How Local SEO Can Increase Your Lead Generation

It’s no secret that most business owners are looking to improve website SEO to get their brand in front of more eyes, which will eventually lead to more sales. That makes search engine optimization and lead generation closely intertwined, which is where things sometimes get confusing.

This article will tell you more about how local SEO can increase lead generation. First, we will discuss what SEO and lead generation are and how local SEO is different. We will also explain why local SEO can become the key difference-maker in improving lead generation and driving sales. Finally, we will share a few tips to improve your local search engine optimization, helping you stay in front of your competition. Stay tuned.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing strategy that aims to improve your website’s position in search engine results. Specifically, you want your site to show up for the keywords you target that are closely tied to your business. 

For example, if you are a tire dealer from Miami, you would want your website to show when someone searches “where to buy tires in Miami.” You can already guess how local SEO can benefit lead generation just by this example.

Almost 30 percent of Google users click on the first organic result. In fact, the first three results attract 55 percent of all clicks, while the first five results get more than 70 percent. That means it is imperative to get among the top five organic results for targeted keywords. However, that is anything but easy.

The word “organic” means that the search algorithm displayed the result there, not paid ads. Google displays paid results (ads) above organic results. But we won’t get into pay-per-click (PPC) ads right now.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing process that aims to attract prospects, some of which can later be converted into customers. 

When it comes to digital marketing, there are various tactics businesses employ to generate leads. These include blog writing, email marketing, landing pages, paid ads, social media presence and more.

Through lead generation, you get your brand in front of people who have potential interest in buying your products or services. Those prospects need something. It is your job to attract them and convince them that your products meet their needs. Lead generation is the first step of attracting their interest and turning it towards your brand.

Are SEO And Lead Generation the Same?

SEO and lead generation are a perfect fit, but they are not the same thing. Search engine optimization is just one way (and a great one!) to generate leads. But, you can do the same thing without SEO too, and you can also generate leads offline.

Still, if you want to see the best results, search engine optimization needs to become an integral part of your lead generation strategy. By carefully planning SEO traffic generation, you will find excellent keyword opportunities. By targeting those you will develop valuable content your potential customers will love. That will put you a step closer to closing the deal.

Finding Keyword Opportunities – A Great Way To Get Exposure

For example, if you are a tire dealer, you might write an article that explains how to choose snow tires or chains. People who are reading those kinds of articles are reading them because they are ready to buy

Attracting those kinds of SEO leads to your site directly from Google is extremely valuable. Those kinds of prospects that already intend to buy are much “warmer” than most other types of leads you get from other digital marketing tactics. 

Good SEO Strategy – Evergreen Lead Generation

Sure, paid ads also target potential customers directly. However, they usually create more resistance and are more expensive long-term. An evergreen “How To Choose Snow Tires” article will stay relevant forever. SEO will keep getting traffic and bringing quality leads to your site for years to come, surpassing the initial investment many times over.

What Is the Difference Between SEO and Local SEO?

Regular SEO aims to show your website high up in the search results globally, or at least nationally, for the given language. This has its obvious benefits, as it has the potential to put your website first in the world for the intended keyword you want to optimize for. For businesses that sell products or services worldwide, this is a huge advantage.

But, the key drawback of traditional SEO is that you get competition from all over the world too. All of you are trying hard to reach the same thing: top results on the first page of Google for the same competitive keywords.

Local SEO – Great for Eliminating Unnecessary Competition

While getting exposure from all over the globe through global SEO is excellent for some businesses, this isn’t always the case. If you are a local tire dealer operating in Miami, attracting global traffic to your website is pointless. 

Even worse, if you compete with tire dealers and companies from all over the globe by trying to rank for keywords such as “best tires,” you are destined to fail. Not only is it pointless to reach the first page of search results for a keyword like that, but trying to do so will also hurt your chances to make sales locally, as your customers won’t be able to find you. Competition from all over the world will dig your website too deep. Instead, as a local business, you should try to rank for local search results.

By targeting keywords such as “where to buy snow tires in Miami,” you will practically eliminate all global competition you would have if you tried to rank for “best tires.” That way, you only compete online with your real competitors, who are actually selling the same type of products in your area.

Importance of Local SEO

Here are some benefits of local SEO, in a nutshell:

  • Eliminate competition: Your only competition for the number-one spot on Google will be other local businesses in your area. But only if they also run SEO campaigns, which is not always the case. Therefore, getting to the first page of Google Search results is much easier for local than traditional SEO.
  • Attract hotter leads: Local SEO leads are usually much more ready to buy than those that come from traditional SEO. If someone looks for a barbershop in a specific district or street, they want to be sure they will get a haircut the same week, if not the same day.
  • Build customer loyalty and a community: It is a no-brainer that local SEO is most likely going to bring in local customers. Therefore, as a local business owner, you get a chance to shine in front of your fellow citizens. If the quality of your products and services matches your SEO efforts, you will likely buy that customer’s trust for life. Plus, that satisfied customer will gladly come back to purchase from you again. Moreover, they will probably recommend your business to friends and family, bringing in more potential customers.

How To Improve Lead Generation Through Local SEO

Here are some local SEO tips you can apply today to improve your local SEO strategy:

  • Create a Google My Business (GMB) profile: Google My Business is a great way to let Google know more about your business for free. By creating your GMB profile, you ensure that Google has accurate information about your store, coming straight from you. That way, you will prevent misinformation.
  • Add local information on your website: Make sure your name, address and phone (NAP) information on your website is easy to access and accurate. Displaying working hours, maps and additional information of interest to potential customers is a great first step to ensure your site brings in local customers right to your doorstep.
  • Work on local citations: Displaying your store on online business directories is a great way to get in front of new customers. It also lets Google know what your business is all about. Examples of business directories would be Yelp or TripAdvisor. If you own a restaurant, you want its name displayed on those websites. Having some positive reviews there won’t hurt either.
  • Develop high-quality content: Working on quality content specific to your location can tremendously grow your brand reputation. Answering common questions locals ask when looking for products you have to offer is a great way to become a local authority and is one of the best SEO lead generation techniques.


We hope that now you have a much better understanding of how local SEO can help your lead generation. SEO, in general, is one of the best lead generation tactics. Local SEO improves that even more, getting your business known within your community.

Finding a professional SEO company that provides quality local SEO services will ensure that you not only get on the first page of local Google Search results but also stay there, which isn’t easy. But, with the right local SEO strategy, you will keep your position, and the investment will pay itself off big time. Before you know it, you will start seeing a steady stream of qualified leads with better conversion rates than ever before, all thanks to local SEO.

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