is why it is likely to be beneficial for you to have an online PR expert on side to help you to navigate the local wires.

PR, when actioned effectively, can drive powerful, lucrative links into your business. SEO is only one side of online promotion, as traditional standards still hold water in the modern age.

Unique Content for Unique Territories

As mentioned, tailoring local versions of your content to local audiences is an ideal way to build links. However, what may be even more beneficial is to create a whole new strategy territory by territory. Creating unique, international content will appeal to individual readers and audiences more than catch-all content that is merely a translation.

You can work closely with SEO experts to create unique content plans that efficiently translate into different languages and cultures. This is, on the face of things, additional work for content creators, but it is arguably worth the leads and links that you’ll build in return.


International link building is, much like a U.S.-based approach, always going to be a gradual process. Crucially, it is all about taking the time to learn more about target audiences, to retool content and to be willing to change and adapt your strategies along the way.

International link building is perfectly possible. However, it’s going to take time, effort and a few specialists working on your behalf.

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